The only surviving documents from this game is a set of turn sheets. There are no dates on the sheets. There is evidence of three Battle Plan games - two run by Bill and one run by Alan. We know that the third game, AB1, was started in 1984. Since Nuclear Destruction was run in 1981, I have set the dates for the three Battle Plan games at 1982, 1983 and 1984 respectively.

I did find a photocopy of the original rules which I have appended to the end of this page.

Below are some general recollections of the game.

Norman, coordinate.

bp_br_1 bp_br_2 bp_br_3 bp_br_4 bp_br_5 bp_br_6 bp_br_7

Battle Plan Rules

battle_plan_1_39 battle_plan_1_40 battle_plan_1_41 battle_plan_1_42 battle_plan_1_43 battle_plan_1_44 battle_plan_1_45 battle_plan_1_46