There are two sets of turns from AB1 plus an introduction letter from Alan clearly setting the start date at 1984.

I bought my first skinny Mac in 1985. There was some work done on new rules for a computerized version of Battle Plan (which we never played). I did find some files for these efforts and have appended them at the bottom of this page. We were geeks.

Below are some general recollections of the game.


Sweden Turns

battle_plan_1_02 battle_plan_1_03 battle_plan_1_04 battle_plan_1_05 battle_plan_1_06 battle_plan_1_07 battle_plan_1_08 battle_plan_1_09 battle_plan_1_10 battle_plan_1_11 battle_plan_1_12 battle_plan_1_13 battle_plan_1_14 battle_plan_1_15 battle_plan_1_16 battle_plan_1_17 battle_plan_1_18 battle_plan_1_19 battle_plan_1_20 battle_plan_1_21 battle_plan_1_22 battle_plan_1_23 battle_plan_1_24 battle_plan_1_25 battle_plan_1_26 battle_plan_1_27 battle_plan_1_28 battle_plan_1_29 battle_plan_1_30 battle_plan_1_31 battle_plan_1_32 battle_plan_1_33 battle_plan_1_34 battle_plan_1_35 battle_plan_1_36 battle_plan_1_37

Greece Turns

bp_ab_01 bp_ab_02 bp_ab_03 bp_ab_04 bp_ab_05 bp_ab_06 bp_ab_07 bp_ab_08 bp_ab_09 bp_ab_10 bp_ab_11 bp_ab_12 bp_ab_13 bp_ab_14 bp_ab_15

Battle Plan 3 Rules

battle_plan_2_01 battle_plan_2_02 battle_plan_2_03 battle_plan_2_04 battle_plan_2_05 battle_plan_2_06 battle_plan_2_07 battle_plan_2_08 battle_plan_2_09 battle_plan_2_10 battle_plan_2_11 battle_plan_2_12 battle_plan_2_13 battle_plan_2_14 battle_plan_2_15 battle_plan_2_16 battle_plan_2_17 battle_plan_2_18 battle_plan_2_19 battle_plan_2_20 battle_plan_2_21 battle_plan_2_22 battle_plan_2_23 battle_plan_2_24 battle_plan_2_25 battle_plan_2_26 battle_plan_2_27 battle_plan_2_28 battle_plan_2_29 battle_plan_2_30 battle_plan_2_31 battle_plan_2_32 battle_plan_2_33 battle_plan_2_34 battle_plan_2_35 battle_plan_2_36 battle_plan_2_37