Places and Organizations of Interest

From The Madness
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Suspected Haunting Hand Headquarters

Major Organizations

East India Company
The Haunting Hand
King of Clubs
Scotland Yard

Fringe Organizations

Children of Mu
Gatekeepers of Guinee
Followers of St. Toad
London Occult Society

Places of Significant Action

Albert Embankment
Bodmin Moor
The Christabel
Cornish Coast (including the Longships Lighthouse, Ballowall Barrow, and Trescaw Island)
Drake Manor
12 Fishbone Alley
Gaylord's Auction House
Golders Green Asylum
Hardwicke House
Highgate Cemetery
In The Cards Tarot Shop
Lower Shadwell Docks (including the Flop House, Maid and Mermaid, and The Warehouse)
Monkshood Estate
Piper Estate
14 Portland Square
The Royal Train
St. Just (including the Bodmin, Diagonal Mines, and Ballowall Barrow)
St. Thomas’ Madhouse
Victoria and Albert Museum
Victoria Street (including Victoria Station, J Angst Bookseller, and the Stone Gargoyle Freehouse)
Wilma Wiggins' House