The Haunting Hand

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Police Sketch of Julia Gladstone

By most accounts, the small London cabal called The Haunting Hand is a relatively modern organization dating back no more than a few years. It is possible that the organization is a reincarnation of the Haunters of the Dark who worked from the London docks in the 1880’s. It is also possible that they are part of a larger, more global organization.

Besides profit and mayhem, the organization has ties to fringe religious practices around a mythos of ancient gods – ambiguously called the Great Old Ones. Messages from the Haunting Hand often refer to upcoming Dark Times – clearly a reference to an event or epoch supposedly near at hand for England and the world. "There is no way you can stop us! We are already here. He's coming tonight. It will be glorious when the keys are together and he is summoned! The Great Old One will eat you and devour your soul."

Several Haunting Hand locations have been uncovered – including a major stronghold near the Lower Shadwell Docks. It is suspected that additional, undiscovered hideouts are scattered through London and the countryside.

The cult is led by Rufus Gladstone, although several recovered letters point to a benefactor who may be more highly placed within the organization. This benefactor is known only as “V”.

From confidential Scotland Yard files:

Master Cultist - Living

Rufus Gladstone
Known Aliases: None
Description: Tall and dark featured, Rufus is elegant and aloof. He is always impeccably dressed, preferring to quietly blend into the background. Rufus is rarely seen.
Background: Leader of the Cult of Haunting Hand; father of Julia Gladstone; nemesis of Inspector Smythe.

Bartholomew Bartley
Known Aliases : Blind Beggar, Master of Disguises
Description : None
Background : Played the part of the blind beggar and Mr. Bartley and others??? at the Piper Estate affair.

Henry Hyde
Known Aliases : None
Description : A large black bearded man with a top hat.
Background : Leader of the Piper Estate affair. He is thought to be William Hyde’s father. William has been captured and is now serving time in Dartmoor Prison.

Matthew Weeks
Known Aliases : None
Description : Handsome, athletic with an average face, brown hair, well dressed with green tinted glasses.
Background : Mastermind of the All Hallow's Hunt affair. Last seen in Cornwall.

Known Aliases : Mr. Finch?
Description : Average build, dark hair and eyes, small black beard and mustache looks as if he is of Eastern European or Russian descent. This could be the twin of Josiah Brand.
Background : Unknown
Status : Seen by Dr. Clive James at the Golders Green Asylum after the death of Josiah Brand. A twin? Doppleganger? Reincarnation?

Master Cultists - Whereabouts Unknown

Julia Gladstone
Known Aliases : Miss Julia Herringford (the nanny of Monkshood)
Description : Eye witnesses describe Miss Gladstone as, "tall and lithe, oozing sophistication and charm. She is smartly dressed, although her skirt may be a bit too short. She has close cropped dark hair and smoldering black eyes. Her manner is quiet and reserved.”
Background : Miss Gladstone is the daughter of Rufus Gladstone, leader of the Haunting Hand. Under her alias Miss Julia Herringford and acting as the family nanny, she was implicated in the death of William Monkshood IV and the destruction of Monkshood Estate. Her actions are implicated in the murder and burning of Monkshood Estate.
Status : A journal entry of Dr. Clive James reports that Julia Gladstone was killed in the Lower Shadwell Docks area of London on 31 January 1892. Her body was stolen from the London Morgue shortly afterwards. Its disappearance remains unsolved.

Joseph Highmore
Known Aliases : Rufus Roschach
Description : Joesph is a short, swarthy man in his middle years. He has black hair which he combs straight back and black eyes. Impeccably dressed, he is sophisticated if not a bit stand offish. His natural expression is that of a scowl.
Background : Second in command, he was originally sent to Gaylords looking for the relic lost by Julia Gladstone. Joseph then led a small fist of cultists in the adventures at Hardwicke House in Tutbury.
Status : Killed in a shootout in Tutbury, his body was later claimed under false pretenses from the county morgue.

The Creeper
Known Aliases : None
Description : This impossibly large man has a blank, expressionless stare. His features are enlarged, almost clay like in their appearance. He moves with deliberate slowness, looming with a diabolical gait. Has a fish like smell to him.
Background : The Creeper was used as a killing machine by the Haunting Hand at the Piper Estate.
Status : Killed in the fire at the Piper Estate, the Creeper was reportedly buried in the collapse of the basement ceiling during the blaze. His body was never recovered from the debris.

Master Cultists - Dead

John Brady
Known Aliases : None
Description : A large man with a thick neck and build of a wrestler. Mr. Brady is fair skinned with a ruddy face, ginger hair and face that is perpetually pensive.
Background : Mr. Brady led a small fist of cultists in the Lower Shadwell Docks.
Status : Mr. Brady was killed after the Lower Shadwell Dock explosions during the sinking of the Christabel.

Josiah Brand
Known Aliases : None
Description : Average build, dark hair and eyes, small black beard and moustache. Mr. Brand looks as if he is of Eastern European descent – although his accent is well schooled British.
Background : Mr. Brand led a small fist of cultists in Bayhaven.
Status : Mr. Brand was killed in a gunfight outside of the Wiggins house in Bayhaven.

Cultists - At Large

Eliza Curry (see All Hallow's Hunt)

Cultists in Dartmoor Prison, Devonshire

George Ginger (see Lower Shadwell Docks)
Benjamin Hopkins (see Gaylord's Auction House)
William Hyde (see Lower Shadwell Docks)
William Weston (see Gaylord's Auction House)

Cultists Dead

Roger Allen (see Bayhaven)
Hugh Ashton(see Gaylord's Auction House)
Alexander Baldwin(see Gaylord's Auction House)
Alfred Bean (see The Christabel)
Henry Brand (see The Christabel)
Henry Burgess (see Lower Shadwell Docks)
George Burton (see Lower Shadwell Docks)
Aaron Chattoway (see Hardwicke House)
Francis Clarke (see Bayhaven)
William Collins (see Lower Shadwell Docks)
Simon Cooper (see Lower Shadwell Docks)
Edward Crabtree(see Gaylord's Auction House)
Elias Culverton (see Monkshood Estate)
Charles Davis (see Lower Shadwell Docks)
Bridget Donovan (see Lower Shadwell Docks)
Donald Dosset (see Hardwicke House)
Hugh Douglas (see Lower Shadwell Docks)
Dug (see Bayhaven)
Joesph Duxberry (see Lower Shadwell Docks)
James Field (see Lower Shadwell Docks)
Brick Finton (see Piper Mansion)
Emma Gamble (see Lower Shadwell Docks)
Erik Garrow (see Piper Mansion)
Sergeant George Garside (see Scotland Yard)
Henry Glower (see Hardwicke House)
Thomas Godwin (see Hardwicke House)
Phoebe Gooding (see All Hallow's Hunt)
Hugh Green (see Bayhaven)
Solomon Green (see The Christabel)
Paul Gregson (see Monkshood Estate)
Adolph Gunn (see Hardwicke House)
Robert Halbard (see Lower Shadwell Docks)
Nathan HardwickeHardwicke House
Jasper Harrison (see Bayhaven)
Philip Haward (see Hardwicke House)
Paul Hawk (see Hardwicke House)
Henrik Heatherly (see Piper Mansion)
Daniel Hickey (see Lower Shadwell Docks)
Gage Howland (see Piper Mansion)
Jerrod Huges (see Bayhaven)
John Hurst(see Gaylord's Auction House)
Forrester James (see Bayhaven)
Patrick Kelly (see The Christabel)
Miles Kidd (see Hardwicke House)
Harlan King (see Bayhaven)
Morris Kinward (see Hardwicke House)
John Leary (see The Christabel)
William Lindon (see The Christabel)
Derek Marland (see Piper Mansion)
Alfred Nash (see Hardwicke House)
Charles Pickergill (see Hardwicke House)
Fennis Pond (see Piper Mansion)
Arthur Seymour (see Hardwicke House)
Frederick Skulley (see Lower Shadwell Docks)
Slavik (see Gaylord's Auction House)
Richard Tanner (see Lower Shadwell Docks)
Nicholas Thompson (see Bayhaven)
John Tobin (see Lower Shadwell Docks)
Graham Turner (see Bayhaven)
Cale Whelpley (brawler) (see Piper Mansion)
Constable Robert White(see Tutbury)
Abraham Whitson(see Gaylord's Auction House)
Constable Henry Wickham (see Scotland Yard)
Jeremy Wilkenson (see Gaylord's Auction House)
Steward Wittlock (see Hardwicke House)
Christopher Wood (see Bayhaven)
Alex Yarnell(see Piper Mansion)
Herbert Young (see Bayhaven)