Deasy's Diary No. 1

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Train at Victoria Station

28 October 1892

Scene 1: Baring House and Victoria Station

A dreary day in London is saved by the unexpected arrival of Sir Robert Anderson at Baring House. It seems that young Prince Arthur – grandson of our esteemed Queen Victoria is going on a hunt. Outstanding – a rite of passage – something every young man should attend to in time. Only nine years old? Admirable! We are to attend as friends – although I’m sure our role as guards is thinly veiled.

We are told that the train leaves in less than two hours from Victoria station. The itinerary looks pretty much like what a nine-year old boy would envision – a descent into a mine, camping at a barrow, and a boat trip to a lighthouse. Why not? What’s the worst that can happen?

Attending me on the train from Baring House are Robert Ashton Clark, Matthew Marleybones, Master Sergeant Mika, and Miss Sarah with Brutus. Good men and women all. My description of the passengers and crew of the train follow.

We spend an hour gathering our belongings - Dr. Marleybones is researching the rumors of buccas and every haunted place we will attend. I'm sure he will tell us his findings in good time. Now, it's off to the train!

Scene 2: Salisbury

We are in the Royal dining car – having just finished a supper of the most delicious Indian curry. I am enjoying a glass of port – commenting on the cathedral we just passed in Salisbury when Phoebe, one of the young mystics, faints.

Lying on the ground, a strange voice comes from her – speaking an odd poem. When Maryleybones revives her, Phoebe tells of a great silver treasure that is lost at sea – which can be found by solving the mystery behind the words of the poem.

A Tale of Birds With A Silver Voice

First flew the greedy
Pelican,eager for the reward.
White wings flailing.

Then came a silent Dove,
flying beyond the Pelican,
as far as he could.

A Raven flies in,
flying higher than the Dove.
Just to show he can.

A Swan glides in to find a peaceful spot
next to another bird.

Finally, out comes a Crow,
coming quickly to a stop, yawning and then napping.

Who will show the way?
Who will be the key?
Who will lead to the silver reward?

Seems like a load of poppycock to me - women and their superstitions. Outrageous!