King of Clubs Restricted Files - Interview with the Gatekeepers of Guinee

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Voodoo Cemetery Gates of Guinee

Conducted by Dr. Matthew Marylebones
19 March 1892

I spoke with the enigmatic Mr. Vincent DuBois just once during our investigation into the death of Thaddeus Royce of the Club. However, I would swear that I saw him a number of times – lurking about the corners of the events of that weekend, always cloaked in the shadows and darkness. Tall, thin and lanky with white skin, Mr. DuBois’ most remarkable features were his eyes - although hidden behind dark glasses – they appeared pink and had a most mesmerizing effect on my mind. Even now, my recollection of him is unclear, as if a fleeting image captured by the periphery of my vision.

What is clear is that Mr. DuBois is an albino – a rarity only matched by my sighting a different man – strikingly similar in all other manners and appearances. Edgar Adair is a street magician encountered on the same night as Mr. DuBois at the Windmill Pub. The connection was uncanny.

From my brief moment with Mr. DuBois, I learned in hurried and hushed tones that he is member of the Gatekeepers of Guinee – his accent was ancient French, but he claimed a current residence in New Orleans in America. Mr. DuBois revealed information to me of a mutual foe – the Followers of St. Toad – a clumsy, amateur organization of religious crackpots, mystics and cultists - an organization, nevertheless, which had stumbled upon a ritual of great power – one whose execution was already underway.

For his part, Mr. DuBois could not intercede – a code of conduct in the Book of Ghede forbade his participation – although the Followers of St. Toad represented a viable threat to his beliefs. His revelation of information was meant solely to provide the King of Clubs with additional information to aid our investigation – squarely placing a priority on stopping the ritual. I wish that I had the presence of mind to have continued my discussion with Mr. DuBois – but he was gone as silently as he arrived.

The only clues from the archives on the term “Guinee” is the mention of the Voodoo Cemetery Gates of Guinee - the Portal to the Afterworld – and the ancient mystics who seek the keys to pass through it. I found a colored photograph of a suspected gate - from New Orleans, although all other details are lacking.