London Occult Society

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London Occult Society Seance

Compiled by Alfred "Goth" Robie
21 November 1890

Members of the London Occult Society believe in Spiritualism - the soul exists after death and can be contacted by the living, usually through a gifted medium.

These mediums use a variety of methods to communicate with those on the other side – series of tapping noises, table turning, spirit photography, channeling, and spirit boards. Table turning is an activity where the participants place their fingers lightly on a table surface, while the medium asks the spirits questions. The table then moves, and floats in response to the queries. Spirit photography is the photographing of supposed ghosts, and channeling is when a medium is believed to be taken over by a spirit so they can speak through her. The most famous type of spirit board, the Ouija board, was invented by Elijah Bond in 1890.

The President of the London Occult Society is Dr. John Baker. While [Goths-Notebook-Entry-1-Recon-at-the-Piper-Estate|his letter] summoned the Club to the Piper Estate, subsequent investigation cleared Dr. Baker of any wrongdoing or complicity in the matters that befell the Piper Estate.

These are the known members of the London Occult Society which attended the function.

Leonora Piper - trance mystic
Professor Whyte
Mr. Pillinger
Major Quarrel
Professor Radcliffe
Mrs. Stilton
Rev. Toolin
Mr. Uvalde
Willard Wilson
Captain Xavier
Miss York
Miss Zinnabar
Lady Amber
Mrs. Benton-Smythe
Madam Caldarian