Piper Estate

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Piper Estate

From a description given by Goth to the cabal of the Estate Grounds on the night of 31 October 1890:

The grounds of the Piper Estate are well-manicured and neatly kempt. A row of gaslights flicker in the dark leading up a graveled driveway to the main house. The wind is gusty and the trees on the estate dance with a lively rhythm. The moon is coming up just behind the house – over Highgate Cemetery, but the clouds make its presence a pale glow that provides little illumination for the grounds.

The house itself is an outstanding 18th century stone built Georgian manor house. The main house is a three story residence built in 1780. The grey stone house has a slate roof, stone window casings and presents a formidable edifice. The roof is gently sloped and several large trees overhang the home.

It is clear that the house is occupied, with the rooms in the center of the house lit on the ground and first floors. The windows in the wings of the house and on the second floor seem to be dark – for the most part.

There are police officers stationed in the front and the rear of the house – several are walking about the yard.

The residents and staff included:

Leonora Piper - Lady of the Household and Trance Mystic
Dr. Jameson Remmy - Physician to Mrs. Piper
Ulla - Upstairs Maid
Donna - Downstairs Maid
Hightower - Upstairs Butler
Devon- Downstairs Butler
Clairese - Cook
Roger - Downstairs Spook - driver
Frederick - Upstairs Spook - handyman
Gregor - Gardener