Professor Georgina Rukhs

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Dr. Georgina Rukhs

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Detailed Background

Family Motto: Conscientia nullus bellum!

I am a proper human female with excellent posture. A bit taller than the rest-5'6". I have long, thick russet hair that some say is a very dark auburn. My eyes are green and the rest of my features are in proportion to my height.

I am the only child of Anna and Georg Rukhs. My dear mother died while in labor. It is a miracle I'm here. My father, Georg, is a famous (though rather eccentric) Archaeologist who has disappeared under rather mysterious circumstances. Father was a large, reclusive man who loved his books and "digs".

Father sent me to the best schools he could afford. I also have a love of books which he inspired in me. Following in his footsteps, I am also an archaeologist although my specialty is Egyptian antiquity.