Robert Ashton Clark

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Robert Ashton Clark

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Detailed History

Robert Ashton Clark was supposed to study at Oxford, but went instead to the America's to Miskatonic University much to my parent's chagrin. Bumped around a bit between colleges at the University until it was finally suggested my future lay in directions other than scholarly. I did manage to build a bit of a reputation as a pugilist and a sculler.

Out of funds and an ocean away from home, I signed aboard with one Obed Marsh, a young sea captain out to make his fortune, I acted as the Bosun and was in charge of the unruly and crew.

I thrived in this capacity and had the respect of my men. There were one or two layabouts that felt my fists or more formally my cane, but by and large they were good men, if rough.

Unfortunately we hit foul weather rounding the Cape and during the storm my tether to the Jackstay was cut and I was pitched into the sea. I barely made it to shore, and while I have my suspicions, I will never no for sure who it was.

I was able to gain a berth on another vessel returning from a scientific expedition, headed for London. In speaking with the expedition leaders my imagination was enflamed. A burning desire to explore unknown places and lost civilizations grew in me and remains still the driving force of my life.

Back in London now, I seek the company of the great explorers and educated men. I have made some progress and am positive I will meet my goal. As long as they don't discover the fact that I never actually graduated from Miskatonic U.