Secrets of the Abner Marsh

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Baring House Sitting Room


The cold dampness of March 1892 continues with slate grey skies and swollen rivers. It is late on a Friday night and you are at Baring House - a crackling fire in the stone hearth of the Card Room creating a warm, inviting respite from the elements outside. Around the fire, six high-backed leather chairs are arranged in a semi-circle. Conversation is light and sherry is plentiful.

Suddenly, you hear the front door of Baring House open and a set of footsteps stagger toward the Card Room – a shadowy figure takes no precautions of silence or stealth. The man is soaking wet dressed in a heavy overcoat – leaving large wet footprints across the black and white stone floor of the foyer. As the figure enters the circle of firelight, you recognize the face of Thaddeus Royce, a King of Clubs cult researcher.

His eyes are wild, flecks of foam at the corner of his lips. He opens his mouth revealing a swollen black tongue. “Rankin. 12 Fishbone Alley. Take the drugs. Trust no one. Hurry.” With a final death rattle, Royce collapses on the floor dead.