The Cloak Room

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The Cloak Room Entrance

Tucked behind the World’s End Pub and accessible via a secret passageway from Baring House, the King of Clubs maintains a small stable and storage vault that contains items that might be needed for adventures into the dark alleyways of London and its environs. These shared resources are typically available at the beginning of each adventure – at the Keeper’s discretion.

It is tradition that once members leave on a mission they do not return to Baring House until the adventure is complete and it is clear that all loose ends have been tied up – for the secrecy of the cabal’s headquarters is of primary concern. As such, players are encouraged to visit the Cloak Room with the expectation that they will not be returning during the adventure.


Horses and Carriages - In 1892, cabs and carriages are common in London and easy to find at almost any time or place. This is the usual method of transportation around the City and in most cases public transport is safe, fast and convenient. Likewise, the train system is used for almost all travel outside of the city – again it is usually a very safe and efficient mode of travel. However, the cabal has several horses, carriages and cabs available for clandestine adventures or journeys into the English countryside.

1890 Hansom Cabs (2 available)
1888 Clarence Carriage (1 available)
Draft Horses (2 available)
Riding Horses (6 available)

Horseless Carriages, Hot Air Balloons, and Boats - Horseless carriages have been around for about six years, but they are still exceedingly rare in London – favored only by enthusiasts and those who seek to have attention and crowds at every corner. Hot air balloons are also a rarity except during exhibitions and professional demonstrations - however, they are the only way to fly (literally). The cabal has several small river rowboats that can be used in a pinch, but powered boats and ships require investigators to purchase passage.

1886 Benz Horseless Carriage (1 available)
1860 Hot Air Balloon (1 available)
Rowboats - 2 passenger + oarsman (2 available)


Other Melee Weapons

Kits & Other Items

Gladstone Bag (Travelling)
Medical Bags and Pouches
Burglars' Tool Bags and Lockpick Wallets
Tinkerer's Toolbox
Vampire Hunter's Kit
Adventuring Crate
Miscellaneous Equipment