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Dream of London's Fate by Chester Burrow c.1892

"I recall that the people went about with pale and worried faces, and whispered warnings and prophecies which no one dared consciously repeat or acknowledge to himself that he had heard. A sense of monstrous guilt was upon the land, and out of the abysses between the stars swept chill currents that made men shiver in dark and lonely places." -H.P. Lovecraft

The year is 1892. The place is London. It is the height of the Victorian Era – a time of British expeditions to the darkest corners of Africa; of wondrous steam-powered inventions of limitless imagination; of antiquarian investigations into the science and mysteries of mankind.

It is also the time of the Madness.

In the foggy back alleys of Limehouse and in the dilapidated warehouses of the Docklands, sinister forces are on the rise. For twenty years, gruesome murders, mysterious disappearances, and ritual slayings have become increasingly commonplace. While the rich and well-to-do marvel at the wonders of the Clockwork Age, Scotland Yard struggles to keep cultists in jail and stories from the public.

The Madness is a Realms of Cthulhu roleplaying campaign - read about it here.

You play the extraordinary ladies and gentlemen of the King of Clubs - read about them here.

Your current adversaries include the shadowy cabal known as the Haunting Hand - read about them here.

What is the Clockwork Age and Ichor? - read about it here and here.