House Rules

Becoming "The Legend of the Brethren of the Coast"

The winner of the campaign is the pirate crew with the highest Infamy rating after the last week's action. They will be known forever after as The Legend of the Brethren of the Coast.

Playing the Game

When you get to Valhallas, you should already know who you are playing and what the scenario is going to be (see Schedule page). If your opponent isn't there, set the table up. If you are going to miss game night, let your opponent (and Ed or Chris) know and try to re-schedule your match outside of our normal game night. If you absolutely can't make a game work out, you may declare a forfeit for the week.

If you forfeit, your crew goes into stasis - nothing changes for you. You are not allowed to make ANY changes to your crew on a week that you forfeit. If your opponent forfeits, then your crew gets Survival and Leadership experience and victorious booty. You do not get special scenario experience or booty. You can buy stuff, recruit hired hands, etc. and do the regular post-game activities.

All games need to be over by 9:30pm to allow us 30 minutes for post-game activities. Please remember to:

  1. Keep track of which figures have been taken out of play.

  2. Keep track of which heroes have killed an enemy figure.

  3. Keep track of any special scenario conditions (such as treasure tokens).

Once you are finished, see Ed or Chris who will update the Campaign Logbook accordingly. All the rolls, purchases, etc. need to be made in front of your opponent or the bookkeeper so as to record the results.

Your Miniatures

  • Figures should have 25mm round bases. This is what the rules state is the standard size. Since the game is based around touching stands, this is pretty important.

  • If the figure can shoot, the model should have a gun, pistol, bow, etc. It doesn't matter what type of missile weapon it is, just that an opponent can look at and say, "Wow, that pirate can shoot!"

  • If the figure has a hand-held weapon, the model should have the same. See comments above.

House Rules

  • Pirates don't play well with others. There is no sharing of anything between pirate crews.

  • Spearmen add one dice to determine whether a fight is won. However, they do not get to add a dice to see if an opponent is wounded or killed. By the same token, they cannot be killed in combat if they lose. So, you add a dice for support to determine the winner, and then it is as if they are not in the combat.

  • Knives are not Throwing Weapons.

  • Henchmen can never use weapons not on their basic chart (including Thrown Weapons). These are for heroes only.

  • Sneak Out of Town - the attacker cannot run along a table edge to escape. The attacker must be 6" in from the table edge.

  • Experienced henchmen groups cannot be "split" to allow for new members to be added.

  • There is no limit on the number of "Cabin Boy Done Good" promotions that can be awarded to a crew over the campaign, although each group is limited to one per week.

  • A character cannot reload while fighting in hand-to-hand combat.