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Alignment: Neutral Symbol: Gold Coin Sphere of Control: Luck Worshipper's Alignment: Any Priests: Clerics Following: Small Color: Gold (Yellow) Sacred Objects/Animals: Fox Holy Days: New Moon Sacrifice Frequency: Monthly Sacrifice Form: Valuables gained through gambling or chance. Place of Worship: Temple High Priest: Dirathan the Green Major Temple: The Palace of Fortune (Teufeldorf)

Bes was the greatest gambler on the Isle of Ankh. In the years during which Teufeldorf was in its infancy, Bes amassed a fortune in precious stones and gold with his unique talent of luck. Finally, Bes was exiled from the Isle of Ankh for winning the offerings to Bast, the Cat Goddess, from a foolish priest. The priest was killed, and Bes was set adrift on the high seas. By some lucky fortune, Bes was washed ashore at Teufeldorf. There he gained a rather large following of gamblers who wished to share in the luck of the Chosen One. As any true gamester will tell you, the name of Bes is often invoked before the dice are thrown.

Bes appears as a mountain dwarf of boisterous spirit. He is often found shape-changing to watch and aid all types of creatures. Bes looks favorably upon all gambles and the greater the risk (except foolhardy ones) the better he likes it. An initiation with Dirathan is required of any wishing to become priests of Bes.