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Alignment: Neutral Symbol: Leather Pouch Sphere of Control: Stealth Worshipper's Alignment: Any Priests: Thieves Following: Small Color: Black (Grey) Sacred Objects/Animals: Fox Holy Days: New Moon Sacrifice Frequency: New Moon Sacrifice Form: Valuables Place of Worship: Temple High Priest: Bombur Major Temple: Guildhall of Brandobaris (Teufeldorf)

Born in the Elderberry Downs, Brandobaris grew up like most hobbit children. Early in his life, Brandobaris enjoyed hiding and sneaking up on others as all hobbit children are prone to do. His uncanny ability for seeming to disappear into thin air was matched only by his vehement rejection of killing of any sort. His trickery led the young hobbit to Teufeldorf, where he promptly took up with the rogue element of the rougher part of town. As his legend grew, Brandobaris appeared less and less frequently among the thieves and cutthroats of Teufeldorf, until he just disappeared. It is rumored that Brandobaris still lives in the shadows of Teufeldorf, and many unexplained robberies are accredited to him. Those who leave offerings to Brandobaris through his chief priest, Bombur, often find help from the Master or one of the Shadow Walkers (priests of Brandobaris).