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Alignment: Neutral Symbol: Closed Eye Sphere of Control: Dreams Worshiper's Alignment: Any Priests: Female Clerics Following: Small Color: Blue Sacred Objects/Animals: Cats Holy Days: Nightly Sacrifice Frequency: Nightly Sacrifice Form: Money (Gold) Place of Worship: Temple High Priest: Caris the Dream Mistress Major Temple: House of Pleasant Dreams

Many years ago, Dagonis was one of the more successful courtesans in Teufeldorf. Her patrons claimed that her methods allowed them a more restful sleep than they had ever experienced. They had also claimed to have had dreams which foretold great future happenings. Actually, unknown to these "lucky" men, Dagonis, through the use of special drugs and spells, studied the effects of different potions on her subjects. One night, Dagonis dreamt of the location of a secret treasure. Immediately, she set out from Teufeldorf in search of it. Her quest must have been successful because upon her return, she bought a large temple and proclaimed herself a goddess. Her Sisters of the Closed Eye are said to control some of the most powerful figures in the city. Popular rumor contrives that Dagonis has found a device that allows her to manipulate dreams in order to suggest her will upon sleeping victims. Dagonis has not been seen, except in dreams, for years, but her Temple in Teufeldorf is run handedly by Caris the Dream Mistress.