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Alignment: Chaotic Evil Symbol: White Skull Sphere of Control: Fear Worshiper's Alignment: Any (Evil) Priests: Any Following: Small Color: Red and Black Sacred Objects/Animals: Rats Holy Days: None Sacrifice Frequency: Nightly Sacrifice Form: Any living creature Place of Worship: Anywhere High Priest: Unknown Major Temple: Altar of Fear (Within the sewers of Teufeldorf)

A great Empire general once said, "We have nothing to fear except fear itself." Had the general known that the crazy Arch-Mage Dirzam-kir-Bali was disguised as a hummingbird nearby, he would have never said that. Knowing that his wizard's tower would eventually fall to the general's troops, Dirzam-kir-Bali decided to create one last creature to throw at the soldiers; Hate. Summoning all of the power from a primal source, the short-sighted wizard created a monster that grew more powerful as men's fear of it worsened. The creature not only drove the old general's entire army to commit suicide, it also leveled the tower. Fear is limited only by its reliance on the magic of the primal source. Although a few survivors of Dirzam-kir-Bali's tower follow the creature as its priests, its congregation is slow to grow (Fear often sacrifices its own priests). The locals say that the Priests of Fear can often be found at the Bloody Hand Tavern smelling like the sewers beneath the city.