Invasion of the Barbarians

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On the eastern slopes of the Shadowyarn Mountains, times were also unsettled. Shortly after Markinghamshire Castle was completed in 241 TA, several thousand warriors and priests from a distant southern kingdom set out on a religious quest. They traveled north for almost a year across the Sands of Time looking for a promised land. Many died before they discovered the vast grasslands on the southern edge of the Reaches. The remaining zealots, however, were tough seasoned fighters led by a massive giant named Ryan. As they continued north, it was by accident that Ryan and his men came upon the Valley of Markinghamshire on a hot summer day, a summer day during which a rare solar eclipse blackened the sky. Taking this as a sign from their gods, the tribesmen attacked the newly-built castle. The Invasion of the Barbarians lasted only four short days. The tribesmen were slaughtered. The survivors fled south, and the bones and relics of their dead were buried somewhere in the Shadowyarn Mountains.