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Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Symbol: White (Red) Moon Sphere of Control: Moon-filled nights Worshiper's Alignment: Chaotic (usually Evil) Priests: Clerics (or Lycanthropes) Following: Small Color: White (Red) Sacred Objects/Animals: Lycanthropes Holy Days: Every full moon Sacrifice Frequency: Phases of the Moon Sacrifice Form: Varies (Living creatures) Place of Worship: Temple High Priestess: Moontune, Moon Prophet Major Temple: Home of the Moon (Teufeldorf)

The moon has long been associated with insanity and madness. No one knows the phases of the moon better than Loki, the Moon God. By some freak form of lycanthropy, Loki is afflicted by an uncontrollable change according to the phase of the moon. At times, Loki is a mild-mannered prophet---at others, he is changed into a man-eating beast. This bizarre creature attracted a bizarre following of religious radicals. Known as Moon Prophets, these seers recruit and sacrifice according to the phases of the moon. Priests of Loki commune with their god under the guidance of Moontune, High Priest of the Order of the Moon. Whether Loki lives or not is a question on the minds of many villagers. The prophets would tell you that he lives in all.