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Alignment: Chaotic Evil Symbol: Three Headed Snake Sphere of Control: Serpents Worshiper's Alignment: Evil Priests: Clerics and Assassins Following: Small Color: Green and Black Sacred Objects/Animals: Serpents Holy Days: Sacrifice Frequency: Varies Sacrifice Form: Paladins Place of Worship: Temple High Priestess: Syliss, Son of the Serpent Major Temple: The Serpent's Den (Teufeldorf)

Little is known of the origins of Lolth and his followers. As legend tells, Lolth was punished by the Paladins of the First Circle. Deemed too evil for death, Lolth was transmuted into a scaly serpent to spend his remaining years in torment. Lolth was adopted by the Brothers of the Serpent, and his form was temporarily altered by their magic. Lolth and his Brothers of the Orders of the Adders, Pythons, and Constrictors hunt and kill all Paladins (and any that stand in their way). The Brothers welcome any who share their hatred and quest into the ranks of the order. Approaches to the Brotherhood can be arranged through Sadek Barrelchest at the Mad Dog Tavern. Recently, King Gregory has attempted to exterminate the followers of Lolth. This succeeded only in making the Brothers more cruel and wary.