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Alignment: Neutral Symbol: Wave of Water Sphere of Control: Water Worshipper's Alignment: Neutral or Good Priests: Clerics Following: Medium Color: Blue Sacred Objects/Animals: Dolphins Holy Days: Seasonal High Tides Sacrifice Frequency: Monthly Sacrifice Form: Fire based creatures Place of Worship: Anywhere (near water) High Priest: Marduk of the Trident Major Temple: Altar to the Sea (Rivershaw)

The village of Rivershaw was founded at the junciton of two sacred rivers. As the settlement proceeded in its development, it became evident to the people that an evil force lurked within the placid waters near their home. One day, several village men were found dead in their beds, presumably drowned. It was then that Straasha, the kindly elder of the vilage council, volunteered to fight the evil menace. Armed with only his trident and courage, Straasah managed to banish the demon foe, but he was drowned in the battle. Straasha instantly became a folk hero, and an altar and temple were built in his honor on the banks of the Trident River near Rivershaw.

Straasha rarely leaves his watery domain and always in the form of an old gray man. Those who gain Straasha's favor are often blessed with gentle spring rains and fair weather during sea travel. Those wishing to become priests of Straasha must first contact the diety through the altar on the Trident River.