The Fall of Teufeldorf

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For four years, Teufeldorf seemed a safe harbor and prosperity returned to the embattled nation.

In mid-October of 832, a storm began brewing off of the coast near the city of Teufeldorf. Unlike most storms, it did not seem to move at all. Rather it sat out to sea like an angry mob waiting to strike. Soothsayers and the like called it an evil manifestation from Hell. King Gregory sent out scouts by both water and air, but none returned. It seemed as if no magic scrying could penetrate the evil darkness. The mood around Teufeldorf was tense and fearful. As the days passed, the storm grew and grew. Soon it took up almost the entire western sky. Then it moved.

Octobers can be rather cool in Teufeldorf, but the bitter cold of the storm was staggering. As the storm approached, horses and other domesticated animals became frantic, almost rabid. The children began wailing and speaking of the "Dark Man" who haunted their dreams. On October 31, the first wave of ice and rain blanketed the city. Winds of hurricane force blew over small buildings and cracked the city wall in many places. This deluge went on for six days and nights. The sun was blotted from the sky, and thousands were killed by the cold and the winds.

On the sixth night of the storm, King Gregory was sitting high in Teufeldorf Castle with his advisors huddled around him. When suddenly a large bat-like human appeared in front of them. The temperature of the room dropped to frigid proportions and the king's advisors sat still as statues. The king called for the guards, but none came. The creature then spoke. It's exact words are known only to Gregory, as his court remembers nothing of a visit. But the message was clear: leave Teufeldorf with all of his knights and his court or watch the destruction of every living thing around him.

The next day, the storm had again moved off of the coast. King Gregory called together his advisors, court, and knights. Each was assigned a portion of the Realm to guard. Farewells were made and King Gregory and Lady Laura prepared for exile. The good rule of King Gregory the Even-Handed had come to an end. An evil force ruled the land.