The Feudal Reaches

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In the Eastern Reaches, Harek Bloodaxe, known by some as the Red Rider, broke the kingdom into ten smaller baronies and duchies. In them, he sowed the seeds of treachery and deceit, keeping them constantly at war with each other. In this way, none could challenge his authority. These minor kingdoms paid monthly tributes in the form of gold, gems, jewelry, magic, and slaves. The fate for defying even the smallest of Harek's wishes was death, instant and irrevocable.

Dragonsford Castle was made the capital of Harek's domain and many changes were made to accommodate Bloodaxe's strange tastes. The castle was guarded by white dragons who were given roost in the old wizard's tower. The last ruler of Dragonsford was King Trafford who was slain by Ernest Goodfellow in 884 TA during the Hastur Rebellions (see the Hastur Rebellions).

In the Shadowyarn Mountains, Atli the White took up residence in the castle of the Lord Mayor of Paddington. He renamed the structure Shadowkeep, and quickly transformed it into a proper military compound. With a large dwarven population which seemed unwilling to bow to his will, Atli subjugated a large population of humans as his personal religious zealots. Called the White Cloaks, they were instrumental in driving the dwarves from the city and keeping absolute control over the remaining population. Atli ruled the Shadowkeep directly. His field army was led by General Kendall Praetor who was defeated in several battles by the dwarves. Eventually, the Shadowkeep was sieged by the dwarven General Dugald Axeworthy in 883 TA, and Atli was slain by the present-day dwarven King U-Gene.

The Western Reaches, like its eastern cousin, was divided into a number of smaller duchies and baronies. Grim took up residence in Teufeldorf Castle, transforming the entire island into a religious temple shrouded in a magical barrier of inky blackness. While Grim rarely ventured into the city, his undead minions kept the city in a state of perpetual terror. By 840 TA, commerce with Teufeldorf had significantly declined with only a few slave traders regularly calling at the port. A mass exodus in 841-842 TA was quelled by the city gates being closed to travel except with permission from the Council of Stones, the ruling human faction in Teufeldorf. In the mid 880's, the arrival of the dearg-due, a vampiric race of unknown origins, supplemented Grim's power and heightened the terror in the local inhabitants.

Outside of the city and its immediate surroundings, Grim's rule was significantly less invasive. The small baronies and duchies suffered under heavy taxes, and Grim's soldiers would often raid towns for human slaves. However, day-to-day life remained fairly normal. In the far south, the Southern Barons formed the strongest resistance to Grim and his undead hoards. Siding with the rebellion in 883-885 TA, these lords with the help of the elves, dwarves, and humans liberated in the east, were able to defeat Grim's army in 885 TA. The Storming of Teufeldorf in late 885 TA officially brought the Feudal Reaches to an end.