The Paladin Kings

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By the mid-ninth century, the Western Reaches flourished. So did religion. Teufeldorf had over fifty religions within its walls. The priestess Ishtar was said to have been the last to defeat death doing so within the walls of Teufeldorf. However, trading and shipping were still the major source of revenue. The old line of Ranger Kings were replaced in the latter years of the eighth century by a new order of fighter-king, the Paladin. Virtuous and charismatic, the Paladin Kings provided a chivalrous figure for the masses. With constant threats from the Orc Nation to the north and Sandal to the south, these warrior-kings were quick to respond to threats to the people. In 817 TA, King Gregory the Even-Handed, the last of the Paladin Kings of Teufeldorf, ascended the throne. His marriage to the elven princess, Lady Laura, was thought to bring the blessings of the elder races to the kingdom.