War of Stone Rain

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Early in the Third Age, the interior of the Sandal peninsula became home to a significant population of displaced Large Folk, mostly ogres, trolls and hill giants, who were driven south from their lands by the expansion of men in the Western Reaches. In those days, Sandal was often referred to as Giantsland.

By the middle of sixth century, increasing pressure from the growing population of Large Folk in the interior of the country and an increasing influx of humans along the coastal regions erupted in the War of Stone Rain, so named for the Large Folk tactic of raining large stones and small boulders into the human armies as they advanced into battle. After five bitter years of fighting, the war had devolved into a stalemate with neither side able to hold captured territory. It is then that a powerful wizard named Valdemar entered the picture. Valdemar, later called the Black Lord, seemingly supported both sides of the conflicts at times using magical fire to burn through ranks of ogre infantry and at other times summoning dragons to terrorize the human armies. A master diplomat, Valdemar eventually won the trust of both sides in the conflict, bringing the War of Stone Rain to a peaceful end and securing a throne for himself that would endure for centuries.