Chaos (10-7-2004)
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  Chaos DragonMM3/300001
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 Chaos WarriorsInf44403150
 Chaos WarriorsInf44403150
 Chaos WarriorsInf44403150
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Breakpoint of 7      2000 

Revised Chaos Army List Rules for Chaos Spawn have changed.

1 - Flyer. Causes terror. Can shoot only when part of a unit. Range 20cm.

2 - Boon of Chaos, 4+, unit he is with.
+1 attack for each stand in the unit and for himself.
Anger of the Gods 4+, 30 cm.
Lasts until the end of opponent's turn. All enemy units within range get an additional -1 Command modifier (only once per unit).
The Rage of Chaos, 5+, 30 cm.
The attacks of a single friendly unit are increased by n D6 up to a maximum of one per stand in the unit for that turn. If any double is rolled the unit suffers the attacks itself.
Curse of Chaos, 5+, 30cm, LOS.
3 shooting attacks ignoring armour.

3 - If they can charge humans using initiative movement they have to.

4 - -1 Command penalty. Regenerate 1 hit per combat round after removal of losses. The hits still count for combat result.

5 - Causes Terror. Range 15cm. 360 degree fire arc.
Can only be ordered if they are part of a brigade with at least one Non-Spawn Unit. Can be included as a bonus to the size of a brigade up to a maximum of one Spawn per non-Spawn unit. Can move on initiative as normal.

Scroll of Dispelling When an enemy casts a, the scroll can be used to make it fail nonetheless. Dwarfs use it after the dispel roll. One use only

Sword of Cleaving Re-roll 1 attack dice in each round of combat.

Sword of Fate +1 Attack to one single stand in the first combat engagment. One use only