Dwarf (1-6-2005)
 Troll SlayersInf5400390Sword of Cleaving,4
 Troll SlayersInf5400390Sword of Destruction,4
 Troll SlayersInf54003804
 WarriorsInf34403120Sword of Might
 WarriorsInf34403140Banner of Steadfastness
 Flame cannonArt1/2D62601506
 Flame cannonArt1/2D62601506
Breakpoint of 9      2000 

Revised Dwarf Army List Rules for Runesmith and Trollslayers have changed.

1 - Dispels on a 4+ if he is within 50cm of the enemy wizard.

2 - Shots treat enemy save as 1 worse.

3 - Can pursue all types of enemy.

4 - Ignore terror. Have to charge on initiative. Cannot be driven back. Whenever possible they must pursue and advance in combat. +1 attack when fighting a Monster. Opponent gets full points, if any Slayer stand is still alive at the end of the game. If a Slayer unit is destroyed the Dwarf player gets their points as victory points not the opponent.

5 - Range 60 cm. Treats defended targets as in the open and fortified targets as defended. Ignores armour. Ball bounces 5cm from end of first stand hit doing 1 attack per additional stand hit. Fires grape shot when charged, no penetration and target saves as normal. Cannot use initiative to charge.

6 - Range 30 cm. On adouble a misfire occured. Depending on double:
1. Destroyed
2. Does 2D6+4 hits and explodes
3. Does 6 hits and from now on only D6 attacks
4. Does not shoot this turn.
5. 10 hits no special effect.
6. D6 + 12 hits
Cannot use initiative to charge.

7 - Flyer. Range 30 cm. It's shots reduce the target's save by 1.

Banner of Steadfastness First shooting or magic hit each turn is ignored. Lost with the first stand.

Sword of Cleaving Re-roll 1 attack dice in each round of combat.

Sword of Destruction One unit in contact must re-roll 1 successful armour roll each combat-round

Sword of Might +1 Attack to one single stand.