High Elves (3-28-2002)
 GeneralGen200101185Orb of Majesty
 WizardWiz00081105Scroll of Dispelling,1
 Silver HelmsCav33403110
 Silver HelmsCav33403110
 Giant EaglesMon23603704
Breakpoint of 7      1500 

High Elves The Elves are the oldest and most ...

1 - The wizard can re-roll all failed cast attempts once.
Storm of Stone, 6+, 30cm.
D3 attacks against each enemy unit within range. Does not cause drive backs.
Light of Battle, 5+, 30cm.
In the following combat phase, every friendly stand including characters within range add +1 attack.
Heavens Fire, 5+, 30cm.
The target unit can shoot now, regardless whether it has shot already that turn. Can not be used on machines or artillery.
Hail of Destruction, 5+, 30cm, LOS.
3 shooting attacks ignoring armour.

2 - Flyer. Causes terror. Can shoot only when part of a unit. Range 20cm.

3 - +1 to hit when shooting.

4 - Flyer.

Scroll of Dispelling When an enemy spell roll is successful the scroll can be used to make it fail nonetheless. Dwarfs use it after the dispel roll. One use only

Orb of Majesty One failed General's order is ignored. The order is executed and the General can give further orders. One use only.