Ideal Roster and Ideal Army

The Ideal Roster would be one that allows the maximum flexibility in building 2000 point armies for Warmaster. The roster must contain only as many figures as will fit comfortably into a single GW case and must be able to field the Ideal Army.

The Ideal Army is one which will perform best when thrown against all enemies in all different types of terrain regardless of scenario modifiers. It is the default configuration which works best in the largest number of situations.

Why 2000 points? A 1000 point game does not field enough troops to allow for counter-charges. In too many cases, the army that gets the first charge will win the game. A 3000 point (and larger) game oftentimes suffers from pacing problems as the time between turns and the total length of the game is too long. It is typical in our gaming group for a 3000 point game to take 4 hours. I tend to dislike 1500 point, 1750 point, etc. games simply because the min/max rules eliminate many interesting units. At 1500 points, the Undead can take one unit each of carrion birds and skull chukkas. However, one unit of either of these is totally ineffective - unable to provide enough punch to destroy or even harass the enemy. By eliminating the special units, the game loses some strategic interest.

And so we are left with the 2000 point Warmaster battle, the perfect balance. The game can be played in 2 hours by experienced generals, special units can be utilized, and there is enough flexibility that no single strategy or army dominates.