Snarg's Waagh vs Yargo Empire

Warmaster Battle Report from the Orc View

The hot sun of June beat upon the land, and the Warlord Snarg grew bored. He ordered his first horde out of their border fort. The horde moved North across the Blood River, into the plains territory of the humie Yargo Empire. Snarg was consolidating his hold, on the region during July. Snarg's wolfrider scouts reported a humie army moving into the area, from the Northwest. Obviously the humie villagers that Snarg had let escape had brought word to their pink skinned lord. Snarg was happy! Battle was what he wanted. Some humie villagers had claimed there was a lost magic place hidden nearby, and Snarg sent his scouts to find it, while he waited for the humie army to close. The horde encountered the humie army patrolling the countryside, as it searched for the magic place, battle was eminent. The scouts brought reports of many humies on horsies, with a large number of thunder makers. The humies also had many boomstick wielding mobs, and metal stick bearing mobs. Snargs forces consisted of numerous goblin mobs, and hordes of orcs. He had wolfriders, boar riders, and wolf drawn chariots. Ogres, black orcs, a troll powered rock lobba. The pride of the horde was "Arnold" a giant that had joined the waagh.

The day of battle dawned, and a heavy fog lay across the field. Visibility was very poor. The humies were not happy about the weather. Snarg set his horde in a long line, hoping to advance and surround the humans. The humans had placed their thunder makers on Snarg's left and their metal wrapped horsy riders on his right, and all the other humies in between. Snarg ordered his forces forward. Many messengers got lost in the fog and only the wolf riders, black orcs, ogre, giant, and lobba moved as expected. The humies moved, but only their horsy troops got the message. The wolf riders charged the metal clad horsy troops with "Arnold" the giant as back up. After fierce fighting all four horsy troops were reduced by 1/3, and the giant, a mob of ogres, and the wolf riders were off to meet Gork and Mork.

The humies failed to order troops into battle, orcs and goblins attacked the horsy riders. Two mobs of horsies were destroyed, the remaining horsies regrouped with a hippogriff riding human. The rock lobba was overrun. The orc infantry charged the humie infantry in the center. The hordes tittered at their break point, the battle hung on the combats being fought. The humies could withdraw if they lost each combat, Snarg's forces would withdraw if they lost any combat. Snarg's army withdrew back to the border fort, with moderate losses. Snarg was pleased with the outcome of his training exercise, and plans to use these humies for more horde training.

Empire Win = 1045 pts
Orc Loss = 568 pts