Report to the Emperor

year 1 of this enlightened reign

My lord once again the Orcs have attack one of our settlement in the South. As I warned you last spring, when you signed that unwise non-aggression pact with their "Boss Garls". This time your armies stood ready and quickly marched south and engaged the enemy. The destruction of your lordship realm was clear to see in the eyes of the 1,000's of refugees fleeing North before the Horde of Orcs. General Klaus Von Nissan then found a wonderful piece of ground in which to destroy the horde. All was ready for the coming day, when suddenly a huge fog bank descended on the battlefield. Klaus was at first counseled to retreat and fight another day due to the conditions. The General declared I'm here and the Orcs are here, "So To Battle".

The army was lined up east to west with a lake on the left and a area of swamps to the west. Klaus deployed the army in a long thin line . On the left were four of your lordship's finest Knights, under the command of your Son Otto(flying on the griffin Garth). The center was command by the General himself (on the griffin Kilgore) and was made-up of foot/hand-gunners, with a battery of hell blaster. They were positioned between the two terrain features. The right was command by one of the southern Baron Olf. He commanded three batteries of cannons and some fanatics made-up of local serfs.

With no clear targets Otto advanced to the left side of the lake. The center moved to the gap and the a right fail to move. We could hear the Orc's drum off in the fog, but still no sign of the enemy.

At this time Otto's Command was attacked by a horde orc wolf riders and a giant! The battle seemed lost, when the Gods shone there grace upon us. The orcs were thrown back and the knights followed up, killing all before them including the giant. I'm sending it's pickled head to you as a trophy. The fog forced the center and right to standfast.

Your son joined the remaining knights and they advanced further into the orc hordes flank. They quickly attracted a large mob of goblins and black orcs to them. Once again the Gods favored your lordships cause and orcs were routed or destroyed.

The troops in the center began to sense the present of orcs near by and suddenly the fog boiled forth with orcs. The 3rd Infantry Brigade took the brunt of this assault ,but were still driven back. The orcs attacked the 2nd Infantry brigade and were stop cold. The mob was then driven off and the brigade followed up by charging the nearest orc mob in the flank. The 4th Infantry brigade held fast under the command of General Klaus and drove the horde back. The right once again stood it's ground.

The remaining knights rallied on your son. The General steadied the center for another orc charge, but they never came ! The next day the fog lifted and the field of battle was revealed. The dead orcs laid in piles as high as a man. This was a great victory, but a costly one. The barony has been saved but so long as the orc's have a foothold across the great river Rubicund we will never be safe.

Count Idly