Aether Spells

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There are three classifications of lands beyond the Realm - also known as Pendar or the Land of the Living.

Pellum mundane connection high-tech world; interactions with Pendar only at conjunctions
Netherworld artifacts: pyramids ship between Pellum and Pendar; destroyed
Void artifacts: NV @ Armitage Inn Cave with 28 or 35 gates
Gate 1: Abyss Void; can do point-to-point via Conjure, Summon spells; gates can open temporary portals Demons (outsiders who speak abyssal - vrock, galbrezu, etc.)
Gate 2: Inferno (i.e., Hell) Void; can do point-to-point via Conjure, Summon spells; gates can open temporary portals Devils (outsider who speak infernal - barbed devils, bone devils, ice devils, etc.)
Gate 3: Demondim Void; permanent gates; artifacts can open temporary portals Demons of the Covenant - urviles, cave wights, lore masters, giant ravers, etc.)
Gates 4, 5, 6...: Daolith, etc. Void; artifacts Various
Oblivion - Land of Shades artifacts: dead man's coins @ portal Souls from the Realm who are not a rest
Land of the Dead artifacts: dead man's coins @ portal Souls at rest

So, what does the Aether touch?

  • Extra-Terrestrial - no
  • Extra-Dimensional - ??? probably not. you need an artifact (or runeweapon) to move to the Void and wander about.
  • Inter-Dimensional - ??? probably not. again, you need a dead man's coin at a gate (or runeweapon) to move about Oblivion or Land of Dead.

So, the Aether (also called Shadows) is used for moving about the Realm:

  • Teleport, Shadow Step, etc. are just point-to-point connections
  • Being able to stay in the Aether should be a rare thing - assassins, monsters, etc.

Properties of Oblivion (as a starting point for the Aether):

  • There is no natural healing.
  • There is no need for sleep.
  • Spells are not recovered.
  • Some spells (especially divine spells that require a deity to respond) are weakened.
  • Time moves at a different rate.
  • Etherealness and magic attracts creatures here.