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|data7 = [[List of Adventures Taken|The Old Kingdom Campaign]]
|data7 = [[List of Adventures Taken|The Old Kingdom Campaign]]
|label8 = Adventure #
|label8 = Adventure #
|data8 = [[List of Adventures Taken|153]]
|data8 = [[List of Adventures Taken|154]]

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Alfric's Dagger
Type Dungeon
Status Explored January 919 TA
Location Old Kingdom
Hex 2829
Campaign The Old Kingdom Campaign
Adventure # 154

As you enter the Throne Room from the Entrance Gallery, a set of finely crafted wooden doors beckon from your right. The light coming from within is dim, warm and inviting. The smell of cloves and cinnamon come from the room and you swear you can hear the faint tingle of bells.

Looking in, you see an ancient gypsy woman sitting a table with six chairs. The wood is dark and ancient - a reflection of the wrinkled fingers of a many ringed fortune teller. It is clear that the room is a library of sorts - filled with what appear at first to be military and naval texts, biographies of famous generals and admirals, and many ancient tomes whose spines are lost to the ravages of time. The leather tomes create a pleasing contrast to the sweet incense of the gypsy.

In one corner, behind the gypsy is a large wooden card catalog - or what must serve for one - dozens of small uniform drawers are labeled with scraps of paper each filled out in a neat script written in brown ink.

The other corner contains a glass case showcasing a large dagger. The dagger is held in place by several wires suspended from the top of the case. The dagger is pointed down and glints wickedly in the light which seems to emanate from the weapon itself.

Alfric's Dagger.jpg

A small placard next to the dagger reads:

Alfric's Dagger
unknown metal, c. 5th century First Age

This dagger is the infamous weapon rumored to have been used in the murders of over four hundred souls in White Cliff during the time of the Great Gypsy Exile in the First Age. The dagger is reported to have the power to create monsters from the peasant population.

From fourteen suspects (all with ties to Alfric), the Butcher of White Cliff - as the murderer was later called - was never identified. It is from these turbulent times that Alfric I was able to consolidate his power and become the first Overlord.

NOTE: If the party gets the dagger before Witenagemot, they can summon the monsters, if not I get to summon the monsters. NOTE: The dagger killed 492 peasants under the hand of Amber Davis. When someone picks it up, the dagger will bond with them and the counter will reset - (i.e., 0 EG).

Each time a clue is figured out, the ghost of a murdered victim - i.e., a small child dressed in an oversized nightshirt and carrying a teddy bear who is missing one leg looks forlornly at you. A vision suddenly becoming clear in your mind. NOTE: The party can get a clue about any PERSON or perhaps a place (if there is a place card).

Encounter 1: The First Clues

The ancient gypsy woman, Maria, smiles and bids you to sit.

  • I am weary after entertaining so many guests with false promises and visions. It is good to have guests that are interesting and interested in my real talents.
  • I see in each of you the mark of the Dagger. For a small payment of gold, I can give you each a vision - a clue, if you will, of the Butcher's identity.
  • Find and kill the Butcher and you will find the Dagger.
  • But I must warn you. If you kill the wrong soul, your quest will be lost.
  • I can help you pass over - although I sense at least one of you can make the journey alone.
  • Do not make too many ripples in the past, lest the future is changed in unpredictable ways.
  • Once you are on the other side, you can summon me once - just call my name - and, perhaps, I can provide you with an additional vision.

NOTE: Pass out the first clues - one to each. If someone asks, they can get a list of suspects. Draw seven. Choose one. Discard the rest.

Are you ready? Place your hands on the table. Close your eyes. Soon you will find yourself back in time.

It is 496 FA. The weather is cold - October. The skies are grey and overcast and a wind whips through the trees.

Encounter 2: Murder in the Square

You find yourself in a dark Square. The buildings surrounding you are stone. Most are a single story, although some are two. The Square is about 80 feet across and eight narrow streets snake away from this intersection. The ground is cobbled with large rounded river stones - wet from recent rains.

In the center of the square is a large sprawled figure of a man, a merchant by his dress. He wears an apron and lies prone on the ground. Eight large black dog-like monsters are slowly approaching the figure, sniffing the air. The creatures turn to face you as you appear nearby.

Seven will move to block while the eighth harvests the soul - Soul Harvesters. Killing the Soul Harvester will grant a vision. Getting to the body - Jacoby Huber - a bread merchant on his way to find McKayla Wynn - the Baker (suspect).

Encounter 3: The Kingson Manor

Kingson Manor - Ground
Kingson Manor - Upper
Kingson Manor - Attic

The investigations are run by General Callum Tate (suspect).

Alfric Kingson --> Overlord Alfric I of Rembia. Died in 541 FA. Currently in his mid-fifties. Son, Alfric II is just a toddler (looked over by his nanny - also a suspect).

Amber Davis is possessed by the Dagger - which she found in some caves to the south. She is crazy and won't give their location.

Alfric is okay with the killings, as they are driving the citizens to fear - which he is using to consolidate his power.

  1. The Magician (Lucas Wood) - 1
    1. Lives at a homeless shelter - or outside if the evening is nice.
    2. Totally penniless - bad gambler
    3. Madly in love with the Schoolmarm and comes to play "tricks" for little Alfric II every day
    4. Will try to steal if the opportunity arises
    5. Secretly the Valet's brother - who helps him out with tips on what to steal.
  2. The Priestess (Mya) - 2
    1. Visits each day from the Church of the Hearth - seeing the Dame
    2. Despite her stern warning, she is LG++
    3. Eventually become the month of May ???
    4. SECRET: She is the younger sister of the Dame - sent to the convent for being born out of wedlock.
  3. The Schoolmarm (Lola Harris) - 3
    1. Lives at house watching Alfric II.
    2. Lives in Room 36 with the tot.
    3. Allows the Magician to see little Alfric at lunch for "magic time". She feels pity for Lucas and steals food for him.
  4. The General (General Callum Tate) - 4
    1. Twin to Holly - the Tinkerer.
    2. Widower
    3. Is in charge of the investigation into the Butcher of White Cliff murder.
    4. Clues keep leading back to the house.
    5. He is pretty dim, so he always brings along his sister - who is the actual brains of the family.
  5. The Cook (Zachary) - 6
    1. Lives in Room 24 (SW corner of the second floor)
    2. Had an affair with the Baker, Mckayla.
    3. Exceedingly ambitious. Has poisoned The Dame's food to get her to allow him to live upstairs. Poison vials in his room.
    4. The Doctor suspects him, but can't prove things.
  6. The Archaeologist (Amber Davis) - 7
    1. The murderess of 492 souls - the Butcher of White Cliff.
    2. Driven totally mad by the dagger.
    3. She visits Max at night when he is digging sometimes. She loves him, sort of, but not as much as the dagger.
    4. Will make up a wild story of Max holding her prisoner, if cornered.
    5. The dagger is on her but undetectable unless dead.
    6. She is always on the grounds hidden - sometimes in the attic.
    7. She has an inversion mirror which she will use to try and trap the party.
  7. The Dame (Emilia Kingson) - 10
    1. Lives in Room 27 (NW corner of second floor)
    2. She believes that the terror is good - since it will allow Alfric to show his power.
    3. She has a visit each day with the Priestess (see Mya above).
    4. SECRET: She hates Mya but feels sorry for her younger sisters - puts up with her.
    5. The Doctor visits her regularly for her poor digestive health.
  8. The Tinkerer (Holly Hartman) - 11
    1. Twin to General Callum Tate
    2. She is quiet and observant. Helps her brother without overshadowing him.
    3. Lives in the Tinker shop - actually did all the work while her husband "ran the business"
    4. Widower
    5. Loves a good crime.
    6. Almost has it solved. Knows the murderer is connected to the house but has a few suspects left to eliminate.
  9. The Doctor (Luca Murray) - 12
    1. Visits the home daily to check on the Dame.
    2. Knows that she is being poisoned - suspects the cook and priestess being in on it together.
    3. Is secretly taking samples of her food to be analyzed.
  10. The Musician (James MacHenry) - 13
    1. Comes each day to give Alfric I his lessons. Always brings a bottle of wine.
    2. Is actually a disguised Elven spy that is attempting to gather intel on Alfric I's motives and intentions - as he is a rising power in the region.
    3. Will always "stop by" the kitchen to chat Zachary and Addison (maid) to get any rumors.
    4. Will be very interested in the party if they make themselves known.
  11. The Groundskeeper (Max Hammerhead) - 14
    1. Lives in the small cabin - Room 22
    2. Part dwarf
    3. Patrols the grounds with a small dragon - that he will let loose. The dragon screams which tells all not to venture outside.
    4. Is always digging holes at night - seeking treasure based on tips from Amber Davis - who he secretly loves.
    5. Has a map labeled AD which shows the location of the current treasure.
    6. AD is actually hiding bodies in the holes !!!
    7. Alfric I loves Max because he does fun stuff.
  12. The Valet (Jaden Brewer) - 15
    1. If off with Alfric I on the island.
    2. Will come back if something big happens - or at an appropriately bad time.
    3. With the family for years.
    4. He is the Magician's brother (secret) - knows about the stealing and gives him "tips" on what to steal from time-to-time.
  13. The Maid (Addison Sullivan) - 16
    1. Lives in Room 19 (first floor near the kitchen)
    2. Is very worried about missing items around the house - mostly small valuables. She has been blamed several times but always is innocent.
    3. Knows about the stolen food and is okay with it.
    4. Pretty much knows everything that is going on but has loyalty.
  14. The Baker (Mckayla Wynn) - 18
    1. Runs the Finest Flour in White Cliff
    2. Delivers all Requested Baked Goods via Jacoby Hunter (see Encounter 2) to the Manor
    3. Knows the Cook - with whom she had an affair and bitter break up. Thinks he is a louse and never goes to the house for fear of seeing him.
  15. Alfric I
    1. Lives in Room 31 - which along with 28 and 32 are locked, as the Master is away on the Holy Island on business with his Valet.