Break-in at Broken Teeth

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Break-in at Broken Teeth
Type Dungeon
Status Explored October 907 TA
Location Broken Teeth
Hex 7811
Campaign Voyage of the Wanton Wench
Adventure # 123
Map-broken teeth.jpg


Looming over the brooding sea, Broken Teeth Castle stands at the edge of an island. Its grey stone is ancient. While the keep is small. Several ramparts connect it to one of the nearby Sirencall Islands, making it impenetrable from the land.

Stormcrow has taken the following items from the Wanton Wench on June 24, 907 TA.

  • The Wanton Wench figurehead - which she thought Mastway might like to sculpt and which has some sort of life force in it - see Room 28.
  • The Log Books volumes 1-7 which are in the Minor Library - see Room 18.
  • The gold has been added to the treasure in Room 25
  • Bartlett (1st Mate), Carroll (2nd Mate), Hays (Rigger), Hickman (Rigger), West (Cabin Boy), Cookie (Cook), Horton (Night Watch), Webb (Botswain). See Room 20.

The main forces of the Fifth High Baron Mastway, Roland Carver, are housed in a military compound in the nearby village of Murkwell. The castle has the following garrison.

Roland Carver, Fifth High Baron Mastway - a thin, sickly man with stringy black hair and a most foul disposition. Mastway is an artist who is fascinated by mechanical beasts, golems and things that cannot betray him. Mastway is paranoid about traitors. He uses the statues in the docks to make sure his men are trustworthy. He loves Stormcrow. Gremlins as minions.

Stormcrow, Sorceress - a beautiful woman with blond hair and piercing blue eyes. Her countenance is haughty, her gaze piercing, but her smile is enough to melt the coldest of hearts. She sleeps with Roland when absolutely necessary. Stormcrows as minions.

  • 8 guards - always rotating, dressed in chain and undyingly loyal to Mastway. These are drawn from the officers in his army who take 1 month tours of the castle. They live in the Old Keep.
  • 8 staff - butler, lady's maid, housekeeper, maids (2), cooks (2), handyman
  • 4 gargoyles - see area 27
  • 5 ogres - see area 33

Names: Wilber Weakman (guard), Buck Fallow (guard), Roger Toll (guard), Duncan Bilton, Amos Willoby, Mitchell Hunter, Albert Macks, Talmage Sullivan, Zona Sweet (cook), Beatrice Maltby (cook), Hessie White (maid), Winona Penn (maid), Ethelyn Bent, Maybell Magrath, Nelle Lamb, Miriam Fawn

Broken Teeth Map


Broken Teeth Castle

Broken Teeth Castle - Bird's Eye View
Broken Teeth Castle - Sea Level View

Unless otherwise noted, the main castle walls, floors, and vaulted ceilings are composed of smooth stone blocks. The windows are made of leaded glass, cut into diamond shapes, with hinges and latches that allow them to open outward. The doors are made of thick oak, either arched or square, with heavy iron hinges.

The Old Keep

This area houses Baron Mastway's men-at-arms. This area also holds the remains of the stables. A crumbled, ivy-covered wall encloses a weed-choked courtyard. At its highest point, this wall is about 20 feet tall; however, sections of it have collapsed into moss-covered piles of rubble that can easily be traversed. A 10'-wide, 15'-deep moat surrounds the keep to the south, west, and east. An old drawbridge spans the moat on the keep's southeast side.

The keep's hollow, crumbling towers have become nesting places for stormcrows.

Castle Bridges

These 10'-wide bridges are made of mortared stone, complete with battlements. Old vines cling to their arched undersides.

NOTICE 20: If the PCs are quiet, they might hear the gremlins' squeaky voices coming from within these vines, for the gremlins use them to travel to and from the castle. The gremlins fear the gargoyles in area 27 and would rather travel unseen.

Guard Tower

This tower has been constructed on, and is partially carved from, an island of rock that juts up from the sea. A triangular shingled roof covers its peak. Rusted portcullises sit closed in the tower's north and south walls. All of the upper wooden floors of the tower have long since collapsed between the two portcullises.

Stormcrows hang from the rafters. Movement through the debris is reduced by half.

Level 1

Broken Teeth Castle - Level 1

Standing at the castle's main entrance is a set of ornately crafted arched double doors with two bronze door knockers shaped like dragon heads.

Flanking both sides of the door are two 5'-tall marble statues of dragons with wings outstretched.

The doors are unlocked.

Room 4: Great Hall

Beyond the doors, on either side, are two spiral pillars. Just north of these pillars, two wide steps descend into the Great Hall. The floor of this arched chamber is made of white and blue diamond-shaped tiles, now chipped and broken. Old torch sconces line the stone walls, and cobwebs hang from two sets of candle chandeliers. Light filters through leaded glass windows positioned 10 feet above the chamber's floor. A circular alcove in the east wall contains a large fireplace. Hanging above the mantel is a ceremonial longsword encrusted with gems.

Against the north wall, on a raised dais, sits a impressive throne carved from mahogany, ornately engraved. Hanging on the walls on either side of the throne are two kite shields. One bears the blue and yellow coat-of-arms of the Sea Barons. The other is of the same design, but clearly much, much older

A 20'-long oak table occupies the center of this chamber. Tall-backed chairs surround the table, and many unwashed dinner dishes along with cobwebs and scurrying rats cover the table's surface.

Against the west wall, next to an ascending staircase, is a tall, wooden grandfather clock.

Of note:

  • Gremlins often hide within the clock and play with its springs and gears.
  • The old coat of arms is the original banner from 760 TA. It is fragile from age but otherwise unremarkable.
  • A secret compartment beneath the seat contains a pair of magical spectacles that act as a Gem of Seeing.

Room 5: Torture Chamber

A 5'-wide natural causeway traverses the gap between the stone foundation of the castle and the small island of rock on which the prison tower stands. The door to the tower has long since rusted shut. Inside, the wind whistles eerily through thin arrow slits and windows.

This room is filled with ancient torture devices: a rack, an iron maiden, braziers, chains, saws, pokers, and cages. North of the door, a ladder ascends to the upper levels of the tower.

NOTE: Gremlins avoid this place. It is haunted by a poltergeist. A ghostly, skeletal figure rises up amid a whirling cyclone of tools, plates, utensils, and other loose objects.

Room 6: Kitchen

This long chamber is dominated by two large wooden tables. The walls are cluttered with shelves of pots, pans, and bowls. Light filters through leaded windows. A soot-blackened fireplace dominates the west wall. Two large ale barrels lay on their sides against the south wall.

DC 20: A secret door disguised as a set of shelves along the north wall swings open on squeaky hinges, leading into a hidden tunnel that travels the length of the castle wall.

Room 7: Storage

This dark chamber is filled with foodstuff, salted meats, bags of flour and salt, and other staples to run the household. These are on neatly arranged shelves.

There is a trapdoor in the floor of the southeast corner of this room.

The trapdoor is locked with a strange grid of symbols.


If the party fails, both Mastway and Stormcrow will be alerted. Either can unlock the trap door from anywhere in the castle. The butler also knows the pattern.

Room 8: Servants' Quarters

Leaded windows are in both the north and south walls. Four beds with straw-stuffed mattresses rest against the north and south walls, and a fireplace is in the east wall. The area is tiny but well kept.

May hear the sounds of a woman crying (see Room 9).

Room 9: Privy and Bathing Room

This area serves as a bathroom for the servants. An old wooden basin sits against the south wall, and a curtained alcove in the northern section of the room contains a privy.

The wind blowing through one of the broken windows sounds oddly like a woman crying.

Room 10: Garden

DM's Note: Unexplored

Room 11: Abandoned Chapel

DM's Note: Unexplored

Level 2

Broken Teeth Castle - Level 2

Room 12: Hall

Tall, leaded glass windows in the southern wall allow light to filter in. A stone staircase with a wooden railing leads down (to area 4). Two dark wooden benches rest against the north wall; both are flanked by suits of full plate mail. The floor of the hall is covered by a tan-colored carpet with a black dragon pattern on it.

Room 13: Porch

This large, open porch is surrounded by battlements . The area affords a breathtaking view of the sea below.

At the western end of the porch stands a 15'-tall, brown clay statue of Baron Mastway in full plate mail.

Encased within the clay is a giant skeleton enchanted by magic. Mastway does not activate this monstrosity unless he thinks that he can surprise the party with it. He may wait until the PCs re-enter the castle before he sends the giant skeleton after them. When the skeleton is activated most of the clay, covering it cracks and crumbles away.

Room 14: Bed Chamber

The door to this chamber is locked. This is Mastway's bedroom. It has leaded glass windows in the west and north walls. A large white bearskin rug covers the center of the floor. A fireplace stands against the western wall. An old canopied bed stands in the northeastern corner next to a small, dark, wooden nightstand. A bronze dragon­shaped candle holder, its candle melted, rests on the-nightstand next to a book of poetry and, a pair of spectacles. A large, ornately crafted wardrobe stands against the south wall next to a standing, oval-shaped mirror.

The first of the drawers in the nightstand contains a silver, gem-encrusted comb and brush worth 100 gp each and a silver, hand­held mirror worth 50 gp. The second drawer contains an engraved wooden box holding 53 sheets of delicate parchment, four slightly used quills, and seven vials of black ink. A second, smaller box contains fine-grained sand, used to dry ink.

Hanging within are numerous robes, cloaks, chemises, jerkins, and doublets of various sizes, colors, and fashions.

This wardrobe is actually a magical tool. Upon opening the wardrobe's double doors, the PCs feel a chill draft blowing from within. When the hanging clothing is taken out, the only thing visible is the wooden back of the wardrobe. However, if the PCs squeeze in between the clothing, they find themselves somewhere along the along the rocky coast of the island. The outline of the castle is 1/2 mile away. However, the teleport is one-way only.

This is an escape route.

Room 15: Bathing Chamber

A colorful tapestry depicting two navies engaged in battle hangs in the doorway of this small room. A bath and a privy take up the northern portion of the room, next to a tall, arched, leaded glass window. The floor and ceiling are made of green and black tiles. The plaster-covered walls have been painted with seascape scenes. Against the east wall is a set of empty shelves.

The secret door that these shelves conceal opens outward on squeaky hinges, exposing the secret chamber (area 16 below).

Room 16: Secret Room

Against the eastern wall stands a tall wooden bookcase. The bookcase contains a large collection of antique story books, fairy tales, and poetry. A stone staircase spirals upward to the castle's third level. A tall, dusty, leaded window in the north wall at the foot of the stairs allows diffused light to filter in. All the walls here are covered with frescos depicting the sea.

NOTE: When the castle was first constructed, this chamber was easily accessible from the rest of the keep. Eric later decided to change the room's two entrances into secret doors to deter any intruders from finding his studio and workshop in the levels above.

  • This bookcase is actually a secret door that opens into area 17.
  • Another secret door disguised as part of the stone wall opens into area 15.
  • Both of the secret doors in this room open easily when pushed.

Four of shadows are hiding in the dark recesses of this room.

Room 17: The Second Magic Wardrobe

A tall, ornately crafted wooden wardrobe stands against the west wall of this small room. A tall, arched, leaded glass window dominates the room's north wall.

Like the first wardrobe, this one is also magical. It works with a third magical wardrobe in area 29. Mastway uses these wardrobes as escape routes should the need arise. If the PCs pass between the cloaks and robes stored in this wardrobe, they are teleported to the wardrobe in area 29 and vice versa.

A secret door in the west wall beside the wardrobe opens into area 16 when a loose stone in the wall behind the wardrobe is pushed.

Room 18: Minor Library

This room is a mess. Shelves cluttered with moldy scrolls and books line the walls. Two large oak tables dominate the room, also cluttered with sheets of parchment, scrolls, and books. Paintings of Sea Barons hang crookedly on the walls.

The majority of these pertain to the Sea Barons history, local flora and fauna, as well as geographical characteristics of the Sirencall Islands. A window in the northeastern wall is shattered, and the floor next to it is covered with water. Many of the books and scrolls around this broken window are severely water damaged.

Behind the painting of the First Baron is Sea Barons Treaty dated 768 TA.

The treaty is protected with a preserve spell and has been hidden for centuries. The log books from the Wanton Wench - Volumes 1-7 are here. They are guarded by a demon put into their pages by Stormcrow.

Seven puzzles to trick the demon and gain control of the books:

  1. Volume 1 - I am a man. If the son of this other man is the father of my son, what is the bond of kinship between this man and myself?"
  2. Volume 2 - Complete this series: E O E R E X
  3. Volume 3 - Two fathers accompanied by their respective sons go fishing. Each person catches a fish. Yet only three fish are caught. Why?
  4. Volume 4 - I am four times as old as you were when I was the same age as you are now. I am forty years old, how old are you?
  5. Volume 5 - Lady Bertha is twenty-one years older than her son. In six years, he will be one-fifth of his mother's age. Where is the father?
  6. Volume 6 - A water lily doubling its surface area every year covers an entire pond at the end of ten years. If there had been two water lilies with the same properties, how much time would it have take to cover the pond entirely?
  7. Volume 7 - An alchemist must let a potion settle for exactly 45 minutes, but he has no device for measure time. On the other hand he does have a torch and two fuses, which he knows burn in 1 hour, but in an irregular fashion (half of a fuse will not be consumed in 30 minutes. How can the alchemist measure exactly 45 minutes?


  1. 1 - He is my father. (The father of my son is me.)
  2. 2 - N, T. Last letter of one, two, three...
  3. 3 - Grandfather, father, son.
  4. 4 - The pupil is 25 years old.
  5. 5 - On top of Lady Bertha. X = -9 months.
  6. 6 - Nine years. It would have covered 1/2 the pond in 9 years. So, the other would have covered the other half.
  7. 7 - Light both ends of one (30 minutes to consume) and one end of the other. When the first is burnt, light the second end (15 minutes to consume).

Room 19: Workshop

This chamber is semi-circular. Three dusty windows are positioned high in the south wall. The glass in the center window has been shattered and the edges of the window are blackened, as if something blasted its way from the castle's interior, through the casement, to the outside. Water covers the sill and floor beneath the broken window.

In the east wall, a door with squeaky hinges opens to a bridge that spans the area between this tower and one of the castle's other towers.

A bronze incense burner in the shape of a dragon sits on a stool next to the north door. A table stands against the west wall, covered with tubes, beakers, vials, mortars with pestles, jars, boxes of sand, and loose sheets of parchment depicting mathematical equations. The papers rustle in the chill breeze blowing through the broken window in the south wall. A 6'-tall alabaster statue of a beautiful woman with long hair stands next to the table. Sitting on the floor next to the statue is a decanter with a brass stopper shaped like a nixie.

Decanter of Endless Water

Shelves against the east wall next to the door contain jars, vials, boxes and bags of spell components. Amid these items is a bone scroll tube with an quasit­shaped plug made of platinum (worth 50 gp).

Removing its plug triggers a fire trap spell that detonates for 1d4+18 points of damage. Within the scroll tube is a magical scroll with the spell and freedom (the reverse of imprisonment). The scroll is not damaged by the fire trap spell.

Scroll of Freedom

Room 20: Prison Cells

This portion of the tower has been sectioned off into three small, separate cells and an entrance annex. Each cell has a small 2'-tall, 10"­ wide barred window, a 2'-square grate­ covered sewage drain, and a set of rusty shackles riveted into the stone walls. Each cell door is made of heavy oak with iron trimmings and has a lock in poor condition (+10% to Open Locks rolls). Iron rungs imbedded in the stone wall of the entrance annex allow access to the tower's upper and lower levels.

Bartlett (1st Mate), Carroll (2nd Mate), Hays (Rigger), Hickman (Rigger), West (Cabin Boy), Cookie (Cook), Horton (Night Watch), Webb (Botswain).

Room 21: Walkway

A 5'-wide walkway runs along the top of the garden wall, behind the tall stone battlements.

Behind a loose stone in the battlements is a 1'-square compartment. Within this compartment is a skeleton-shaped key on a leather thong. This key opens any door within the castle and its surrounding towers. Near the secret compartment is a door that opens onto a landing on the spiral staircase in area 11.

Level 3

Broken Teeth Castle - Level 3

Room 22: Bridge

The door at the north end of this bridge opens onto a landing on the spiral staircase in area 11. The south door leads to area 23.

Room 23: Hall

This hall is lit by a window in the southwest wall. An archway in the northwest wall leads to a stone spiral staircase going up and down. Partway up, this spiral staircase is blocked with a magical wall of stone, preventing passage between this level and the above floors. Unless the PCs are able to break through the wall, they must access the level above either by using the magic wardrobe in area 17 or by scaling the castle's outer walls.

Against the east wall, across from the staircase, stands a set of full plate mail . The doorway in the east wall (see area 24 for details) has been bricked up.

The plate mail is actually a mechanical device invented by Eric (for his own amusement) to be used by his gremlin servants. This half-magical, half-techno­ logical device requires four gremlin drivers to operate it. When fully manned, the suit can walk and attack almost as effectively as a real man. The "tank" always attacks last every combat round. Since the tank's four gremlin drivers are completely enclosed within a metal shell, spells such as heat metal inflict an additional 1-4 points of damage to the gremlin. Once the tank loses all of its hit points, it falls over and the gremlin within scurry away if they can.

Room 24: Sorceress' Bedroom

A canopied bed stands against the south wall, and a bearskin rug covers part of the stone floor. A large painting of a sad­looking woman in courtly garb flanks the bed on the east side, and an equally large painting of a man with his face scratched out hangs on the west side. Behind a deep blue curtain in the north wall is a 10'-square room containing a large porcelain bathtub and a privy.

The gremlins do not enter this room because they fear Stormcrow. There will always be a raven familiar here.

The paintings are the Second Baron and his wife - who scratched his eyes out.

Room 25: Secret Room

The secret door to this room opens when a latch hidden behind a nearby still-life painting is pulled. A ladder against the north wall leads up to area 28.

Piled against the west wall is the following treasure: a painting of a woman playing a lute, done by the famous artist Gerald Morbius, worth 600 gp; a small, unlocked chest containing 6,000 gp; and a leather purse containing two potions of extra-healing and a scroll of protection against demons

Room 26: Forgotten Antiques

This chamber is crammed with old furniture, paintings, pieces of armor, and kite shields. Cobwebs are draped over everything. In the shadows stands a cobweb­covered bronze statue, 6' tall, of a man in ancient armor holding a spear. This is actually the sorceress' phylactery. If her body is destroyed, her life force retreats into this hollow statue.

Level 4

Room 27: Tower Peak

This open area over­ looks the garden as well as the sea. A trapdoor opens to a ladder leading down. Four gargoyles are perched on the battlements, facing north, south, east and west.

They appear to be normal statues, but when night falls, they fly from their perches in search of prey. Though these gargoyles have no love for Mastway, they fear him and attack the PCs when so commanded . The gremlins fear these gargoyles and do not approach their perch.

Room 28: The Studio

This large, vaulted hall has leaded glass windows on all sides. Thick red curtains block out most of the light.

In the northeast comer stands an easel on which sits a dark landscape. On a stool next to the easel is a paint box containing brushes, charcoal, and small glass jars of various colored oil paints. On the floor next to the stool are a palette, rolled-up sheets of unstretched canvas, and a sketch book containing dark and macabre sketches. A wooden chest containing eight blocks of moist clay wrapped in waxed paper sits against the wall, behind the easel.

A large chest sits against the north wall. Nearby rests a pedal-operated pottery wheel on which sits a vase. On a small table next to the pottery wheel is a sculpture of a man crucified on a wicked-looking tree. Leaning against the wall nearby is a collection of old paintings.

In the center of the room are two large wooden tables covered with beakers, tubes, jars, and two small oil-fueled burners.

Low bookcases filled with books about chemistry, astrology, astronomy, botany, and history line the east wall. Between these bookcases is a door leading to a semi-circular room containing a blackened fireplace flanked by a pair of tall, slender windows looking out over the river.

Mastway uses the northern part of this room to paint and sculpt. Stormcrow uses the center tables for experiments.

NOTE: This large chest is actually a secret trapdoor. When opened, the PCs find a ladder descending to area 25. How the sorceress gets in.

The western portion of the room contains a secret room (area 29). The illusionary walls hiding the secret room appear to be fitted with tall bookcases, stuffed with ancient, moldering tomes. If a PC removes one of these illusory books from the illusory bookcases and flips through it, he or she has the vague perception that the book in question is boring and contains nothing of interest.

In the south section of the room, a wrought-iron spiral staircase ascends to the next level. Hanging by wires from the ceiling, near the staircase, is a skeleton with each bone labeled in red ink.

Room 29: Secret Room

A 10'-square area of the western portion of area 28 has been sectioned off by three illusionary walls (indicated with dotted lines on the map). This area contains a magic wardrobe that works in conjunction with the wardrobe in area 17 and can be used to teleport between these two areas. How Mastway gets in.

Sitting on a wrought-iron stand next to the wardrobe is the Sorceress' crystal ball.

A shelf against the west wall holds a collection of old junk: dolls, books on various cults, some bone necklaces, knives, blank books, sheet music, a lute, a box of harp strings, and a flute. An old jester's suit with bells lies on the floor next to the wardrobe and the crystal ball' s stand.

An apparently blank book sits on the jester suit's lap. This is actually the sorceress' most valuable spellbook. All the spells written in this book are invisible. A gem of seeing, true seeing spell, or similar magic is required to read the book.

The book contains the following spells: chain lightning, conjure animals, control weather, death fog, death spell, disintegrate, globe of invulnerability, mass suggestion, permanent illusion, programmed illusion, project image, reincarnation, shades, stone to flesh, true seeing; banishment, delayed blast fireball, duo-dimension, finger of death, mass invisibility, monster summoning V, phase door, shadow walk, statue, teleport without error, vanish; incendiary cloud, mass charm, maze, trap the soul; energy drain, gate, imprisonment, meteor swarm, power word kill, shape change.

A secret niche behind one of the shelves contains a small chest with a poison needle trap. The chest contains 12,000 gp, a deck of many things. While inside the niche, these items are invisible. They become visible when they are removed. If returned to the niche, the items become invisible again.

Deck of Many Things

Level 5

Room 30: Observatory

This is the highest room in the castle. It is a circular chamber with a high ceiling and windows on all sides. A door in the east wall leads to a bridge and the prison tower. In the south section of the room is a wrought-iron spiral staircase leading down. In the center of the room is a large, circular brown carpet embroidered with snakes biting their own tails.

In front of one of the eastern windows is a telescope (spyglass).

A 2'-long silver scroll case worth 100 gp contains two artistically drawn celestial maps. Next to the telescope is a large, gilded harp (worth 250 gp).

Lower Level

Broken Teeth Castle - Lower Levels

Unless otherwise noted, the walls, floors, and ceilings of the lower level have been smoothly carved from the rock on which the castle stands. All doors are 7 feet tall, 3 feet wide, and made of thick oak with iron hinges. Unless otherwise noted, windows are 2 feet wide, 3 feet tall, and stuffed full of bones and skulls mixed with mortar to keep out the light of day.

Room 31: Wine Cellar

This long, narrow room is cold and dark. A squeaky, wrought­ iron gate stands ajar in the middle of the south wall. Against the west wall are two large wine racks. Each is filled with wine bottle from around the Inner Sea. A wooden ladder against the east wall, ends before a trapdoor in the ceiling.

The trapdoor leads to area 7. NOTE: The trapdoor has been wizard locked by Mastway.

In the floor in front of the northern secret door is a keyhole. The skeleton key from area 21 opens the secret door.

Room 32: Forgotten Room

This chamber is the secret treasure chamber of the Fourth Baron.

A short, wide window of leaded glass is positioned high in the northern wall, at ground level with the garden outside. From the garden, this window is hidden from view behind a tangle of bushes.

Piled against the west wall is the following treasure: three large, unlocked chests containing 1,200 gp each; a 5'-tall marble statue of a nude female, crafted by a famous artist and worth 1,000 gp; and a finely crafted wooden chess set worth 500 gp. The chess set rests atop a finely wrought mahogany table carved in the shape of two grasping claws. Adorning one of the table's "talons" is a ring of spider climbing that allows its wearer to duplicate the effects of a spider climb spell thrice per day.

Ring of Spider Climbing

Room 33a: Ogre's Lair

This room smells of rotting meat and offal. The southeastern portion of the room contains five sleeping pallets - piles of furs and straw. A massive table and five chairs are in the center of the area and a low fire burns in the south.

The ogres are normally encountered here. If and when the Mastway or Stormcrow desires to set these creatures upon the PCs, he can unlock the trapdoor in area 31 (which has been wizard locked) at any time, from anywhere in the castle.

33b: Smelly Room

The lock on the door to this room has rusted away. Three windows along the east wall allow the cold and dampness to enter. Water has accumulated on the floor near the windows.

The stench in this chamber is nearly unbearable. The rotten carcasses of deer and sheep are strewn about with a few human bones.

Room 34: Guard Room

Sitting in niches in the walls, are busts of former Barons and their family members. A secret passage in the west wall opens when the head of the First Baron's bust is twisted to the right.

There will always be a guard or two here sitting at a small table sharpening weapons or drinking.

Room 35: Stairway and Passage

A steep staircase leads down into darkness. The sound of the sea is extremely loud here, as if waves are crashing on the walls. A pair of tall, narrow windows in the western wall are carved into the cliff just at the water's level.

The passageway is long and it leads north to area 36.

The Underground Docks

Broken Teeth Castle - Lower Levels

Room 36: First Baron's Tomb Entrance

At the end of the hail is a square chamber with a 13'­ tall set of arched double doors. Carved into the keystone of this arch is the face of a beautiful woman. Pillars carved to resemble knights in full field plate flank the doors. The doors stand slightly ajar.

Room 37: Sentinels' Hall

This tiled hallway slants upward from area 36. The tiles on the floor are shaped like interconnecting black and white dragons. Cobweb-covered statues of knights in full plate mail stand in niches along the east .and west walls.

The suits of armor seem ominous but pose no threat.

Room 38: Tomb

This vaulted chamber contains two stone sarcophagi. The lid of the northernmost sarcophagus is made of white marble and carved in the likeness of a woman wearing a long dress. The southernmost sarcophagus has the marble likeness of a man carved into the lid. Four bronze braziers sit in each of the chamber's corners, their coals long since burned out.

Removing the lid of either sarcophagus requires a single character's Strength of 19 or a combined Strength of 45. Anyone removing a sarcophagus lid must make a saving throw vs. spell or suffer a -1 penalty to future saving throws until a remove curse spell is cast.

The corpse inside the stone coffin is that of the First Baron's wife. It wears a long white dress, and a veil covers its face. A pearl necklace worth 500 gp is strung around its neck.

The other coffin is empty.

The secret door in the east wall opens when a loose, dragon-shaped tile in the floor is stepped upon.

Room 39: Dark Passage

This 5'-wide passage is dank. It twists down from the secret door (in area 38), eventually reaching area 40. The tiles on the floor are shaped like inter­connecting devils and demons. Niches along both walls contain large clay urns, sealed shut with wax.

Room 40: Blade Trap

A pillar carved into the likeness of a horned man with bat wings stands in the center of the hall. Its arms form the arches above each of the door­ ways flanking the pillar.

If anyone but the Baron's men walks around this pillar, blades eject from the walls, inflicting 2d12 points of damage.

Type mechanical; Perception DC 15; Disable Device DC 18; Trigger proximity (by operator); Reset manual (full-round action); Effect (6) blades; Atk +15 melee (2d6+1/x3 slashing); blade passes through the area once per round until it hits something, at which point it stops moving and needs to be reset; resetting the trap affects all pendulum blades.

Room 41: Traitor's Gate

During the day, light streams into this vaulted chamber through the sea exit to the west.

In the east, a 13'-tall alabaster statue of a young man in shackles stands on the platform facing the docks.

The statue radiates intense magic (divination). It is said to judge those who speak the truth. It is also extremely fragile. If the PCs knock over the statue, thousands of hairline cracks cover it entirely. Black blood seeps from these cracks and then, slowly, the statue crumbles to dust.

Bronze censers on tripods flank the statue on both sides (indicated by the small circles on the map), their coals magically enchanted to burn sweet incense constantly. Anyone who stands within 10 feet of these censers must make a saving throw vs. spell or suffer the effects of the 4th-level wizard spell confusion. The confusion lasts for 20 rounds. PCs who are unaffected must continue making saving throws every round they spend within 10 feet of the incense burners.

Near the chamber's walls, ornately carved pillars twist into the darkness.

A secret door in one of these pillars conceals a stone spiral staircase. This staircase climbs to a tunnel that runs east to another staircase that climbs to a secret door in the side of a tree above ground, atop the cliffs on the seashore.

Two guards will almost always be here.