Church of the Hearth

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Church of the Hearth
Deity Geb, God of the Earth
Domains Animal, Community, Good, Law, Plant
Races Any (Humans)
Classes Any (Clerics)
Alignments Lawful Good
Holy Days Traditional
Place of Worship Family Hearth
Holy Symbol Silver Key
High Priest Rammus Kindheart
Major Temple The Open Cathedral (Teufeldorf)

The Church of the Hearth is the largest clerical organization in the Reaches with a focus on farming, hunting, harvest and the family. An overwhelming number of peasants and townsfolk have a small token of Geb, the God of the Earth, on their mantle. The most common token is a silver key - which are given to families by the Priests of Geb as a charm when visiting a homestead. In dire times, priests encourage families to see tokens for food, replacing them on their next visit. Geb is thought to bring bounty in farming, hunting and the harvest to the table; and happiness and the birth of many children to the family.

Priests of Geb can be found throughout the Reaches, providing shelter in their chapels and food to those who are down on their luck. The Church of the Hearth never gets involved in politics or other civil matters, but their priests have been known to take up arms against oppressors and monsters who threaten the land and its peoples. Chapels are typically small wooden shelters, although a great stone cathedral in Teufeldorf - called the Open Cathedral - is a focal point of the church's hierarchy in the Reaches. Priests of Geb typically wear plain brown or grey robes with a large silver key hanging from their belt or around their neck. These keys are used in a simple ceremony that creates tokens for their followers throughout the Reaches.

Clerics of the Hearth enjoy a welcoming hospitality in most homes throughout the Reaches. Those interested in joining the Church of the Hearth as a priest should see Rammus Kindheart in Teufeldorf.

The Church of the Hearth created the current calendar used throughout the Realm.