Clan Axeworthy

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Clan Axeworthy
Founded early TA
Size Major Kingdom
Ruler Dugald

An unusual clan which allows non-clan dwarves among its ranks, the Axeworthy dwarves are warriors par excellence. Fielding the largest Dwarven army known, the Axeworthy dwarves will take in any Dwarf if they possess a skill they need. They will hire themselves out to those willing to pay, as long as they need never face a Dwarven enemy. In recent times, Dugald Axeworthy, the clan leader, has led the Army of the Reaches in its efforts in the Hastur Rebellions. His success has brought much fame and fortune to the clan. Clan Axeworthy controls three mountainholds in the central Shadowyarn Mountains just north of the River White.

Nearby Places of Interest

Evershroud Valley

Even the bravest of orcs shun this high meadow valley south of the Pass of Lar in the Shadowyarn Mountains. A barrier of wooden stakes, each with the skull of an orc, human or dwarf runs for several score of miles barring narrow entrance to this mystic land. The valley is always filled with a dank fog. It is said that the fog is the breath of the dead which will suffocate the living if it doesn't drive them insane. Several Black Heart warbands have ventured into the valley seeking riches. None have returned.