Clan of the Orc Nation (Middlefield)

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Breakpoint of 5      895 

Forces of Evil (v.3)
Undead never move on initiative.
Undead ignore the -1 command modifier for enemy within 20cm.
Undead ignore the -1 combat modifier for fighting terrifying troops.
Undead are unaffected by confusion.

1 - 1. Foot of Gork, 6+, 50cm. Target unit is attacked by 6 attacks. No drive back.
2. Gotcha, 5+, 30cm. 3 attacks against each unit, friend or foe, on a 30cm long line.
3. GEROFF!, 5+, 60cm. Unengaged unit driven back 5d6cm towards it's own table edge. No rout possible. Units that cannot be driven back are unaffected.
4. Waaagh, 4+, 30cm. Each stand in the target unit adds +1 attack in the following Combat Phase.

2 - Range 15cm.

3 - Flyers.

4 - Causes terror. Can only be brigaded with other giants. Can be badly hurt. If a giant fails a command check, roll a d6:
1. Does nothing.
2. Moves directly to nearest table edge. Attacks friend or foe he runs into.
3. Throws a rock at the closest unit, friend or foe. 3 attacks.
4. Moves straight ahead attacking enemies and passing through friends. A unit passed through is automatically confused.
5. Moves towards the nearest enemy unit to attack, passing through friends as in 4.
6. Moves towards nearest enemy unit with twice it's speed and doubling it's attack in the first round.