Conquering of the Tree Fortress of Ironwood

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Conquering Of The Tree Fortress Of Ironwood
Type Dungeon
Status Explored March 827 TA
Location Western Reaches
Hex 2013
Campaign Third Age of Man (early)
Adventure # 20


In early March 827 TA, Falstaff, U-Gene, and Blackfoot are approached in Teufeldorf by Eregothin Lightningsword of the Elves. He relates the following tale:

The elves of the Misty Woods have lived their lives quietly and had little contact with the outside world. However, three weeks ago, a band of night-dwelling humanoids with long talons and fangs raided the elven village of Veilflower and made off with the Scepter of Veilflower. Its power has been turned against the elvish people. All the elves who have tried to combat these evil foes have died a gruesome death. It is because of this crown that I wear that I am immune to the magic of the scepter. I seek non-elvish companions to aid me in this quest. We know that these beings are ruled by the Thing-Of-Many-Eyes, and they live in the dead tree fortress known as Ironwood. Our elders are sick and may die soon without the scepter. We must aid him.

Adventure to Recover The Scepter Of Veilflower


The three members of the party agreed to accompany Eregothin to the tree fortress of Ironwood to recover the scepter which rightfully belonged with the Elves of Veilflower (also known as Vale Flower). Eregothin gave them silver weapons, and they set out.

Soon they reached the fortress, which was in a huge old tree. They spied a ground level entrance, some openings midway up, and a larger hole near the top. Falstaff, assuming the form of a small bird for the first of many spying missions, inspected all the entrances. At the ground level, he found hell hounds and wights. Further up there appeared to be living quarters and above that a prison block. Finally, the top level seemed to be a stable for peryton. The companions decided that the top entrance would provide the greatest surprise element, and they entered by means of a fly spell cast by Eregothin and a rope.

The group had to fight several peryton and some wights, but they were successful. They found stairs down and a trap door in the floor. While one guarded the stairs, the rest opened the trap door and found themselves staring at the top of Direnthell, the Eye Tyrant. The ensuing battle was fought long and hard, but all survived, and the floating beholder was slain, along with more of his wight minions. The rewards were great. Eregothin reclaimed the scepter of his people, and Falstaff found the Elfstones.