Diary of Captain Nomed Oppenheimer - Entry Number 17

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Holiday, November 15th, 907 TA

Out of the frying pan and into the fire should be our rallying cry. Destroy an ancient lich, kill a few of the overlord’s men, and how do people thank us? By trying to kidnap our slightly psychotic cleric Some people need to be taught lessons repeatedly.

When we freed Tabitha from the shackles underneath the chapel, she immediately came after us. We tried to reason with her, saying we were on the same side, and she responded by walking past us and attempted to trap us in the chamber using a circle of death. We couldn’t allow that, could we? So when she had her back turned to us attempting to cast her spell, we all attacked the lich, with the ettin picking her up and crushing her while everyone else hit her with whatever we had left in our reserves. She rightly panicked, and she tried to teleport herself away, which just resulted in her transporting upstairs with the ettin in tow.

We quickly chased after her, following the sounds of battle, and arrived at the room where the ghost of the little boy had been. She had finished off the ettin and was frantically searching for what we could only figure was the little key that we had acquired from the boy. We gloated by telling her we had it, and she responded by asking us to parlay. She brought us into the main chamber of the church, and tried to bargain with us for the key, and while we listened, we took up positions around her. When I gave the word, we began the final assault, and we combined our attacks to fell Tabitha, ending her when I placed one of my bombs into one of her grievous wounds. As she fell she released her grasp on a sapphire that we determined was the one we were looking for to restore the mirror to its full potential.

It was here that Finn joined us, as he had followed us from Haggelthorn, apparently feeling better after his “incident”. He had looked through the last remaining room on the outside of the church and had found a lantern that emanated an immense light, and a staff apparently meant for a druid. Using the lantern, we were able to complete the cleansing ritual of the church, and the light grew bright enough that it drove the zombies, who were perilously close to us, away. We used the protection of the light to rest, as the battle had taken its toll on us. When we awoke, we made sure to destroy the key that Tabitha had wanted as we decided that was her phylactery. With that gone, we made our way to the mill across town to where we had seen the wolf enter and were greeted with the head of a clan of werewolves. The werewolves were runaways from the Wolfshaunt, and they were just trying to make a home here in the zombie-infested town, so we decided to leave them alone.

We made our way back to Haggelthorn, and let Elias know what we accomplished there. For that information he told us that there was a ship full of giants heading towards Dragonsford, and that the Overlord’s troops who were sent to find us were on their way to Haggelthorn and we had time to intercept them. We went to the Western outskirts of the town and set up shop, and soon after were met with three of the Overlord’s men. The battle was quick and we kept one of the soldiers alive for questioning. After some light torture he told us that there were two other groups searching for us in different directions, and that the Overlord was very keen on finding us. We thanked him for the info, killed him, and made our way to the ship to set sail. We decided to head towards Dragonsford, as Chironomous was eager to proselytize some more where he hoped he could be more effective. During our journey to Dragonsford, we fixed the mirror and decided to test it out. We discovered that at full strength, the mirror could fully restore a body and not just copy it. That made it more useful and intriguing to use, if still not entirely safe.

We arrived in Dragonsford on the 15th, just in time for the tide for Chironomous’s sermon. The followers of the Gyre had been told ahead of time for our arrival and had prepared a stage for our priest. Chironomous stepped onto the stage and began his speech, and it was a grand speech as well, until the floor of the stage opened up and showed a chute down into the caverns below. Chironomous managed to hold onto the side, despite attempts by some of his “loyal” followers who looked like they had been mind controlled. Wrane pulled Chironomous out of the trap, put a hurt on the controlled followers, and now we have the entire town of Dragonsford on high alert. So much for some r&r after the Dreadsfield trouble.