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Founded c. 720 TA
Size Village
Ruler Unknown

The village of Drodden has existed for decades high in the orc-infested plains. Located at the confluence of the The Cold Run and The Torrent, the village is protected only by its reputation as a leper colony. The human folk of Drodden farm the plains around their village unmolested by the orcs. Rumors persist of an evil presence in the village, an ancient sorcerer who draws power from the lepers to cast his foul spells. These rumors are, of course, unsubstantiated.

Nearby Places of Interest

The Torrent

Deep within the mountains of the Frostbeards, a great glacier gives rise to the Torrent, a raging river that rushes down onto the Barrens. There is supposedly a small and beautiful valley at the foot of the glacier. Ruled by a powerful wizard, and protected from all invasions by magic and might, this tiny realm is said to have buildings roofed in copper and silver, gold used as lead is elsewhere, and jewels lying about on the ground.