Eventide and the Dark Tower

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Eventide and the Dark Tower
Type Dungeon
Status Explored October 889 TA
Location Tegel Village
Hex 7208
Campaign Return to Tegel Manor
Adventure # 106

Eventide Environs

Queen Phoebe's Glade

As you approach the clearing, the grass begins to darken noticeably as if covered by ash, and there is an unusually large amount of dark grey moss hanging from the trees. The plants look sickly, and the normal sounds of the forest animals quickly fade. After awhile, you walk in silence, your boots squishing into the blackened mud. There is an unhealthy smell to the still air, and the hairs raise on the back your neck.

The clearing is small by human standards, dominated in the center by a flat-topped hillock on which a few oaks and maples grow. You could almost imagine it, dappled in sunlight, if it were for the black tinge to the grass and dark, straggly runners covering the trees. Surrounding the hill are 8 large trees, although one seems to have been burnt and is dead. On top of the hillock is a large mound, near where Queen Phoebe’s throne sat. Around this are a number of smaller mounds of blackened ash.

Small tunnels, now dripping with a black goo, are visible around the hill.

The party can “dig” out the queen, through the layers of blackness.

The necklace was given to the queen by the brownie, Blackfingers. His fingers are black fron digging in the earth.”

Blackfinger’s Home

Several holes have been dug into the bank of the creek here amongst the roots of several massive willow trees. The willows are now quite covered with black ivy and sway gently. The river here is quite foul. Large unidentified lumps float past and the entire stream seems to be filled with an oily liquid. At the mouths of the holes are a small pile of fish bones.

This cave is actually a circular passageway that run around the trunk of a tree. Several “rooms” have been dug out, expanding the tunnel to an area several feet is width. The ground is covered with rushes, now blackened. In the back room, there is what appears at first to be a black obsidian brownie. He is surrounded by piles of stones, also covered in black. His face is twisted in pain, his eyes wide open. In his hands he clutches a number of gold coins.

Each coin is crudely etched with the coils of a striking serpent.

The rocks are all sorts of stones: river rocks, some crystals, all very shiny when cleaned up. These were his treasures.

The Fork in the River

In the Darnby Creek, near the fork in the river, the water is clear. However, just north of the fork, where the river runs near the town of Eventide, it suddenly becomes black. A nearby pool seems to be fed from an underground spring. The pool bubbles like a black cess pit and smells strongly of sulfur.

The ceiling of this room is formed from the roots of an ancient tree, gnarled pillars forming a roughly circular chamber. From the roots hang sheets of a black, spongy moss. They sway, unnaturally at there is no breeze in this place. In the center of the room lies the figure of Phoebe covered in the black goo. Phoebe is cradled in a coiled nest of what appears at first to be black snakes, although upon closer examination, they are actually crystalline. Around her, are similar piles, apparently the fairies of the court. They appear unguarded.

When the room is entered, eight crystalline heads pop up watching. You see a slight fluttering of gossamer wings.

We have been betrayed by Blackfingers the Brownie who gave me this necklace, saying he made it from stones that he found in the river. Although I knew his deception, I thought it to be a harmless means to win my favor, so I played along. Only too late did I realize its power. Thistledown, I grant to you the power of the Protector of the Eldritch Woods. Find Blackfingers and hear his story.” You feel a slight tingling as Queen Phoebe collapses and falls fast asleep. Suddenly, a small grig harp appears in your hands.

Druid of the Silver Glade and the Faeirie Queen were in league to stop the advance of the Dreck that had been creeping into the forest.

  • Wind – down wind from Eventide.
  • Water – down stream from Eventide.
  • Druid – Valindal Silverleaf




Legend holds that an ancient sanctuary of law and order stood on the spot now besmirched by Eventide Village. Founded in 580, shortly after the arrivals of the Rumps and the discovery of mithral in the Mines, tales are told of a holy man who was sought there for his healing and blessing skills. Near the end of his mortal years, the old man took up a holy crusade against a small cult of snake-worshippers that had sprung up a hundred miles south along the coast. The old man was successful in destroying the snake demon’s mortal form, although he was mortally wounded in doing so. After that, pilgrims started coming to the village seeking blessings. The old man’s former assistants began to call on their mentor’s name, finding power in it. Soon, the first temple to Aldis was founded. The followers spread throughout the Realm, although the founding place was not forgotten. Devotees erected a tall, ornate white tower over the place where the crumbling first temple stood. Temple rites were conducted by a high priest and his entourage of patriarchs.

Rumor holds that the snake demon returned. On an overcast night two hundred years ago, a mighty tower of black stone appeared mysteriously out of nowhere, crushing in its wake fully half of the village. That night, those villagers who could not reach the comparative safety of Aldis’ tower were destroyed in the carnage that ravaged the town. Very few survived to tell the tale of what happened. The high priest was murdered as he prayed and all but a few of his attendants slain. The creatures of good helped the living survive. The final events came quickly as the earth itself reacted to the disturbing power of magic that roiled the ground. The earth opened up and swallowed both of the towers completely.

The mystery of the destruction of the shrine was never solved. The followers of Aldis, though dumbstruck, quietly moved the spiritual heart of the religion to the site of the battle in which the old man died, far to the south. Within a decade, a village of treasure seekers grew atop the sunken towers, guided by tales and maps. The small hamlet of tents and shacks became known as Eventide. About this time, the church of Aldis built a shrine and established a mission to keep an eye on the fortune hunters, in case any of the lost artifacts of Aldis turned up. Shortly thereafter, the hunters encountered the unexpected. Something was digging up to meet them. Small amounts of treasure began to trickle out of the tunnels and Eventide became a popular stop for travelers coming to Tegel Village. One day, shortly after the arrival of several caravans of fortune seekers, news stopped coming from the village. Those sent to investigate did not return. Word spread and caravan leaders found excuses to avoid the town. That was almost two hundred years ago.

Nobody from Tegel Village has been to Eventide in decades. It is considered cursed at best, and more likely haunted.

DM's Note

The village is an undistinguished collection of small, fieldstone buildings. Three larger structures overshadow the rest. These are Avvakris’s Manor, the Overlord’s Inn and the Constabulary.

The people of the village are approximately 300 years old. The few that do die become Undead in service of the pits below. There are no graveyards of any kind here. Very old graves have been pillaged to provide skeletal servants. Village residents can travel no more than 2 miles away and must return each night or they age 10 years per hour.

If characters are out at night, they will undoubtedly be captured for sacrifice on the altars of the snake lord in the dungeons below. Any character so captured will be knocked unconscious and eventually waken to find themselves in one of the empty cells in Room 151. All weapons, supplies, armor and valuables will be removed from the character. Regular weapons and inexpensive armor will be found in Room 151. Lesser treasure would have been split up amongst the guards. Valuables or magic will be in Room 84. Unless a very special hiding place can be found, searchers will find everything of value.

The Brigands

20 brigands – snakemen who have dreams of the snake demon coming alive. They have come to “protect” the village and anser to Merth the Sherriff

  • Merth the Sheriff (V-5)
  • Avvakris (V-10)
  • Avvakris’ two bodyguards (V-10)
  • Haffrung Helleyes (wizard) – He will be using the body of Grom and be guarded by Tarshigid Farreacher and Tirian and his assistant Mervyn.
  • Dirk Dashing – in service – must return daily
  • Stermdale is looking for his father – not in service.
  • Simon Sterndale is in Eventide.

Building 1: The Hovel of Old Cornelius

Cornelius is the Prefect of Aldis, a stone’s throw from his hovel. He is 67 years old, very lonely and a little senile. His superiors in the order assigned him to this post years ago as sort of a punishment. He is all but forgotten by any of them who are still alive. He suspects that something funny is going on in the village but his failing wits and the fact that the villagers keep him properly befuddled by attending services regularly in the shrine tends to keep him from pursuing the matter. As long as he is left alone to tned his scraggly vegetable garden and polish the wood and marble in the shrine, he takes very little interest in the affairs of the village. The villagers in turn keep Cornelius around as sort of joke, to mock the ineffectuality of Aldis. However, they do keep a watch on the old man by sending up an occasional villager to act as a temporary acolyte.

Cornelius, befuddled as he is, does know the following:

  • There have been mysterious disappearances of visitors in the village.
  • There is a secret entrance into the tunnel below the village, under the front two pews of the shrine. Only he knows of this entrance.
  • He is vaguely aware that no one has aged in the years that he has lived there and that there have been no reported births.

The old man possesses an artifact, Aldis’ favor (the ring). If he is made to understand that a group of adventurers is going down into the tunnels, he will give the ring to either a paladin, cleric or good character (in that order).

Ring of Aldis. This ring radiates a continuous Protection from Evil spell as if cast by a 20th level Cleric. At the beginning of the game it is in the possession of old Cornelius the Cleric of Aldis. Will speak to the wearer as Roland, Champion of the Faith. He tends to be jovial and is often given to singing benign tavern ditties. He was a Paladin, and died heroically in the battle for against the serpents. He will warn of any serpents nearby. For combinations of the ring and other Aldis artifacts, see below.

Building 2: The Shrine of Aldis’ Tower

This is an old white marble shrine dedicated to Aldis and celebrating the tower that once stood on the spot where it is located. Inside, a large white marble statue of Aldis dominates the circular, domed chapel. It depicts Aldis as a well-formed youth crushing the head of a serpent.

A secret trap door can be found if the first two pews are moved away. The door is rigged with a trap. It will open as a normal door. However, if it is not opened on the first try, a small catch is triggered. A second try will bring down a rain of bricks and large rocks from the ceiling (which are cleverly concealed as ornamentation) that will do 3d10 points of damage to any characters within 10 feet of the trap. Cornelius set this up long ago, but he has since forgotten about it.

Cornelius is served by four villager acolytes. Thye are really acolytes of the serpent, but the old man is not aware of this. They will attempt to prevent any speech between outsiders and their “venerated master”. They will eavesdrop on the old man’s conversations and report what they hear to Avvakris the Merchant and Merth the Sheriff.

Building 3: Grain Merchant’s Emporium

This shop which does no business is run by Astor, a dry, stick-like man. He appears to be in his late 40’s. Under his tunic and robes is a Mace. He is slightly insane and talks about the great business deals he carries on in his little shop, as if all the grain trade in the world comes through his doors.

Building 4: Smithy and Armory

This shop is run by Ollem Hairy-Arms. A finely crafted, two-handed sword hangs over the forge. Ollem is a large, hairy man with flaming red hair. Only Avvakris and Merth know of his ability to change into a werebear. Ollem appears to be about 30 years old.

He is assisted by two average men. All armor under construction in the shop is of the style popular many years ago. It will be obviously archaic looking. Prices are half of normal, and there is 60gp in the cash box.

Building 5: The Manor House of Avvakris


This is the home of the town’s “leading citizen”, Avvakris the merchant baron and high priest of the serpent.

Avvarkis himself is a portly man of sour disposition. He has dark features – black beard and moustache. Under his rich robes, he constantly wears of suit of chainmail. He is always attended by two fighters who will fight to the death to protect him. He will always be wearing Avvakris’ Ring. Avvarkis is usually in Room 21, 143, at the Overlord’s Inn, the Constabulary, or the Manor House.

Avvakris’s Ring The ring appears to be made of a green gem (emerald) carved in the form of a hooded serpent. It gives the bearer Protection from Good and will serve as a passkey to many of the guardian creatures in the dungeon. It is a Chaotic Evil magic item and will drain off one Hit Point every Turn it is actually worn from any Neutral or Good character wearing it. The ring's non-magic value is 3000 Gp. The protection from good spell radiates in a 5 foot radius around the ring and works like the 1st level Cleric spell of the same name as if cast by a 20th level Cleric. Anyone can wear the ring, if a good or neutral character makes a Will Save (DC 25), they can don the ring and wear it. Any wearer who is neutral or Good will is drained of 1 hit point per turn if they wear the ring. This drain can only be healed by a restoration spell.

His two guards are Seth the Huge and Wormgear Bonegnawer. Both fighters wear black tunics and carry black shields. Delineated on both is a coiled and hooded green serpent.

Building 6: The Manor House and Grounds

The manor house is surrounded by a 20 foot tall stone wall, three feet thick. The grounds themselves offer no cover and are lit at night by lanterns placed every 10 feet along the inner wall. The grounds are guarded at all times by a patrol of three men. There are four such patrols, but only one is on duty at any given time. The other three will be off duty. One full patrol of men will always be off duty at the Overlord’s Inn. The other patrols can typically be found in Buildings 17-19.

Penned in the stables to the north of the house are six Hell Hounds. Three of these beasts will be on guard with the patrols at all times.

The front door to the manor house is locked with a difficult mechanism (DC 30 to disarm). The interior of the house is well furnished to the point of extravagance. Valuables in sight on the first floor include a silver canelabrum in the north chamber (100 gp), a gem-encrusted Tome of Aldis (2000 gp) – original relic from the shrine. Also in the northernmost room is a secret trap door in the floor that leads to Room 18.

At the top of the stairs is a trap that will spring. A door in the floor will open up and deposit victims downward 25 feet onto a pile of refuse and 2d8 points of damage. However, they will end up facing an Ochre Jelly. There is a 20% chance that victims will end up on top of the jelly. Beneath the pile of refuse is another door that is unknown to anyone, even Avvakris. It leads directly down to Room 42 through a five foot square shaft. The room itselft (containing the jelly) is 15 foot square.

Avvakis’s Bedchamber: A chest hidden under the bed contains 600 gold pieces. There are also various documents of no importance that bear wax seals with the impression of Avvakris’s signet ring upon them. These will be important later on in the adventure as a sort of passkey to various dungeon monsters.

If Avvakris is at home, he will most likely be in the bedroom making love to Skilvashara. Skilvashara is a very beautiful dark-haired woman who is the latest concumbine. Under the pillow she has a hidden dagger with a poisoned blade (DC 25). Skilvashara will be killed later and placed in Room 5.

Building 6: Avvakris’s Trade Monopoloy

This is the only general merchants supply house in Eventide. It is stocked by the occasional caravans that come through and is rarely depleted of merchandise. (They will have merchandise from the captured caravan from Tegel Village). The monopoly is run by Avvakris’s son, Aphris. Aphris is a young man with a deformed, reptilian set to his face. He wears long sleeved gloves since his body is scaly. Rumor has it that Aphris is the result of a union between Avvakris’s late wife and a snake demon. To bear this out, Aphris can shapechange into a giant poisonous snake. In the locked box beneath the counter are 60gp.

Building 7: The Overlord’s Inn

This is the only Inn in town. A night’s lodging run 2 gp not including meals and drinks. Any drinks served to the party will contain a powerful sleep drug (DC 28 save vs. poison). Effects take place in two hours after the character normally goes to sleep. The character will be unwakeable for 12 hours.

If any nosy questions are asked of the locals, those persons will clam up and not speak about anything of interest to the adventurers, even going so far as to ignore any strangers in the room. Locals will also try and prevent conversations with Beldar and Rufo. The cash box contains 60 gp.

Occupants of the Inn’s Common Room

  • Off-duty Manor patrol. Two of Merth’s henchmen. There is a slight chance that Avvakris will be here with his two bodyguards.
  • Melkor Stoneteeth is the bartender and owner of the Inn. He is big. Melkor has gray petrified teeth that he claims are a result from being turned into stone once by a cockatrice. He claims his teeth didn’t revert back to their former state. He is talkative, unless an adventurer asks nosy questions about the village or its inhabitants. He will then clam up for the rest of the time the questioner is present.
  • Beldar the Sodden was once a powerful mage, he resisted the power that controls everyone else in town. He pretended to go along with them at first, but he found that the life prolonging effect affected him also, so that when he tried to leave the village he began to age swiftly. Rather than keep up the pretense of being evil and not liking the idea of dying, Beldar has kept himself nicely drunk for years. Needless to say, he is one of Melkor’s best customers. If sobered up, he will tell of the tunnels beneath the village and of the dark tower buried below. If paid phenomenally well and promised protection, he may even accompany the adventurers. He has no magic spells or items, having long since pawned all of those for drink. If another mage has a book available, Beldar may operate as a 5th level mage. Beldar has knowledge of all the non-secret passages on Levels 1 and 2, although there is a good chance that he has forgotten some of these.
  • Rufo the Ugly. Rufo is one of the three persons in the village not affected by the power of the serpent. (Beldar and Cornelius are the others). He is Melkor’s servant and usually ends up doing all the dirty jobs in the village. For that reason, he knows most of the secret entrances to the dungeon. He even knows of the traps in Avvakris’s stairway. The more powerful villagers do not consider him a threat and appreciate not having to take care of the tasks he does. While he is not bright, Rufo is not stupid. He has been down in the tunnels to the deepest level because of his ability as a thief. Rufo is illiterate. Rufo will try to help adventurers in any way that he can, but he must be forced into the crypts or the Dark Tower.
  • Malicia will be sitting in a dark corner of the common room in the guise (shapechange) of a beautiful prostitute. She will charm various members of the adventurers and use Suggestion to lure her victims to an upstairs room. By arrangement with Avvakris, she may “sample” a level or two from any of her victims, but she must turn 50% of them over to the temple for a sacrifice. Malicia is able to sense when her lair (Room 124) has been invaded and she will return there immediately via teleport.

Building 8: Wine Merchant

This building is boarded up. It is used as a storage shed for items of medium value procured from sacrificial victims. It contains 100+ suits of clothing from various time periods, 50 swords of varying type, 20 suits of chainmail, 2 suits of chainmail, 30 shields, numerous belts, boots, packs, saddles, etc.

Building 9: Tailor Shop

This is empty except for a pile of rags that Rufo sleeps on.

Building 10: The Constabulary

Run by Merth the Sheriff, in service to the serpent. Merth is tall, dark and malignant. He wears two magical rings. One is spell turning and the other is Haste (while in melee). Merth is assisted by six deputies, and will always be found with two of them. Harmon Hellraiser Gernstead the Grim, Bolt, Scarvonii the Dark, Han Filo, Vorrim Baresarcks.

Seven heavy war horses are stabled in the courtyard of the Constabulary. The first room of the building is a meeting hall of sorts and also doubles as a court room. The largest of the three back rooms is a weapons storage area, along with chains, supplies against a siege, and more valuable pieces of salvage from victims (rich clothes, saddles, richly crafted weapons, total value 1000 gp), 600 gp, small gems are in a secret cubby hold in the southwest back room. The box has a DC 28 poison pin trap on it.

There is a tunnel that leads to the tower from the larger of the rear rooms. It is the only entrance to the tower from the village as the tower has no actual door.

Building 11: The Tower

A thirty foot tall, gray, stone edifice originally built to protect the developing village. It is rarely used now and harbors a small band of dire rats.

Building 12 to 16: Abodes of the Brigands

The Waylayers in the Night resides in these modest hovels. If entered during the day, the will contain 10 brigandsEach building will contain foodstuffs for 10 people for one month, oil, suites of chainmail and leather, shields and short bows will also be here. There is about 60gp worth of coins scattered about it.

Building 17: Manor Guard’s Woman

Inchana, an aging prostitute resides here, servicing the manor guards and cooking their meals. She appears to be 35.

Building 18: Manor Patrol Barracks

Patrols bunk here. Usually, there will be at least one patrol in here. Barracks contain eight cots, chests, tables, chairs, fireplace and deck of cards. Storage chests will contain 60gp.

The Dark Tower

The White Tower of Aldis

Rooms in the White Tower are not lit unless humanoid occupants are specified and then it will usually be by torch or fireplace. The tower is very dusty and gloomy. Spooky is a good description.

The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower is constructed of coarse, dense black stone, cunningly set as to require no mortar. All rooms, except where indicated are magically darkened. There are no wandering monsters in the Dark Tower.

DM's Notes

White tower and dark tower. Both sunk into the grounds. The village was rebuilt for treasure hunters, as stuff started bubbling to the surface. Then, it went dark. Now the village is cursed. No one goes there. They don’t age. One of the Tegel Villagers (guard) must return nightly to the village in order to keep from aging uncontrollably. HOOK: Priest of Aldis comes with the caravan. Leaves the next day, nobody returns.

  • Simon Sterndale – He’s still in Eventide
  • Hidden Grove of Silver Oaks
  • Fey sleeps
  • Sickness – FORT DC 12
  • Necklace of blue-black light
  • Phoebe of the Eldritch Woods
  • Snakes attacking her queen

Serpent Guardians - This being looks much like a slim-hipped, lithe human with sharp features and unblinking eyes. A closer look, however, reveals a forked tongue, pointed teeth, and scaly patches on the neck and limbs.

Level One - Down

Map-dark tower 1.jpg

Room 1: Entry to Aldis’ Tower

There is no actual door. However, the Immortal Paladin, Holomir Goldheart and a curse guard the invisible door. It is Holomir’s sacred duty to guard this post. He is immortal. He has a magical, mechanical gold heart that will regenerate any damage he incurs, defies the effects of aging, and makes him practically immune to all but the hottest of fires. He is over 500 years old. He wears +2 plate mail of an archaic design and his +1 shield bears the Lion of Aldis upon it. The shield holds the spirit of the Lion of Aldis, Morton the Blessed. He was Holomir’s brother and was killed 300 years ago. If his brother’s life is threatened, Morton will make all his attacks at +2. If Holomir is severely threatened, he can summon 1d10 Lions of Aldis and 3d10 warriors. The warriors are barracked in the White Tower and can hear any call the Paladin might make.

His sword is Lawgiver, a Holy Avenger +5. The sword will function anywhere while in the paladin’s hands, but if forcefully taken from him, the user must make a DC30 Will save or be rooted to the spot until he willingly gives the sword back. If the saving throw is made, the sword will function properly within 100 feet fo the tower. If taken beyond this point, it becomes a -2 cursed sword until it is released by a patriarch of Aldis or returned to the paladin. If wielded against a good creature the damage will be reflected back to the wielder.

As you pass through the door, you feel as if some force has touched you gently on the chest. “Ware ye pilgrim! Ye have been touched by the hand of Aldis. Cause no evil in this, his shrine, else ye shall die most horribly.”

The shaft from the temple above ends almost directly above the area in front of the door. The room is lit, although there are no torches. The south door is locked.

The locked door will let people out but not in.

If any act of evil is perpetrated in the tower, the evil doer will be struck down with a pox. The effects will begin several hours later spreading out from an infected area the shape of a human hand.

Room 2: Ghoul’s Lair

Five ghouls wait to attack. Several thousand copper pieces lie about the floor, spilling out of overturned chests. A life-size silver statue of Aldis (300 lbs) holds a scroll tube in one of its hands. The statue has a permanent Protection from Evil spell on it. The scroll is protection from evil.

Room 3: The Metal Spider

This room is obviously an enormous collapsed chapel of ancient design. You are standing in the main nave. Several pillars are still standing supporting a roof that soars 100 feet overhead. In the center of the room, a large tangle of wire has been heaped on the floor.”

Dexterity check to keep from tripping each round. The room is the lair of a huge web-building metallic spider. A creature of apparently living steel, its web fills the room and touching it will cause entrapment. Strength check. Scattered among the withered web bundles are 60gp. It will take several turns to cut enough webs away to get the treasure.

Room 4: Cellar of Avvakris’ Manor

A secret door is hidden behind two casks of wine. Most of the time, one of Merth's henchmen will be in here sampling (see Building 10).

Room 5: Basement of Overlord’s Inn

Two large wine casks, boxes of food and a side of beef hangs from the ceiling. A locked southern door leads to the temple below.

Room 6: Another Ancient Patriarchal Crypt

This crypt contains a stone sarchophagus. In addition, a new wooden chair and table are sitting in the room. A low bench is against the far wall. Chained to the corner is an old man, dressed in tattered priest’s robes. His chains are thick and new and about 10 feet long.

This crypt has been converted to a robing and meditation room for the High Priest of the village (Avvakris). In the sarcophagus are (Avvakris's) ceremonial robes, a green scaled cape (800 GP), an odd looking headdress (300 GP), a collar of jade (1200 GP), an obsidian dagger (360 GP), and a serpent headed staff (110 GP). These things are all locked in the stone sarcophagus that has a poisoned crossbow trap set up to it (1d6 damage plus 3d8 poison damage), and a poison pin lock (4d8 poison .... slow, 1 die damage per turn).

These items are tended by old Verus Vorum. Verus is the only survivor of the original priestly complement occupying the Aldisian shrine when the powers of the Serpent took over the village years ago. He had been in the tunnels beneath the village at the time. On returning to see the carnage wrought by evil upon his brother priests he cracked and developed a split personality. 50% of the time he is Lawful Good and will know a set of helpful healing spells and will request that he be freed from his plight along with asking adventurers to undertake the quest to rid the dungeon of the servants of the Serpent. The rest of the time he will be Chaotic Evil, with a harmful set of spells. Every melee round he has a 30% chance of changing alignment. He knows of the Crossbow trap but not of the poison pin.

Crossbow Trap Cr2, +6 Ranged Attack (Reflex save vs. DC 17 to avoid), Id8 damage, Search DC 20, Disable Device DC 21 Poison Needle, Cr3, 1 point of damage, +6 Melee Attack, Wyvern Poison (Injury DCI7, 2d6 Con/2d6 Con), Search DC 23, Disable Device 25

Room 7: Crypt of Avvaar

Crypt that contains a wight. It is Avvakris's oldest son, Avvaar. Avvaar was killed by Small Pox in a short skirmish in the White Tower. The hand will be visible on its chest. Any images on the walls have been clawed off.

Room 8: Crypt of Shamling, the Wine Merchant

A wraith, Shamling is sealed into a sarcophagus, which is tied shut and has Avvakris's signet seal set into wax on the knot.

Room 9: The Tomb of Aldis

At the west end is a reliquary that contains a hip joint, purportedly that of Aldis’ mortal form. The south wall of the room is covered by a massive, solid steel throne with holy symbols carved all over it. A benign old man (Aldis) sits in the throne. Arrayed on a low dais before the throne are the following: Orc-faced steel brooch (150 GP), a solid copper coffin (1,400 GP), platinum bracelet (570 GP), Glass Sword, Transform Glass to Steel spell on it (140 GP), fine glass chain (90 GP), gem studded iron earrings (700 GP).

Aldis is a permanent illusion. The secret doors to this room will be Arcane Locked. Throne is valued at 26,000 GP. Any character less than 10th level must make a Will save DC 20 or wander aimlessly back into room 1-39, forgetting everything about room 1-40 or that it even existed. They will no longer see any doors into the room.

Room 10: Entrance Into Constabulary From Tunnels

If room 45 is determined to be empty, then there is a 70% chance that the door in the ceiling overhead (approximately 10') will be bolted shut. If so, it will take a DC18 Strength Check to open it. Up to 4 characters may attempt to force the door simultaneously. The walls are of earth shored up with timber.

Room 11: Empty Lair

The room contains 10 cots and 10 war chests.

Room 12: Another Empty Lair

This is a second barracks room housing another 10 cots and 10 war chests.

Level Two - Down

Map-dark tower 3.jpg

Room 13: A Guardian of Clay

This room is patrolled by three Clay Golems. Various holy symbols are scratched on the walls or scrawled in colored chalk. The walls are of white marble and the floor of intricately laid white and green marble tiles. 6 glass globes charged with Continual Flame illuminate the room as they hang from the ceiling. An odor of hot, nourishing food pervades the air.

The Golems will not attack if shown an artifact of Evil.

Room 14: Mess Hall

The hallway here is filled with various ornate, common and even crudely constructed tables and chairs. An odor of hot food can be strongly detected. Behind the drapes is a little kitchen area containing several large kettles with simmering stew in them and several piles of freshly baked bread.

Clattering about the kitchen are 4 young women in light tunics. These are the cooks for the dungeon residents. Standing guard over them are three Copper Statues, slightly green with age and verdigris. The statues are sculpted in the likeness of tall warriors (7'). If the women are threatened, the statues attack and the clay Golems from room 49 will swiftly join in melee if they are still functioning. Stuck up on a shelf with some spices and herbs is a cookbook with many ancient recipes that were presumed lost. It will be valued at 2000 GP to them. The last 3 pages of the book each contain a Create Food and Water spell.

Level Three - Down

Map-dark tower 4.jpg

Room 15: Human Guardpost

Six human evil guards will be on duty here.

Room 16: Chapel Vestal

This chapel has been ransacked, its pews strewn unceremoniously around the room. A small altar to Aldis has been overturned.

Room 17: Small Chapel To Aldis

The east wall of this room has a misty area 10' wide and 15' tall located centrally in it.

It will receive teleportees from Room 41. However it will not work in reverse unless a Clerical servant of Aldis speaks a Bless spell into it. One of Aldis’ artifacts (see Artifacts) will also activate it if possessed by a Good Aligned character. However, if any Evil Aligned characters who are not escorted or within 5' of a Good Aligned character approach within 10' of the mist, a Blade Barrier will spring up in a 5' by 20' area along the south wall, lasting for 3 Turns. Entrance into the tower through this portal is guarded by the same curse that guards the front entrance (see Room 1). The curse is activated by passing into Room 6.

The west end of the room is draped. Behind the heavy red curtains, in the center of the wall, is a Portable Hole (opening invisible). Inside are a locked chest containing 1000 gp, the Cross of Aldis, and the Pen of the Scribe.

Room 18: Library

The room is illuminated by cool, blue light (Continual Flame) that emanates from the ceiling. Approximately 500 volumes of the sage variety are to be found herein, dealing with living things and the supernatural. 1 - 4 weeks of research (a Comprehend Languages spell will be absolutely necessary) will allow any question in those areas to be 60% answerable (correctly at least). The library is protected by a Protection From Fire spell as cast by a 10th level Druid.

Level Four - Down

Map-dark tower 5.jpg

Room 19: Anteroom

At a quick glance the oliphant will appear startlingly real. It stands on a l' tall pedestal. It is 11' tall at the shoulder. The tusks are worth 600 GP.

Room 20: Holy Hall of Clairaudience and Clairvoyance

The room is dark. Floating in the center of it, approximately 3' off the floor, is a 5' diameter sphere of mist.

It is a Clairaudience and Clairvoyance spell sphere. It will work 1-4 times before recharging. The sphere will allow the viewers to see into 1-4 rooms in the dungeon or Light Tower (but not in the Dark Tower) or follow 1 living creature for 3 turns. There is a 30% chance that the sphere will show a past occurrence in any room or of any creature requested. It currently is blank and featureless. A Light spell cast upon it or the light of a Light spell falling upon it will activate the sphere.

Room 21: Another Evil Fighters Lair

30 Evil fighting men barrack here. The room contains 30 orderly cots and war chests,

10 fighters will be in here at any given time.

Room 22: Modified Mud

The floor of this room is a trap. There appears to be a door located on the east wall of this room. It is actually a false door. After the room is entered (2 melee rounds) the floor will turn to mud for 5 melee rounds and then revert to stone. The mud is extremely deep (extra dimensional) and will suck characters downward at a rate of 1' per round. Opening the door again will change the stone back into mud for another 5 rounds.

Room 23: Randrum’s Shrine

This is a memorial chapel devoted to an ancient priest. The room is lit by torches that contain a sweet incense. The room has been searched, but appears otherwise untouched.

Randrum who was High Priest of the tower when the catastrophe took place. He was killed in the holocaust. The smell will make characters a bit giddy and lower Dexterity and Wisdom by 1 point each, for the duration of the stay in the room plus 2 - 12 rounds after leaving the room.

Incense Trap - The incense burning in this room will make characters giddy and relaxed if they fail a Fort save DC 15. The incense is sweet smelling. If the torches are put out, the room will clear in 1-6 turns.

Level Five - Down

Map-dark tower 6.jpg

Room 24: Blasted, Charred and Burned

This entire level seems to have been a battleground for Fireballs and Lightning Bolts. With the exception of Room 63, every chamber and room on this floor has had it s contents burned and blasted to ash. Doors creak on their hinges and charred paint and plaster peels off the walls and ceilings. On the east wall of this room is a plaque, honoring those servants of good who gave their lives on this spot. A pair of everburning torches flank the plaque.

Room 25: Invisible Box

This room is also blasted and burned. In the center of the room, anchored to the floor, is an Invisible iron box. The box is locked. Inside the box is a small wooden case (slightly scorched) containing 5 Scrolls with the following spells, one on each of them: Protection from Evil (Clerical), Resist Fire, Glyph of Warding, Restoration, Fire Shield .

Invisible Iron Box: To find the invisible iron box requires a Spot DC20 check.

Room 26: A Stone Shedu

A stone statue of a Shedu stands here. If an act of evil is perpetrated on this level, the statue will become flesh and blood.

Shedu have a bull's body, wings of an eagle and the head of a man. They are stanch protects of all things lawful and good and travel the world and the astral and ethereal planes doing good deeds and helping other creatures who are in need.

Combat: Shedu can attack using their hooves, but prefer to use diplomacy and their psionic skills and powers in combat. Shedu have 3 major and 5 minor disciplines. These disciplines ranges from Psionic blast to Psionic healing.

Room 27: Red Room of Teleportation

This bare stone chamber will teleport (no error) persons entering into it to Room 66. The dotted lines represent illusionary walls. This room is illuminated in red light (Continual Flame). If the light is dispelled, red writing will be visible on the north wall, showing a map of Rooms 102-103.

Room 28: Burned, Blasted and Charred

This room is empty except for ash and burned debris.

Room 29: An Iron Box

In the center of this room is an iron box that contains The north wall of the room will receive teleportees from Room 27. It will return all who pass back through Room 1.

Level Six

Map-dark tower 7.jpg

Room 30: Main Hall

The room itself is constructed of ornate, white marble, delicately worked with many good creatures portrayed in the decorations. Three statues, approximately 20' tall, are located at the north, west and south compass points. The south and west statues are real statues. However, the north statue is in reality the Storm Giant, Vishar, with an Illusion cast over him so that he appears as a statue. He is a member of a religious order of Storm Giants who willingly serve for a time in the holy shrines of men. He has been here since before the holocaust.

There are a number of dead human evil guards.

If the doors to the shrine are entered, he will wait until he can determine the nature of the intruders before he acts. If Vishar adds the gem that he has in his belt buckle to the pattern in the center of the floor, it will teleport persons to Room 63.

This was originally the main hall of the Tower of Aldis.

The west statue is of a Paladin in Plate Mail. The south statue is of a beautiful maiden (she is apparently the one who appears when the Heart of Evocation is touched, see Room 42 for details). If a character is Lawful Good, he or she may have a 20% chance of performing the equivalent of a Commune spell as if cast by a 10th level Cleric. A follower of The Evokers will have a 40% chance of Communing. This applies to any character, not just Clerics. It may be performed successfully by only one character per day.

The doors to the shrine from the 4th level are Arcane Locked as if by a 20th level Wizard and bear 10 Glyphs of Warding, Paralyzation, as if cast by a 12th level Cleric.

Room 31: An Ancient High Priest

An old man sits in the southwest comer mumbling to himself. He is Harringdon. The old man is a little senile and tends to ignore visitors unless they are hurt or in need of some aid. He will talk about his friends, the little mice that bring him bread crumbs to subsist on, and about the good old days.

He is protected by the Protection from Evil that radiates out from the base of the Tower of Light.

Room 32: The Room of Healing

A wall of force blocks the door to all but good aligned characters.

This small room appears to be a rest station. Two stone beds are along the east and west walls, and the north wall is lined with shelves that are mostly empty. A number of discarded vials can be found strewn in the southeast corner of the room.

Potions can be used only by those who need them. If taken, they teleport back to the shelf when the character leaves. Much of the original contents have been used up by generations of fruitless combat. However, the shelves still contains the following: 2 Potions of Healing, one with 3 doses and one with 2 doses. 1 Potion of Extra Healing, a box of Clerical spell scrolls: 2 Cure Light Wounds, Remove Fear, Delay Poison, 2 Remove Disease, Exorcise Possessed, 2 Neutralize Poison.

There is a Protection from Evil on the box containing the potions and scrolls. Harringdon will reveal the location of a Rod of Resurrection if it is necessary. The Rod has 5 charges.

Room 33: The Cell Block

This is the block of cells is run down, although there are signs of recent use. The bars are old and rusty. Two stools sit off to one side of the cell. The keys hang from a peg above the stools. The cell blocks are filled with filthy straw.

Possessions of the characters that are not of great value will be found here. The guards are a measly lot of human fighters (see below for description).

Room 34: Haffrung’s Laboratory

Various spell research components are lying about this room on overladen tables. On a shelf are about 20 odd bottles. In the northwest corner of the room is a 10' square cage containing an ape. The room is lit by Continual Flame.

The room looks like it has been packed up in a hurried manner.

Five are magical: Oil of Slipperiness, Potion of Haste, Potion of Clairvoyance.

An Invisible chest is set in a secret trapdoor in the floor along the north wall. In it is a silver Horn of Valhalla, a Wand of Detect Secret Doors and 3000 GP. Secret Trap Door: To notice the secret door, Search DC 20. Invisible Chest: To find the secret chest, Spot DC 20.

Room 35: Larder

Also lit by Continual Flame, this room is a sort of larder. The shelves are stocked with enough rich food for 4 weeks for 15 persons.

Room 36: Communal Room and Barracks

Six cots and war chests furnish the room, along with a small stove, a few cook pots and a table and 6 chairs. Some rather explicit drawings are scrawled on the walls.

For Haffrung Helleyes' personal bodyguards.

In Oph's war chest are the Fighter's valuables. Pink Quartz statuette (540 GP), Platinum hilted Dagger (300 GP), solid turquoise bracelet (360 GP), large copper box (800 GP), two carnelians on a copper necklace (500 GP), electrum and mithril ring (690 GP), garnet studded cloak (900 GP), Emerald studded silver chain (2400 GP), Carnelian studded gold scepter (2300 GP), gold and electrum pin (340 GP). The jewelry is all tagged as to the owner.

On top of the chest sits Oph's pet Dire Wolf, Fang.

  • Halphed Bloodgusher
  • Oph, Male Human
  • Argol Bargol Burt (" Argh")
  • Tarshigid Farreacher
  • Mellon
  • Tirian of Asalhar

Room 37: Haffrung’s Study

A rather ornate bed is set along the south wall while a bookshelf covers the east wall. In the center of the room is a desk and chair with a candlestick topped by a glowing stone (Continual Flame). On a bookshelf are various books about magic, religion and history.

Disguised as books about a particularly boring period of history is a Tome of Leadership and Influence.

A secret door in the east wall is opened by pulling a tome entitled “The Perfect Body”.

Invisible in a drawer of the desk is a small chest version of Leomund's Secret Chest. In the large ethereal chest are Haffrung's spell books, 500 Pp, and 5000 GP. The drawers to the desk each have a Firetrap on them and one drawer has a pair of permanently Invisible daggers in it. Firetrap CR 6 Reflex DC 21 to avoid damage (1d4+10); search DC29, Disable device DC29. Invisible Drawer: To find the invisible drawer, Spot DC20.

Room 38: The Body Collection

The door to the corridor is Arcane Locked

This room contains Haffrung's "body collection" along with his Magic Jar gem. The room is very plush and 1- 3 people will be lounging in the room. If any of them are encountered without possessing the spirit of Haffrung, that person will be rather dense, childish and silly acting. Roll randomly for the body being used by Haffrung.

  • BODY ONE: Grom: Big dumb and handsome.
  • BODY TWO: Skelly: A very beautiful, dark-haired young woman.
  • BODY THREE: Orson: Large, dense and tough looking. Always armed with a Broadsword.

Various foodstuffs are set between all the pillows that lie scattered about. There is an ornate dressing mirror provided at the east end of the room. Behind it is the gem (a large ruby) that is Haffrung's Magic Jar.

Room 39: The Wizard’s Apartment

The room is well furnished with two neatly made beds, two desks, and several tables and chairs.

This is the apartment shared by Haffrung's apprentices.

Mervyn's treasure is in an invisible locked box under his cot containing 1000 silver and a jeweled silver pendant worth 1l0GP. Dagda's treasure is hidden in a secret niche in the south wall and consists of 2000 siliver. The box containing Mervyn's valuables has Leomund's Trap upon it and a poison pin. Poison Pin Trap: CR: 2; +8 ranged (1 damage, plus Wyvern poison); Search DC 23; Disable Device DC 20. Note see for listing of Wyvern poison.

Room 40: A Tomb

Behind a crumbling iron gate is a simple stone sarchophagus. The room is filled with trash tossed through the bars. Clearly once a tomb of good respose, it now smells with the taint of evil.

Entombed within this chamber is the ghost of Vresnor Agalla, the man who first discovered the evil that was tunneling up from the buried village. He guards 9000 sp, and three potions: Potion of Reducing, Potion of Clairaudience, Potion of Haste. Potions are all packed in a locked box hidden in a slot beneath the tomb. The silver is divided evenly into two large iron boxes. Vresnor will attempt to lure the party into dragging his body to the “good side” of the tower. <SPECIAL #1>

Room 41: The Gates of the Dark Tower

The room itself is on coarsely cut, heavy black stone, and is devoid of occupants or furnishings. The ceiling of the room is 30' high.

These gates are guarded by a pair of Glyphs of Warding set by Pnessutt, a 21st level Evil High Priest Lich. Passing the two Glyphs will fire them off for 84 points of magical fire damage. Speaking the name of the Glyph will allow passage without damage. Glyph Trap: You can find the glyphs with a Search roll at DC 28, If the glyph goes off roll a Reflex save DC 19, DC 28 to disable a Glyph. Read Glyph with spell craft DC 13

Once the room is entered, the statue of the Merchant of Death in Room 79, will begin to fire Lightning Bolts (for 15d6 of damage) at the rate of one per melee round at any character in its line of sight.

Room 42: Hall of the Statue

This room is draped in nauseating green curtains from floor to ceiling. The floor is tiled with highly polished black marble. At the east end of the hall is a 13' tall black stone statue of the Merchant of Death carved out of solid basalt and inlaid with thousands of glittering obsidian scales. The eyes are a pair of 5000 GP glowing emeralds. It will fire up to a total of 10 Lightning Bolts for 15d6 damage each, 45' long and 10' wide, as long as it can see a target. Strongly presenting an evil ring will delay the firing by 3 melee rounds. If there are still adventurers present when the statue has expended it's arsenal of lightning then it will physically attack for 3 - 24 points of damage per round.

The walls are mosaics of human sacrifice and various unnatural acts. If anyone studies them closely, they must save or be subject to fits of nausea and depression, which lowers their strength.

Room 43: The Room Of Fear

This room is empty, much as the foyer, a single passageway leads from the southeast corner of the room. Two large serpent statues form an archway into the room beyond.

Any character entering this empty room must make a DC 20 Will Savel, or suffer as per the effects of the Magic User spell Fear. All Saving Throws are made with no special modifications. Spell is as if cast by a 20th level Wizard.

Room 44: Hall of Evil Commune

A small hallway runs to an intricate snake shrine with a small kneeler in front of it. There is a sense of evil that pervades the hallway and shrine.

Any evil aligned character may have a 20% chance of Communing with the Merchant of Death and asking 1 - 6 questions of a yes or no nature. Worshippers of the Merchant of Death will have a 35% chance of Communing as above. Only one successful Commune is allowed per day with the Merchant of Death. Any characters Aligned to Good will begin to become ill and nauseous (CON Ability Check at DC 14, failure to make indicates full effects) and suffer the loss of half Strength for 1 - 10 turns. These effects will take place after being in the room more than two melee rounds. Written on the wall in an Evil tongue is the procedure for the entire ceremony.

Room 45: Passage by Combat

Six stone statues of men in Plate Mail (if Minions of the Merchant of Death have been previously encountered, they will be easily recognized as similar creatures) stand 5' apart along the room’s walls. As the room is entered, the statues will spring to life. They may shape change to Giant Snakes, and attack with surprise on a roll of 1 - 3. Statues may not be knocked over, shattered or chipped.

Room 46: Cloth Wrapped Horror

A narrow passageway leads down to a cold inner chamber. The sense of good quickly disappears filled by a feeling of tainted evil. The inner chamber, made of rough blocks contains a large stone coffin resting on a pedestal of the same rock. The top of the coffin lid is cracked.

A Mummy is entombed in a stone crypt at the north end of the room. In the sarcophagus with it are 200 GP. The Mummy was once a medium level Evil Magic User in the service of the Lich, but a disagreement developed and he was wrapped up and entombed alive in this crypt, with magic to change him to his current state.

Level Five - Up

Map-dark tower 6.jpg

Stair to Room 47 and 48

The entire stairwell is filled with a mist about 2 feet thick.

This causes Sleep (even to Elves) unless a Saving Throw vs. Will (DC 16) is made. Sleep will last 2 - 40 turns and victims may not be awakened by physical means (Neutralize Poison, Remove Disease and Remove Curse have 50%, 35%, and 20% chances respectively of awakening victim) until full duration of the Sleep is passed. There is a 20% chance that the victim will appear dead.

Room 47: Corridor of the Mummies

Along the south wall of this hall are 5 stone sarcophagi decorated in a serpent motif.

Mummies will pop out of their cases when the first sarcophagus is approached within 10' the Mummies will pursue down the stairs. They will pursue up the stairs as far as Room 8. The gas does not affect them. The sarcophagus of the southernmost Mummy is lined with 1000 gold pieces worth of gold. On its face (still under the wrappings) is a gem studded silver mask worth 1200 GP, and a long string of gem studded silver beads worth 600 GP hangs about it's withered neck, also the Mummy bears a wooden spear with a serpent’s head carved on it.

Room 48: Room of Clairaudience and Clairvoyance

The room is draped in black curtains with hypnotic designs stitched into the fabric that will have the following effect. The designs appear to be some kind of writing. In the center of the room is a black circle, etched into the floor.

If a Darkness spell is cast into the black circle on the floor, it will permit the viewer (caster) to see and hear into 1-4 rooms as desired in the dungeon (except the Light Tower or Rooms 163-165 of the Dark Tower) or to follow 1 living creature for 3 Turns. Its use, however, will cue the Lich Pnessutt in the tower's pinnacle that there are invaders in the tower.

Attempting to read the designs or studying them will require a Will save (DC 20) that if failed will put the victim under a spell combination of Charm and Suggestion. It will be suggested to the charmed that all his companions are Dopplegangers and that they are preparing to do away with him, the last surviving human of the party. Using any magical means to read the writings will lower the dice roll of the character's Saving Throw by 4.

Level Four - Up

Map-dark tower 5.jpg

Room 49: Skeletons

This room is filled with skeletons, hundreds of them piled from floor to ceiling. A narrow passageway wends through the bones.

Room 50: Stone Golem

In here appears to be another of the numerous statues of the Merchant of Death that litter the dungeon. It appears to be caged in by stone pillars inside a wall of drapery.

If any light falls upon this Golem, it will begin to attack. It will break through the bars in 3 melee rounds. The draperies will not hinder it. Walls will require 5 melee rounds to burst asunder. The Golem's eyes are 1000 GP rubies. The curtains are gray and heavy (no light will pass through them). The Golem will attack a light source and any characters illuminated by it.

Room 51: Gibbering Chamber

This is an empty room that contains only few moldering corpses and rotting wall hangings. After a few seconds in this room, characters will hear insane, quiet gibbering that alternates with sobbing and quiet broken sorrowful laughter. Out of the corner of their eyes they will think that they see a short shambling dark shape, but they will never be able to look directly at it.

Room 52: Cold Storage

The doors to this room is sealed over with ice (non-magic).

This room is very cold. The floor is coated with slippery ice. After 5 rounds all non-armored characters will take 1 point of cold damage per round.

Level Three - Up

Map-dark tower 4.jpg

Stairway To Rooms 53-56

This hall is Illusioned to appear as if it goes on forever. Any character not Saving vs. Will (DC 16) will imagine (be charmed hypnotically) into believing that the illusion is real.

Room 53: Insidious Crossbow Trap

This hallway is unadorned made of the same stone as the rest of the dungeon.

A very nasty trap is mounted on the west end of the hall. Vibrations of feet will set off 40 Heavy Crossbows that will throw bolts down the hall. Safe areas are below 2' from the floor and l' out from the walls. The trap will fire on a 1-4 (on a d6) for each round spent in the hall. The nasty (really nasty) part is that the entire trap is Invisible.

Crossbow Trap: CR 5. +8 to hit, 2-5 damage each bolt. Front ranks will take 3-6 bolts with a +8 to Hit, second rank will take 1-6 bolts with a +6 to hit. Third rank will take 1-4 bolts with a +4 to hit and the fourth rank will take 1-2 bolts with a +2 to hit. A rogue can detect the trap with a Search skill DC 27 and Disable the trap with DC 27.

Room 54: Room Of Ash

This room contains nothing but ash. It appears that at one time in the past a powerful Fireball was let off in the chamber, reducing everything in it to ash. There is nothing of value in the room.

If the ash is stirred up, it will form a man-shaped cloud briefly that will wave it's hands as if in warning, then swiftly dissipate.

Room 55: Trap Sounds

This room is empty.

Walking on the floor will elicit Ghost Sounds that will sound like trap doors creaking swiftly open, crossbows firing, various indistinguishable clicks, large stone weights sliding, ropes slipping through pulleys, etc. Touching the doors will make similar sounds. Saving Throws are applicable.

Room 56: A Cold Wind

A cold wind springs out of this room and douse all torches and most lanterns. It will then feel like cold tendrils are lapping about the body of anyone in the room or in the door.

It is really a viscous gas that will begin to eat away at armor. Every melee round it will rot and soften armor at a rate of 1 Armor Class of protection. Its effects will be noticed first when after 1 melee round, non-magic Shields and non-magic Leather and Padded Armor fall to rot and debris on the floor. It will take an additional round after the process starts for magic armor to be affected. When any armor reaches the equivalent of AC: 10 it will fall to rust or debris. Rotting Gas Trap - A rogue can Search for this trap with ~ There is no way to disarm this trap.

Level Two - Up

Map-dark tower 3.jpg

Room 57: Doors of Darkness

In the north wall of the landing at the top of the stairs are a pair of doors that appear to be made of some transparent, colorless material.

If touched by a Cleric of the Merchant of Death, the doors will remain transparent and swing silently in, allowing entrance into room Room 161. Glyph Trap: You can find the glyphs with a Search roll at DC 28, If the glyph goes off roll a Reflex save DC 19, DC 28 to disable a Glyph. Read Glyph with spell craft DC 13.

If touched by a Cleric of The Evokers, a pair of Glyphs of Warding will explode for 84 points of fire damage. (The names of these Glyphs are noted in Room 65.

If touched by any other, the doors will swiftly become cloudy and then black. Two pairs of giant insect-like eyes will seem to stare out of the blackness at any adventurers present. A low chuckling will then be heard. (The eyes are those of Manahath, the Chosen, a Son of Set who guards the Lich, Pnessutt. His chuckling will alert Konah the Dissenter in room Room 161. The eyes will then disappear, but the door will remain, dark. The door is Arcane Locked as if cast by a 15th level Wizard.

Room 58: The Audience Hall of Konah the Dissenter

The room is apparently constructed of dense black stone with scenes depicting horrid creatures that seem to be half reptilian and half human, some more human than reptile and others more reptile than human; picked out in low relief and painted with queerly glowing colors. The light in here is eerie and violet in nature. Colors seem to glow oddly and whites luminesce to an unworldly violet (as if under a "black-light"). Along the northern wall are hundreds of barrels. Many of these are filled with a black goo. Near the door are hundreds of small stick, about the size of arrow shafts, scattered on the floor. Sitting in a throne at the western end of the room is a tall (approximately 9'), bat-winged man.

This is Konah the Dissenter, a Lesser Son of the Merchant of Death (see THE SONS OF SET). Equally divided to the right and left of Konah are 10 animated Skeletons. All of these are invisible. They will attack as soon as a group of adventurers has entered the room.

Set in decorative tile into the floor near the throne is a square, 20' on a side that appears to be nothing but decorative, geometric patterns. The colors of the tiles are very bright and glow slightly in the strange light that pervades the room. If any of Konah's blood falls upon this tiled area during the course of a battle, it will glow brightly with a warm red light. This tiled area is the only means of getting to Rooms 163-165 of the Dark Tower.

The proper instructions have already been given once, but they can be found again on an old scroll, hidden in room Room 162. The Inscription, which reads as follows:.(From Room 124) "SERPENT SON'S BLOOD, IN AGONY LOST, PASSING OF GODLING THE PALETTE FILLS, SHAPED IN FINE LINE, THE QUADRANGLE CROSSED, TRESSPASSER RISE AND MEET THY WIERD". Liberally translated the inscription means take the blood of Konah, and with finger or brush or whatever, draw a pair of intersecting lines from corner to corner in the tiled area. Once the lines are drawn they will glow bright red and the glow will swiftly flow to the rest of the tile. This opens up a Gate between this floor of the tower and the plane wherein the evil Lich dwells.

Room 59: Treasure Vault of Konah the Dissenter

This room appears to be empty. Against the south wall there is an Invisible chest that contains 2000 gold, Prospectors Rod, and gems (garnets, obsidian, and topaz). In the chest also is a leather scroll tube containing a fragile parchment upon which the verse from Room 58 is written. The language on the scroll is extremely obscure and it is most likely that only a Comprehend Languages spell will translate it.

The room itself is a trap. If the door is closed, any creatures inside will go into temporal stasis until the Room 58 is opened again.

Level One - Up

Map-dark tower 2.jpg

Room 60: The Grand Hall of Pnessutt

This is a 180' diameter circular, domed hall, lit by unseen sources of light. Supporting the ceiling are eight 60' tall, green, stone statues of serpent men. The eyes of the statues will appear to always be staring at any intruders in the room, seeming to follow them about. The floor is of pure black marble, apparently seamless, except for the 20' square tiled area directly in the center of the room. This tiled area exactly matches the one in room Room 58. As mentioned before, the tiled area is a Gate.

In the southeast section of the wall is a pair of wide double doors, apparently carved of green stone. In front of the doors is a fountain in the shape of a massive serpent with black venom dripping from its fangs. A stone catch basin below the statue is filled with black goo.

Written on the doors in an Evil tongue is "HERE REIGNS PNESSUTT, SCION OF EVIL, PRINCE OF DARK DEEDS, IN DEATH YET LIVING". The door is Arcane Locked as if by a 20th level wizard.


Once an adventurer steps off the tiled area in the center of the room, a low rumbling will be heard and the southernmost statue in the room will seem to burst into a thousand shards from about midway up. Out of the statue will come the Chosen Son of the Merchant of Death, Manahath

Manahath can best be described as having a lower body like a gigantic snake and the four-armed upper torso of a giant man. His father imprisoned Manahath in the statue and bound him to protect the Lich Pnessutt to its own physical death or until the Lich is destroyed, which frees Manahath from the binding.

Room 61: The Audience Chamber of Pnessutt

Sitting in state in this triangular room is Pnessutt.

Will summon the Lesser Son of Set, Balaar the Shaker (a Giant Snake with a human female torso and arms with a crocodile head. Balaar is Giant sized).

The dots on the map mark the location of 6 Skeletons. These Skeletons cannot be Turned or Dispelled as per normal Undead. Any hit against one of these monsters will fire off the Glyph of Warding that is marked on their foreheads (there is no warning text for these monster-traps). Each Skeleton can do 38 points of electrical damage to any whom attack it. (4 points of damage is absorbed by the Skeleton who gets fried in the process.) Any attack by one of these creatures upon a character will also set the trap off.

If the Lich is killed, the Skeletons will stop moving and if Manahath is still alive he will depart (unless he is obviously winning, if such is the case he will stick around to trash any humans he can find).

Taking the bones of the Lich or dust of the Lich and crumbling or spreading them about the tiled area in Room 163. If the bones are spread on the tile, the 20' square area will begin to glow faintly green and anyone entering into that square will be immediately whisked away to Room 59.

If Pnessutt is killed, all the Undead in the entire dungeon will discorporate. All monsters in the Dark Tower itself will either die or stop functioning (Sons of Set excepted). All persons whose lives have been unnaturally prolonged by the presence of the Dark Tower will begin to age at the rate of 10 years per turn unless a Potion of Longevity is administered simultaneously with a Remove Disease spell. The dungeon itself will begin to crumble in 12 Turns after the death of the Lich, starting with the 4th level and working up at a rate of 1 level per 6 turns, totally collapsing in 36 turns (6 hours). Only the two Towers will remain standing with their tops poking up above the ruined countryside.

The only way out of the Dark Tower once the dungeon caves in will be by Passwall through the roof.

Scattered about in several piles around the room are: 5000 copper, 2000 gold. A small chest <puzzle> holds: Greater Bracers of Archery, Potion of Invisibility, Potion of Diminuation.

Combat Tactics

  • Whole room is silenced. All five groups will move to attack – focusing on Evan. Missile weapons first – and swords second. Will try to herd the party towards the fountain.
    • Beldar will not attack
    • Avvakris will not cast spells
  • If the battle goes well or poorly, the doors will open and Pnessutt will emerge with Balaar and the six skeletons.
    • Silence will drop
    • Avvakris will start casting flame strikes
    • Beldar will start casting magic missiles

As Pnessutt falls, he turns to dust. Balaar and Manahath will disappear.

  • Bodies will start to age.
  • The dungeon will start to crumble. The towers will collapse into themselves, leaving a large oval depression which slowly fills with clear, fresh spring water.
  • Old Cornelius will be aging. He will be clear-headed, although saddened by his long years of statis. He will give the party his ring. I have been given one last vision by Aldis, although I do not know its meaning:
    • Three fonts of evil swelling near,
    • One has fallen, the other’s here.
    • The third is mustering, ever slow,
    • The source of all lies deep below.

Avvakris’s Ring The ring appears to be made of a green gem (emerald) carved in the form of a hooded serpent. It gives the bearer Protection from Good and will serve as a passkey to many of the guardian creatures in the dungeon. It is a Chaotic Evil magic item and will drain off one Hit Point every Turn it is actually worn from any Neutral or Good character wearing it. The ring's non-magic value is 3000 Gp. The protection from good spell radiates in a 5 foot radius around the ring and works like the 1st level Cleric spell of the same name as if cast by a 20th level Cleric. Anyone can wear the ring, if a good or neutral character makes a Will Save (DC 25), they can don the ring and wear it. Any wearer who is neutral or Good will is drained of 1 hit point per turn if they wear the ring. This drain can only be healed by a restoration spell. Manahath

Major Monsters

4 Serpent Guardians
O’Hern Hairy Arms - BEAR – large, hairy man with flaming red hair – smith
Melkor Stoneteeth – bartender, big with gray petrified teeth (once turned to stone by a cockatrice)
Beldar the Sodden – ex-mage trapped
Rufo the Ugly – melkor’s bodyguard
Malicia – prostitute/succubus
Avvakris - Portly man of sour disposition – dark features, black beard and moustache. Rich robes over chainmail suit Wearing a gree emerald ring in the form of a hooded serpent.
Seth the Huge - Avvarkris bodyguard
Wormgear Bonegnawer - Avvarkris bodyguard
Aphris - SNAKE - general merchant and Avvarkris’ son
Sheriff Merth – Tall, dark and malignant.
Harmon Hellraiser - Deputy
Gernstead the Grim - Deputy
Bolt - Deputy
Scarvonii the Dark - Deputy
Han Filo - Deputy
Vorrim Baresarcks – Deputy
Balaar the Shaker