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Founded 880-881 TA
Size Free City
Fealty Independent (now Wirkswirth)
Ruler Jonah Millby (deceased)
Hex 6122

Founded in the mid-sixth century TA, the town of Everdoom has long been a halfway waypoint for traders moving goods between Freeport and Crossgate. Its proximity to the Endless Forest fostered relationships and interactions with the elves and other denizens of the woods. A rough town, Everdoom was ruled for years by the iron fist of the Rangers.

With the founding of the Barony of Wickham in 792 TA, control of the town was transferred to the Baron who installed a local mayor. For almost a century, the town continued as a trade center under lawful rule without significant controversy.

In 880 TA, trade caravans stopped arriving from Everdoom. Scouts from Freeport did not return. Worried that the town had been raided, the Baron sent a company of knights to investigate. The knights returned with a declaration of independence from the mayor, Jonah Willby, who claimed that Everdoom was a free city. The knights also brought back tales of strange lights seen over the forest, fleeting shadows about the town at night, and a strange pallor over the residents of the town.

In 881 TA, the Baron with support of troops from the Crown, laid siege to the town. The townspeople attacked, some armed with hoes and brooms, without any fear. Unrelenting, the soldiers were forced to kill every resident of Everdoom. The mayor and several high-ranking officials were never found and presumed to have fled into the Endless Forest. Subsequent investigation by the Crown stated that the town had been overrun by a "plague of pure evil".

The town was burnt to the ground and then consecrated. Within a few years, a new town had sprung up from the ashes. Under careful watch for the decades following, there has been no evidence of any strange happenings of Everdoom. With no living residents remaining, the tales of the plague are now a distant memory.