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Famous Quotes From The Third Age of Man compiled by J. Alan Brown

Over the years, there have been hundreds of quotes worthy of finding a place in the scrapbook. Here are just a few for your entertainment.

"They're only goopy when they slime people." CM the DM 8-18-84

"You cheesed a magic missile sword!" U-Gene the Dwarf 1-5-85

Is it North exactly to East exactly inclusive, or East non-inclusive to South exactly inclusive?" Falstaff the Druid 7-4-85

"Bamboo armor just turns me off." CM the DM 12-22-85

"I'm going to squeeze my rod and see if its an illusion." Ernest Goodfellow 7-5-86 at 1:03:00 am

"Yes Ernie, we've been deceiving you since birth!" Falstaff the Druid 7-5-86 at 1:03:01 am

"Conferences are stupid. For Wimps." Falstaff the Druid 7-5-86

"I have been wrong many many times in my life." U-Gene the Dwarf 7-5-88 at 12:48 am