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In the tenth century of the First Age, the first sailing ships from Rembia discovered the shores of the Reaches. Historians generally agree that this contact was made at the northern tip of the Orc Nation as the ships followed the coastline from their native land. Making their way south, it is logical to assume that mapping and brief exploration was made of the area. There is no evidence that any settlements were made.

In the year 1212 of the First Age, another expedition of explorers set out across the Great Sea sailing east. One document, possibly forged, survives from that First Age adventure. It is the log of the sailing ship Luckstar. The tale that it tells is one of escape. Escape from the political tyranny of Rembia. The crew had refused to give their ship into the service of the emperor. Branded as rebels, the Luckstar headed east following the East Star, commonly known as the Luck Star, landing on the great grassy plain of the continent of Perem Minor. According to the log, the crew encountered a small tribe of fierce natives. The small tribe lived on an easily defended island in a village dedicated to a local devil. The place soon became known as the Devil's Village. Using their superior weapons and armor, the crew destroyed the natives and built a small city. This city later became known as Teufeldorf. While the crew of the Luckstar worked on the construction of the city, they had quite forgotten the troubles of their old homeland.

Over the next 140 years, the City State of Teufeldorf grew considerably in size and wealth. It's streets, shops and villas closely resembled those of its western homeland. Easy supplies of stone and other raw materials coupled with very little resistance from the indigenous population made rapid growth possible. While the city and nearby farms prospered, there was very little expansion into the wilderlands beyond. Surviving First Age maps show that the extent of the City State's expansion during the First Age to be less than fifty miles from the island stronghold of the local ruler, known to the population of the time as the Invincible Overlord.