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Founded mid-fifth century TA
Size Free City
Fealty Barony of Wickham
Ruler Governor Caspian Young
Hex 5723

The harbor at Freeport has been utilized by sailors for centuries. Its natural jetties create a breakwater and its surrounding steep cliffs provide a windbreak. These features make for gentle waters and protected docks. A town has existed on the white sand beaches of Freeport since the mid-fifth century TA. The land above the cliffs was largely jungle in the early days of the port. A single road, the Greater Farthing Road, ran from the north, landing at Freeport, before continuing south around the Endless Forest.

Sea commerce has always been the lifeblood of the port, and Freeport has always remained carefully neutral allowing shipping with Tang traders, Sandalese pirates and the like regardless of political affiliation. Freeport is ruled by an elected governor who serves a single five-year term. The governor is almost always an ex sea-captain, and the position has been held, on occasion, by a Tang trader.

In 792 TA, the Barony of Wickham was established by the Crown and included Freeport. A brief but violent set of skirmishes between the seafarers and the Baron of Wickham ensued. In the end, an unusual compromise was negotiated. The existing harbor and old town along the beach remained free, and the governor retained exclusive power over the commerce of the port. A new town was built on the heights of the surrounding cliffs. This town is the capital of the Barony of Wickham ruled by the baron. Under the agreement, the Barony levies no taxes or tariffs on the port and the port allows unquestioned access to the baron's ships. Despite the treaty, tensions between the governor and baron exist.

The current governor of Freeport is Caspian Young, an able-bodied sailor in his late forties. He is very popular and is overseeing a profitable rebuilding after the Second War of the Reaches. Young's daughter, Juliette, is currently chaperone to six Freeport youths attending a private school in Teufeldorf hosted by Geoffrey Wickham. Rumors abound of an intimate relationship between Juliette and Geoffrey.