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Founded early TA
Size Free City
Fealty Independent
Ruler Unknown
Hex xxx

This thriving city is based on sea commerce and trade between Teufeldorf and Sandal. Freeport developed an independent spirit early in its history due to its mingling of peoples and ideas. As the rule of Grim grew more despotic, the people of the city began to murmur, and the Lord Mayor headed a deputation bearing grievances to the lich priest. These emissaries were thrown into prison, given a mock trial, and executed by ritual torture for Grim's entertainment. The following year the whole of the south was in arms against Teufeldorf, and after a brief struggle the Southern Baronies was founded, an alliance of mutual support which aided the rebellious states to throw off the yoke of the undead tyrants. Freeport has a strong naval squadron and a large company of armored infantry.