God of Lightning

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God of Lightning
Type Dungeon
Status Explored March 883 TA
Location Shadowkeep (now Dwarrowdelf)
Hex 2313
Campaign Shadowkeep Campaign #8
Adventure # 72


This level of the dungeon is run by Jevan, God of Lightning. Jevan is a demon who seeks to build a mythical city of gold and gems. These precious items must be gathered in free will in order to allow Jevan to enchant the city after it's construction. He is using the people in this level of the dungeon to gather treasure from travelers which he teleports here. He allows only 13 adventurers to be teleported here at a time. The people worship him and send him gold as offerings in their boxes. In return, Jevan uses his ability to create for them the things that they need. He uses the magical scrye in his room to do this. Once a day, he teleports their desires onto the top of the temple. He also strikes down adventurers that attempt to learn the teleport command words "He Who Strikes With Spears of Light". If the party gains Jevan's room, he will drop his Sword of Lightning and jump through the mirror when the gold city is showing. This reflection will not come back after this. The party can pass through the mirror to several realms, but they will not be able to come back except via a teleport spell.

Canto Eight: God of Lightning

Thirteen pilgrims sing this song,
To flee from here they all do long.

The key lies with the altar high,
The sacred prism there does lie,
Seek it out and the name his name,
And riches follow wealth and fame.

Beware his bolts of flaming death,
Say his name with bated breath,
Seven words and gain his room,
A misspoke word will be your doom.

Two other routes can see you through,
One is clever, one you'll rue,
His people seek all treasures gold,
From thirteen pilgrims young and old.

The lightning ends, the rains do cease,
The answer in the sky does streak,
Solve this rhyme within your time,
And take the sword down into nine.

The druid dark lies in his den,
The blackened earth will be his sin.

This level of the dungeon is made of a smooth stone, brown and polished to look like wood. The floors, walls, and ceilings are all made of this substance, except where noted. Light is provided by fire beetles caged for light in small metal cages which are typically hung from the wall. They cast an eerie orange glow.

Red (He)
Blessed Be He That Watches Over Us
May He Smile Upon You
Welcome He Who Welcomes You
He Is Goodness

Orange (Who)
He Who Watches Us, Watches Always
Who Comes To Me?
He Who Follows Him, Leads Me
Who Cares For You In Times Of Need?

Yellow (Strikes)
He Strikes Defilers From On High
The Match Strikes, The Candle Burns
He Who Strikes First Is Stricken
Ignorance Strikes Against Humanity

Green (With)
With The Master, All Is Possible
Smile With Thanksgiving
May Peace Be With You Traveler
Go With Nature's Blessing

Blue (Spears)
Beware the Spears of Outrageous Fortune
Swords and Spears Cannot Stop Time
A Hurtful Word Spears The Soul
Spears Are Weapons That Prayers Can Break

Indigo (Of)
Speak Of Things Peaceful
I Know Of What I Speak
Prayers Of The Humble Are Loudest
Of Many Failures, Triumphs

Violet (Light)
Light Be With You
His Glory Will Be Of The Light
Speak Of Things Light
Light As A Feather, My Friend

We All Mean To Help You
He Seeks A Path To Salvation
Seek Those Who Seek You
May All Wonders Be Yours

Pay With Me, Pilgrim
The Watch Is Almost Over
Beware The Bolts of God
We Dance With Joy Each Day

Knowledge Is Power
Seek The Inner Beauty
I Am Your Only Friend
Blessed Be This When Its Over

God of Lightning: Portal 8, Level 1

God of Lightning: Portal 8, Level 1

Room 1: The Hole

This small room is at the intersection of three hallways. A shaft in the ceiling disappears from sight through a swirling gray mist. The walls of this room are rough hewn. In the center of the room is a huge pile of bones and rotting corpses.

Upon dropping in, six huge carrion crawlers enter from the southeast. If two are killed, the others will retreat.

Room 2: Cave of the Worms

This small warren is where the carrion crawlers go to sleep. The floor is littered with dung, bones, and decay. The smell in this room is overpowering.

Room 3: Hallway

This large hallway has smooth and polished walls and ceilings. From the north and south ends come the sounds of laughter and song.

Room 4: Infirmary

A narrow winding hallway slopes gently upward into a large room roughly hewn into a circle. Thirteen beds are arranged in neat rows. These are covered with white sheets and indigo blankets. A small bald man with a flashing white smile and bright blue eyes sits on one of the beds bending over a lizard man who is lying with his head bandaged. The man is dressed in a gray robe with an indigo belt.

"INDIGO GREETING: May I help you? I have many herbs and salves for sale, although healthy adventurers like you will probably not need those medicines."

The healer functions as a 18th level lawful evil cleric. He will help the party for cash. He never leaves his caves. The barmaid brings him food several times a day, taking away his refuge. Tufnell.

Room 5: Healer's Cave

This oddly shaped room is rough hewn but very clean. A bed sits against the north wall. A small chest sits unlocked at the foot of the bed. A small table with one chair is in the southern part of the room.

The chest contains three sets of clean clothes and a several indigo blankets.

To the south is a small niche. Against the southern wall is a small altar with a small gold inlaid box. On the east and west walls are shelves packed with vials, bundles of dried herbs, and potions. A mortar and pestle sits on the top shelf.

There are several magic items here: Keoghtom's Ointment, Potion of Deadly Healing (3), Potion of Moderate Healing (3).

Room 6: Curious Goods

Two suits of antique armor stand at attention in a small alcove at the end of the hallway. Each holds a nasty barbed spear. The door has a small sign that says Welcome to Curious Goods, Ringgold Granger, Proprietor.

A bell rings when the party enters this room. Otherwise, the room is dead silent. A mustiness hangs in the air, and dust covers everything like a fine white film. The walls of this room are jammed with curios and other trinkets, mostly junk. A stair set of stairs lead to an upper level which overlooks the lower portion of this shop. After a few moments, a small withered gray haired man shambles from his overstuffed armchair at the back of the shop. The man is dressed in a dirty brown robe with a red sash.

RED GREETING: "My name is Ringgold Granger, purveyor of antiques of all values. Certainly there is something in my shop to entice gentlemen like yourselves."

Ringgold Granger will continue follow the party around the shop, trying to get them to buy anything.

If anyone casts a detect magic spell here, a loud chime will sound, and Ringgold Granger will ask them to leave. If the party flashes enough cash, he will show them some special magic items that he has. None of which are on display in the outer room

Room 7: The Inner Sanctum

This small room has a large locked cabinet against the eastern wall. Otherwise, the only feature of this room is a large sleeping basilisk in the southwest corner.

This is where Ringgold Granger keeps his magical items. He will only allow one adventurer into the room at a time, and the key is on a chain around the basilisk's neck. The basilisk will always be asleep unless there is trouble. The items in the cabinet are: Bracers of Defense AC 4, Ioun Stone (purple), Chain Mail +4, 500 gold pieces.

Room 8: Ringgold Granger's Bedroom

This room is as untidy as the shop. A large feather bed against the south wall is unmade and filthy. There is a small table and a plain wooden chair here. Against the western wall is a small altar with a small gold inlaid box.

There is nothing of interest in this room.

Room 9: The Brothel

The sounds of laughter and loud voices can be heard coming from this room.

This has two levels, a lower "pit" several feet deep dominates the center of the room. This area is strewn with pillows and throw rugs, most of them worn and tattered. Several couples are intertwined on the floor, here. Most notably three orcs each have a human woman dressed in the garb of street walker on their arm. There are more pillows on this level, but no other furniture. Four doors line the west wall. A very large guard, armed with a spear and a violet armband blocks any entrance into a side hallway.

Upon entering a slender old lady wearing a silver cloak, black linens, and a violet sash slips past the guard and approaches the party.

VIOLET GREETING: "Ohhh, its not often that we get pilgrims so young and handsome. My name is Renata. Tell me what you are looking for in a girl. I assume that you boys like girls."

Renata will produce some sort of escort for the party if desired.

Girls: Blonde (red g-string) - Provida, Brunette (orange g-string) - Vesta, Redhead (blue g-string) - Morna

The doors on the western wall are locked, and the key hangs from Renata's neck. These are private rooms which cost considerably more expensive.

Food and drink are provided, if Renata thinks that she can sell some of her services

Room 10: The Common Room

This room is large and cluttered. A number of beds line the eastern wall, and several small tables, chests, and chairs are scattered about. Several baskets of food are on the table, although they look like they have been there awhile.

There will almost always be several girls sleeping in the beds.

Room 11: Renata's Chamber

This room is nicely appointed and very neat. A small curtain separates the room into two halves. The outer half has a bed, nightstand, and small chest. The inner room has a large four poster bed, an elaborate dresser, and in the northeastern corner is a small altar with a small gold inlaid box.

There will always be a sleeping guard in the outer room. Renata may be in the inner room. Adventurers will never be allowed in here. There is a small bag of coins in the dresser, but otherwise there is no treasure here. 50 gold pieces, 50 platinum pieces.

Rooms 12a-d: The Private Rooms

This room is small and dark. Against the western wall is a large bed, freshly made and clean. On the walls, are dark tapestries with vivid geometric designs.

There is nothing of interest here. Unless the party wants there to be.

Room 13: The Pilgrim's Port

The sounds of loud voices and singing can be heard coming from this room well down the hallway.

The outer room of the pub is very ordinary. Several long tables dominate the center of the room with benches and stools pushed around them. Two booths along the south wall are hidden in the shadows. In the southwest corner, a stage has been built.

On the stage is a minstrel singing a ballad of two heroes lost at sea, one a sturdy dwarf and another a wizened gnome. The minstrel is dressed in an outlandish robe made of patches of brightly colored cloth. A yellow sash and a old mandolin complete the picture. There are several customers in the pub, talking loudly and singing with the bard.

YELLOW GREETING: "My name is Bowyer. I know all the circles of ballads known to man or dwarf or elf. For a little of your gold, I would happily sing one for you."

Two dwarves (obviously the reason for the ballad) sit at one of the long tables, their axes resting nearby. They are dressed in chain mail, sport long flowing black beards, and have large tankards of ale.

When the song is finished, Thorvald and Thorkild will happily tell the party their story.

A half-orc sits in the corner of one of the dark booths, hunched over a meal of turkey legs and potatoes. He is dressed in dingy leather armor, and a nasty looking dagger is stuck into the table next to him.

Jackman will not cooperate with the party, but he will attempt to rob them, if they flash enough money.

When the party enters, a beautiful girl in a serving wench's garb approaches them. She has honey colored hair, green eyes, and a bright green garter on her leg.

GREEN GREEETING: "Sit and relax. You look hungry and thirsty. My name is Hoydan. What can I get for you?"

Room 14a: The Kitchen

This room has cabinets and shelves along the north and south walls. Several ovens, a small fire stove, and numerous pots and pans are scattered about here. In the center of the room, a middle aged couple sits. The woman, Natalia, is dressed in a plain tan shift with a yellow sash. She is peeling potatoes, periodically dropping them into a pot of boiling water. The man, Rumbluffer, is dressed in a similar manner with an orange scarf around his neck. He is cutting up a turkey with a very sharp cleaver.

ORANGE GREETING: "Welcome friends to the Pilgrim's Port. My name is Rumbluffer. May I see to your room."

Room 14b: The Private Chamber

A large bed is at the far end of this room. A paper screen separates this bed from another smaller bed at the near end of the room. Other than this, there are several large chests and a wooden dresser here. In the northeastern corner is a small altar with a small gold inlaid box.

This is where the innkeeper, his wife, and his daughter sleep. There is a Staff of Healing hidden under the bed here.

Rooms 15a - m: The Pilgrim's Rooms

A bright brass number is on the door of each of these rooms. The doors have no locks, but there is a latch on the inside of each door. This room has a small bed pushed up against the far wall. Next to the bed is a small nightstand with a basin of fresh water and a clean towel. The beds are freshly made, and small bright tapestries hang on the wall.

There is nothing of interest here.

God of Lightning: Portal 8, Level 2

God of Lightning: Portal 8, Level 2

Room 16: Fortune Teller

This small shop fronts out onto the large square. Outside a large wooden hand with lines drawn on it in different colors and thicknesses. The outer room is barren except for a small table in the center with two chairs on either side. The table is draped with a dark blue cloth decorated with bright gold stars, moons, and suns. During the day, an old woman sits in the chair overlooking the square. She is thin with hawk-like features, dressed in a black robe with an orange sash.

ORANGE GREETING: "I am Adria, and I sense a soul in search of answers."

Adria will make the following prophesies: Vince - what was once Invincible (the City State of the Invincible Overlord) will be Invincible (ruled by Vince) again. Ernie - your queen who is not your wife awaits you in deep slumber. U-Gene - will become king of the mountains. Falstaff, Hylax, and Fuzzwort - the magic of the three will become as one.

Adria also has a magical tarot deck for sale. This deck can only be used by a real mystic.

Room 16a: Adria's Room

This small room has a bed against the far wall, a dresser, and a nightstand. The room is plain and unadorned. Several books on the occult are on the nightstand. In the corner is a small altar with a gilded gold box on it.

The magical tarot deck is in the dresser.

Room 17: Alchemist

This shop is very cluttered. The northern wall has a bookcase lined with small bottles, glassware, and a variety of strange apparatus. The southern wall is dominated by a large pile of lead scraps. Hunched over a work bench at the far end is a dirty man with long stringy black hair. He is dressed in a stained brown tunic with an green belt, and he is intently reading an old manuscript.

GREEN GREETING: "Do you have any lead for sale? Do you want to buy any magical potions? Then go away."

Brower is very gruff and will not participate in small talk. He does have several magical potions for sale: Potion of Diminuation, Potion of Speed, Potion of Sweet Water.

Room 17a: Brower's Room

This room is disgusting. A broken bed is against the far wall. The matress and a pile of dirty bedclothes have been pulled into the center of the room. The only other piece of furniture here is a small altar in the southeast corner with a small gold box on it.

There is no treasure here.

Room 18: Art Gallery

This shop has only a single item in it, a large vase about three feet tall painted with flowers. It is quite beautiful, and well made. When the shop is entered, the light in the room around the vase will become brighter, causing the vase to glow. A willowy woman in a flowing violet robe with a violet sash comes out of the back room, when the shop is entered.

VIOLET GREETING: "My name is Valisa, and I seek to enrich your lives with beauty. Would you like to buy my vase?"

Valisa will talk constantly about the cosmic beauty of flowers, and how they make life more peaceful.

Room 18a: Valisa's Room

This room has a single potter's wheel in the center. Clay, paints, brushes, and the like are carefully arranged against the far wall. There is a small plain woven mat and a jug of water in one corner. In the other corner is a small altar with a small gold box on it.

There are 20 gold pieces in the bottom of the pitcher.

Room 19: Tailor

This shop is filled with bolts of cloth of all the colors of the rainbow, bright patterns, and rich textures. Several garmets hang on dress maker's dummy, unfinished. A small plump woman dressed in a black cowl with a black velvet sash is working on a beautiful dress. She looks up as the party passes and shakes her head.

BLACK GREETING: "It will never cease to amaze me how poorly you pilgrims are dressed. Shame, shame. Come here and let me take your measurements, and I will have new clothes made for you in a day. By-the-way, my name is Nedda, who might you be?"

Nedda will try her best to sell some of her wares to the party.

Room 19a: Nedda's Room

This room is filled with pillows of all shapes and sizes. The furniture has been removed, and the floor is covered with a very soft quilted rug. Hundreds of colors and patterns make quite a symphony of sight. The only piece of furniture in the room is a small altar in the north east corner that has a small gold box on it."\

Several of the pillows have secret pouches sewn into them. There is a total of 60 gold pieces here.

Room 20: Armorer

This shop wraps around the northwest corner of the square. Several suits of fine plate mail stand in the center of the shop. One of them glows faintly. Along the wall is a large rack of weapons. A number of long swords, short swords, battle axes, and spears can be found here. One battle axe in the wall near the glowing plate mail also gives off a magical light. The armorer is a burly man with thick muscular arms wearing a leather apron over a white robe and belt. Right now, he is working at the forge to repair a nasty looking knife (see the assassin at the pub) that has obviously been broken.

WHITE GREETING: "What can I do for you? My name is Griswald, and your armor looks in dire need of repair."

Griswald will be friendly but terse. Battle Axe +5, Plate Mail +2. Room 20a: Griswald's Room

This room is very neat but somewhat rough. There is a large bed, nightstand, and dresser here, all in good repair. A metal chest is locked at the foot of the bed. A small altar is in the far corner, and a small gold box is sitting on top.

The metal chest contains several bars of silver and a number of steel ingots. In a small pouch is 100 gold pieces and a vial with Oil of Etherealness in it.

Room 21: Leather Worker

This shop is cluttered with piles of leather scraps. A large number of backpacks and belt pouches can be found piled haphazardly on several tables pushed against the walls. In the midst of all the piles sits a stout young woman dressed in a leather skirt, jumper, and bright yellow shirt. She calls to anyone who passes by.

YELLOW GREETING. "Do you have any work for a poor starving leatherer?"

Room 21a: Bridget's Room

This room is very neat but somewhat rough. There is a large bed, nightstand, and dresser here, all in good repair. A large dresser filled with leather garmets sits against the near wall. A small altar is in the far corner, and a small gold box is sitting on top.

There is a set of Leather +4 in the wardrobe.

Room 22: Jeweler

This shop is shared between Gelder the Jeweler and Foyster the GemMaster. The northern part of the shop is lined with a low case, filled with various pieces of silver gilt and gold baubles. There are a few rare stones here, but mostly metal items. Sitting behind the low case is Gelder, an elderly man dressed in white robes with a white belt. He is arguing with Foyster. He will try to convince any adventurers that Foyster is selling fake gems.

WHITE GREETING: "Don't mind the thief next door. Come to my shop and buy some baubles that are sure to turn a young lady's favor."

Actually, Gelder and Foyster are the best of friends.

Room 22a: Gelder's Room

This room is well appointed with brightly colored tapestries. A small bed is pushed into the far corner. The center of the room holds a small wooden table and two overstuffed leather chairs. A bottle of wine and two glasses sit on one side of the table, a cup with three dice sit in the center of the table. A small gold box sits on an altar in the corner of the room.

There is nothing of interest here.

Room 23: Gemcutter

This shop is shared between Gelder the Jeweler and Foyster the GemMaster. The southern part of the shop is lined with a low case, filled with various gemstones both rare and common. Foyster has an excellent collection of small jade statues which he claims to increase the owner's luck. He jibes that Gelder is selling painted lead. Foyster is a fat red haired man who wears a black robe and black sash.

BLACK GREETING: "Don't mind that huckster over there. Come help your luck with some of my little statues and stones."

The gemcutter will have a number of gems and small jade statues

Room 23a: Foyster's Room

This room is well appointed with dark gothic tapestries. A small bed is pushed into the far corner. A work bench is in the center of the room. The bench has a small stool underneath, a pile of pieces of uncut jade, and a number of cutter's tools and loops. A small gold box sits on an altar in the corner of the room.

There is nothing of interest here.

Room 24: Dressing Room

This room is filled with brightly colored costumes. A number of large paper mache heads hang from pegs on the walls. Three mats are laid out in one corner. There are various props and instruments strewn about the floor. The most recent play that the troupe has been performing is a tragedy in which all thirteen characters die gruesome deaths, and the room is filled with these props. A small altar with a gold box is in the southeast corner of this room.

Waghorne is the junior member of the troupe. He is a short wiry fellow who is always looking for adventure. Waghorne typically wears an indigo sash.

Tempany is the beautiful wife of the troupe's leader. She is dark skinned with blonde hair and bright green eyes. She always wears a green scarf.

Crowther is the handsome troupe leader. He has brown curly hair and an engaging smile of bright white teeth. He typically wears a brown sash.

Room 25: The Stage

The stage may be empty, or it will be filled with the troupe of entertainers performing the Tragedy of the Thirteen. One by one a chain of events is uncovered where the characters die. When this happens, the dead troupe member is hauled off stage to re-robe as the newest victim. Afterwards, the troupe will pass a hat around for donations.

Room 26: The Courtyard

This room is the center of activity in the dungeon. It is brightly lit by a number of fire beetle cages hanging from long chains suspended from the cavernous ceiling. A number of shops line this room, and a number of adventurers can usually be found here.

Room 27: Pillared Room

This room appears to have naturally formed walls. In the center of the room are two pillars which are obviously man-made. They are of an ivory color, and they are covered with glowing red glyphs. They appear to be much older than the other parts of the dungeon.

If touched, a random event will occur. Otherwise, they are unintelligable.

  • Miniature rain cloud with lightning and thunder
  • Gust of wind
  • Icicles that appear in a warm room
  • Dozens of miniature parachutes appear in mid-air and fall to the floor
  • Rainbow appears in any location, glowing brightly in the darkest of rooms
  • Snow begins falling

God of Lightning: Portal 8, Level 3

God of Lightning: Portal 8, Level 3
God of Lightning: Portal 8, Level 3

Room 28: The Temple

This room is dominated by a large pyramid which reaches into the shadows. The walls of this room look natural, save their color. The pyramid is smooth on the surface with a wide stairway leading up the north face. There are no other entrances to the temple. At the very top of the pyramid is flat ledge. From the bottom, it is impossible to discern what is on the ledge.

The stairs up the north side of the temple end on a platform thirty feet square. In the center of the platform is a crystal dome which scatters light into rainbows around the floor. In front of the dome, there is a small black velvet kneeler. Sound has a strange echo here, and the temperature is noticeably colder.

Careful examination shows that the dome is actually made of ice which gives off cold air but does not seem to melt.

If the party comes here and kneels on the kneeler (which alerts the occupant of Room 35) and speaks the correct name, then they will be instantly teleported into Room 35. If not, lightning bolts will start coming down doing 30d10 points of damage at the rate of 1 per round.

Also, once a day, the needs of the people will be teleported here. This will only happen when there is nobody around.

Room 29: The Temple Entrance

The entrance to the temple opens with a loud grating sound. Stale air hisses out of the passageway beyond. The hallway is dark and foul. There is no sign that this temple has been entered for many years.

This room is a thirty foot by thirty foot niche in the eastern wall of the hallway. Four pillars dominate the center of the room and small alcoves in the center of the south, east, and north walls hold the decayed bodies of some long dead priests.

If entered, the pillars will turn into very large ropers that will try to grab the party. Once that is accomplished, then the mummies will animate and attempt to strike the held member. A saving throw will reduce the aging effect of the hit from 4-40 years to 1-10 years. Note that this effect is permanent and considered a poison saving throw.

A secret door lies behind the eastern niche which will lead to a crawl way going up.

There is no treasure here.

Room 30: Burial Chamber of the Mad King

This room is the burial chamber of a great leader, as there are paintings on the wall showing a young man being crowned by priests in black robes with skulls hanging from their necks. Two other paintings are almost lost to the ravages of time, but they show the same man, much older, riding a stallion into a bloody battle, and the man with a mace crushing the skull of a large ettin. A statue in southeast corner of this room bears a remarkable resemblance to the man in the paintings.

Close inspection of the statue shows an inscription that says: All my wealth is yours to take. Look at my heart, and pull the stake.

A very close inspection reveals a pencil-diameter shaft of wood stuck into the heart of the statue. Age has made the wood blend into the stone.

If the party pulls out the stick, the ceiling of the room caves in doing 2-200 points of damage to anyone in the room. As the ceiling is falling, the party will hear a booming voice finish the verse: "Wealth, I'm told can't go to the grave. So, join me fool and be death's slave."

There is no treasure here.

Room 31: Burial Chamber of the Mad King's Dog

In the center of this room is a small stone sarcophagus. On top of the slab is a stone statue of a dog with a golden bell around its neck. The bell is encrusted with gems. Otherwise, this room is unadorned.

If the party touches the bell, it will emit a deafening ring that will make spellcasting impossible. Immediately afterwards phantom hounds will start pouring from the wall. These beasts fight like hell hounds, and they cannot be harmed by weapons (which pass right through them). The only way to get the phantom hounds to stop is to destroy the bell, thus ruining its value.

There is no treasure here.

Room 32: Hallway of Spears

This hallway extends to the north and south. In the west wall, there are five niches carved. Each niche contains a figure of some sort, but the darkness makes it impossible to make out any details.

  • When this figure is passed, a ballista shoots from the opposite wall doing 5d10 points of damage.
  • When this figure is passed, a block of stone from the ceiling drops on the party doing 6d10 points of damage.
  • When this figure is passed, a 30' pit opens up with poison spikes doing 3d10 and a saving throw versus death.
  • When this figure is passed, a ballista shoots from the southern end of the hallway doing 8d10 points of damage.
  • When this figure is passed, it reaches out and attacks as per the mummies in Room 29.

There is no treasure here.

Room 33: Lower Landing

This room is filled with dozens of large barrels marked with a strange symbol. One of these barrels has fallen over, spreading a fine yellow powder on the floor. Otherwise, the room is empty.

Strange symbol: water drip with a red cross. If the yellow powder comes into contact with water, it will do three things: burst into flame, create billowing clouds of chlorine gas, and explode. This will cause 10d10 of explosion damage, 10d10 of fire damage, and a saving throw against poison. In addition, character's eyes water and they begin gagging (making spellcasting impossible). This is a likely result of melting the column of ice.

Room 34: Upper Landing

This odd shaped room has a statue of a man in the northwest corner. A hallway from the west ends with another statue of the same man. A hallway for the south ends in a solid wall of ice. On the bottom of each statue is a simple verse.

Two halves, torn apart.
Two sins, one heart.

One good, one bad.
One angry, one sad.

If the two statues are pushed together, they will join together to form one fighter named Hidden. Hidden will help the party, claim to have no memory, suffer from an unknown sadness, and will turn into a monster when least expected.

Room 35: The Ninth Seal

The ceiling of this room is sloped to a point some thirty feet overhead. The walls and floor are plain unadorned stone. The center of the room is dominated by a huge dome of ice which gives off a cool breeze. In the southwest corner of the room is a small table with 13 small impressions about 6 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 1 inch deep. On the far side of the room is a huge mirror mounted in a wooden frame. The mirror shimmers with magic. In the center of the room is a tall man with black hair and black eyes. He is dressed in a long black robe tied with a rainbow colored belt. In his hand is a glowing long sword of tremendous power.

If the party has melted the dome of ice, there will be a stone shaft leading down to Room 34.

When the party enters, all metal will be attracted to the loadstone mirror. This will keep any fighters at bay.

Behind the mirror is the next piece of the poem.

If the party defeat the God, the holder of the sword will see the following scenes in the mirror:

  • A huge room gilded with gold and gems. The god will jump through to the room gilded with gold and gems and break the mirror on the other side (thus making that reflection not reappear). If the party follows, they will be attacked by winged demons until they flee.
  • A waterfall tumbling into a deep crevise. The waterfall in the path to the ninth level.
  • A flaming pit of lava and fire. The flaming pit of lava and fire is for Sirfexx, may he rest in peace.


Carrion Crawlers (6)
Tufnell (healer)
Ringgold Granger (curious goods)
Renata (brothel)
Guards (2)
Girls (3)
Bowyer (bard)
Thorvald and Thorkild (dwarves)
Jackman (half-orc assassin)
Rumbluffer (tavern keeper)
Hoydan (wench)
Natalia (wife)
Adria (fortune teller)
Brower (alchemist)
Valisa (potter)
Nedda (tailor)
Griswald (armorer)
Bridget (leather worker)
Mummies (2)
Hidden (Mr. Hyde)


Keoghtom's Ointment
Potion of Deadly Healing (3)
Potion of Moderate Healing (3)
Bracers of Defense AC 4
Ioun Stone (purple)
Chain Mail +4
500 gold pieces
50 gold pieces
50 platinum pieces
Staff of Healing
Tarot Deck
Potion of Diminuation
Potion of Speed
Potion of Sweet Water
20 gold pieces
60 gold pieces
Battle Axe +5
Plate Mail +2
6 bars of silver
20 steel ingots
100 gold pieces
Oil of Etherealness
Leather +4
Dog's Jeweled Bell
Sword of Lightning