Grandfather Josiah

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Grandfather Josiah

Grandfather Josiah is the patriarch of House Josiah, one of the ruling families of the Wolfshaunt. Grandfather Josiah is an immortal vampire. Records of his exploits in the Wolfshaunt go back to the Second Age. Appearing as striking man with silver grey hair, short beard, chiseled features and straight, white teeth, Josiah typically dresses in Second Age clothing. In addition to nine twisted Grandfather's Rings, Josiah is rumored to wear a magical black cloak lined in red velvet and carry a blackened magical staff. Typically, Josiah carries no weapons. He is known for narrow escapes. Those who have faced him say that he a preternatural ability to glimpse into the future.

Josiah's father, the Great Grandfather, is the oldest known vampire in the Wolfshaunt. Josiah has an older brother, Bela, who is also head of a vampiric Wolfshaunt house. Josiah and Bela are the most powerful beings remaining in the Wolfshaunt after it was resealed in 906 TA. The Great Grandfather and Josiah's son, Radu, are said to have escaped the Wolfshaunt before it was sealed.

House Josiah consists of several hundred family members (vampires), servants and slaves. The family castle moves its location around the Wolfshaunt - presumably to find fresh sources of food.

Grandfather Josiah played a major role in the Wolfshaunt campaign against the Reaches. Josiah is said to have laid the trap that tricked King Goodfellow into opening the cryptex which unsealed the Wolfshaunt. Armies from the two brothers invaded the Eastern Reaches for four consecutive campaign seasons from 903-906 TA. He was also instrumental in bringing the Old Kingdom into the Second War of the Reaches against the Three Kings. Throughout the period that the Wolfshaunt was unsealed, Josiah sought a way to escape with his family to the Reaches. The loss of one of his Grandfather's Rings made him vulnerable to attack from the agents of the Crown, so he was forced to work through minions and alliances with other Houses.

Josiah and his family remain prisoners in the Wolfshaunt. House Josiah is currently at war with the werewolves of the Wolfshaunt - most notably Lycurgus and Talbot, lead wolves of the two largest packs in the valley. The relationship with his brother, Bela, was rumored to disintegrate after the re-sealing of the valley.