Great Grandfather

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The Great Grandfather

The Great Grandfather is the eldest known vampire of the Wolfshaunt. He is an immortal vampire of immense age. Scant military records from the Second Age describe a man bearing the description of the Great Grandfather leading a house of vampires against the humans of the Eastern Reaches in the skirmishes that eventually led to the banishing of those with the Hunger into the Wolfshaunt in 821 SA. Given his age at the time, it is possible that his origins are from the early Second Age. His true name is not known.

The Great Grandfather is unbound, and, against tradition, appears to have no other vampires bound to his service. The Crown reports that the Great Grandfather escaped the Wolfshaunt in the company of his grandson, Radu, an immortal vampire of most dangerous and chaotic disposition. Also with Radu is a young girl, Arielia Whitlock, recently-turned. Arielia is the second granddaughter of the Storm Lord (now dead) of the Wolfshaunt. Thought to be residing in the southern Hornwood, the Crown describes the trio as exceedingly dangerous and has forbidden travel in that part of the forest. The Great Grandfather is described as a wizened man - his parchment-thin skin wrinkled and grey with bright white teeth. His eyes are old and rheumy, watering and bloodshot. He carries a bloodwood walking stick known as the Staff of the First Vampire.

The Great Grandfather is said to have been instrumental in the sealing of the Wolfshaunt. Rumor holds that he was given his freedom in exchange for his help trapping his two sons, Josiah and Bela, and their families in the Wolfshaunt.

The Great Grandfather is obsessed with the game of chess. He owns a chess set which will play magically against an opponent. The set is also rumored to predict future events if its moves can be deciphered.