Grixana's Revenge at Havelock's Keep

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Grixana's Revenge
Type Dungeon
Status Explored November 907 TA
Location Havelock's Keep
Hex 3110
Campaign The Siren's Song
Adventure # 132
Map-land of bogs.jpg


Grixana (copper dragon)

Grixana is currently trying to find the Wanton Wench. Jadeling will be seen at the most inopportune moment.

Grixana has made camp at Havelock's Keep - which is now an orphanage. This location was the site of an adventure 28 years ago.

  • Trell Silverbark - Human Ranger (7)
  • David Sinclair - Human Barbarian (6)
  • Bug - Half-Orc Assassin (8) - supposed to be in the Dreadwood.

Not around:

  • Finn McDuff - Hobbit Thief (5) in Haggelthorn
  • Spectre - Elf Magic User (9) in Ravenswood
  • Quorloc - dead
  • Idaho Jones - dead
  • Viper - Gnome MU (8) in land of Bogs and the Little People
  • Asswipe - Human Cleric (8) in Teufeldorf

Bug's Story

Stepping out of the shadows is a lone figure - a half-orc with black hair and strange red eyes. He is dressed in leather armor and carries two wicked daggers at his side. He appears to be middle aged and seems to melt out of the trees to greet you.

"I am Bug. Are you a friend to the Misfits?"

Trell Silverbark is our leader. She is an elf, young still. Unlike most of her kind, her hair is black and her eyes are a steel grey. Her continence is hardened to our life here at Havelock's Keep. She is a good friend.

David Sinclair is our inspiration. He is a huge man - some 6'6" from the far north. He has blue eyes and black hair - wisps of grey are beginning to show at his temples. He is a fierce man, but the children love him. He can carry a dozen on his shoulders at a time.

Havelock's Keep Environs

Havelock's Keep Environs

The vastness of the Land of Bogs and the Little People extend to the southwest of Havelock's Keep. To the northwest, the dark and tangled trees of the Dreadwood extend for hundreds of miles. The keep is located at the transition from the swamp to the forest. Created by a small chunk of land that was separated from the mainland, the island on which Havelock's Keep is located has been a place of legend for years. A small hill protects several small fields and an orchard. A large lake to the southwest provides fresh water - and the spectacular view through the Rainbow Falls which are swollen in the spring.

Once the domain of the pirate Janvel Swayne, the castle is a small four tower affair approximately 180' square. With a 20 foot high wall and towers reaching almost 30 feet, the island's remote location have long kept it from being targeted in large-scale military actions. The castle is clearly occupied and in good repair. A central courtyard cannot be seen from the road, but a single wooden longhouse pokes above the wall showing an interior building of some size.

Havelock's Keep - Main Level

Havelock's Keep - Main Level

Room 1: The Longhouse


This building is made of sturdy timber and appears to be weathered but sturdy - perhaps 25 years old. There are no windows in the structure and a single set of doors lead in from the northwest. There are three large chimneys - one near the door and two in the corners furthest from the doors. They billow large streams of smoke against the cold November chill. The roof is very high - peaked at about 30 feet.

DC 20: The structure is in the style of the long houses from the Isle of Skye.


This great building is a single large room. The room is very warm and the smoke from the chimneys has spilled out and filled the upper rafters with a dark smoke and sooty remains. The room smells of human life - sweat and musk mixed with fresh cooked bread, roasted meat and boiled coffee.

A large set of stairs leads up to a second level - more of a balcony that circles the main room. About 10 feet in width, you can see beds and cots pushed up against the walls of this second level. Above that, a third level balcony appears to be similarly arranged.

In the southeast corner, a large military-style kitchen has been set up. There are several ovens with large boiling pots, tables of cheese and apples, and two deer carcasses hanging up to dry.

Arranged in the center of the room are six large tables with the capacity to feed 60 or more people.

Atop all this are the sounds of children playing - dozens of them. Most appear to be well-fed. Their clothing - while modest - is clean, and the entire operation appears to be simple and efficient.

Room 2: Officer's Quarters

This room has seven cots, a fireplace and a small round table. The room is spare but functional. The beds are all made. A layer of dust covers the room.

The officers have been set off by Grixana to find word of the Wanton Wench or her son. She has warned that if anyone approaches the island without her permission, she will burn down the longhouse and kill the occupants.

A spiral staircase leads up. The passage down the stairs has been filled with rubble long ago.

Room 3: David Sinclair's Quarters

This room serves as both a storeroom and bedroom. The bed is oversized - about a foot longer than normal. A number of crates and barrels are here. The room is cold, and there appears to be no signs that it has been used recently.

Room 4: Trell Silverbark's Quarters

This room is neat and orderly - although a bed and small dressing table seem out of place with large crates, boxes, and barrels. The room is cold and has not been used for some time.

A stone chess board sits atop the dressing table with a few pieces sitting nearby.

DC 25: The stone chessboard is actually built into the wall. The desk has been cleverly constructed around it. A checkered stone pattern on the wall behind the chess board mirrors the one on the table surface.

The chessboard is only 5x5, and there are 4 bishops and 4 kings sitting next to it.

Havelocks keep puzzle 01.jpg

When solved, the top will fold down and reveal a box hidden in the wall. The box is long and narrow and carved of ivory.

Wand of Teleport - 50 charges.

Room 5: Officer's Quarters

This room has five cots and a similar number of plain wooden chairs. A fireplace and a small round table are the sparse furnishings in the room. The beds are all made. A layer of dust covers the room.

A spiral staircase leads up. The passage down the stairs has been filled with rubble long ago.

NOTE: The rubble down can be move here to access the lower level.

Havelock's Keep - Upper Level

Havelock's Keep - Upper Level

Rooms 6-9: Storerooms

This room is clearly a guard tower converted into a storeroom. It is filled with boxes and crates - many of them marked "COLD STORAGE". A small table is pushed up into the corner and a deck of cards sits neatly in a pile in the center of the table. The room is orderly, although a layer of dust is on all the surfaces.

Havelock's Keep - Lower Level

Havelock's Keep - Lower Level

Room 10: Old Dungeon

NOTE: The red mark is where a hole from the longhouse drops. The grown-ups don't know about this, but the kids do. They call it the "Cold Hole" and drop food down the area to feed the "monster who lives under the stairs".

Clearing the rubble takes some time, but eventually your effort leads into a collapsed hallway of an old dungeon. This area smells of death, although it has clearly not been accessed from the staircase in many, many years.

To the east, a narrow passageway leads to a number of cells with iron bars - clearly a prison. The iron is rusted, bent and twisted in places. The ceiling of the hallway is collapsing in the center.

The south, a door opens into a small storeroom. A larger area is held up by four pillars. It looks like this gallery may have had stairs leading down in the past. The ceiling here is crumbling and there are piles of rock strewn everywhere.

This is the lair of the "monster", a black ooze emanates a deathly cold.

Dark Matter Entropic Ooze